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Veni Sancte Spiritus

Pentecost Sequence

Veni Sancte Spiritus (“Come Holy Spirit”) is a sequence sung during Pentecost.

Dom Guéranger explains: "[The sequence] was composed about the end of the 12th century; its authorship has been ascribed, and not without reasonable probability, to the great Pope Innocent III.

"It is a hymn of exquisite beauty, and is replete with tenderest love for Him who is coequal with God with the Father and the Son, and who is now about to establish His empire in our hearts."(1)

Veni Sancte Spiritus is here interpreted by
the Capella Gregoriana.

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Latin text

1. Veni, Sancte Spiritus,
Et emitte caelitus,
Lucis tuae radium.

2. Veni, pater pauperum,
Veni, dator munerum,
Veni, lumen cordium.

3. Consolator optime,
Dulcis hospes animae,
Dulce refrigerium.

4. In labore requies,
In aestu temperies,
In fletu solatium.

5. O lux beatissima,
Reple cordis intima,
Tuorum fidelium.

6. Sine tuo numine,
Nihil est in homine,
Nihil est innoxium.

7. Lava quod est sordidum,
Riga quod est aridum,
Sana quod est saucium.

8. Flecte quod est rigidum,
Fove quod est frigidum,
Rege quod est devium.

9. Da tuis fidelibus,
In te confidentibus,
Sacrum septenarium.

10. Da virtutis meritum,
Da salutis exitum,
Da perenne gaudium.

English translation:

1. Come, Holy Spirit,
And send from heaven,
A ray of Thy light.

2. Come, O Father of the poor,
Come, Giver of gifts,
Come, Light of hearts.

3. Sovereign Comforter,
Sweet Guest of the soul,
Sweet Refresher.

4. Rest in toil,
Coolness in heat,
Comfort in tears.

5. O Most Blessed Light,
Fill the innermost hearts
Of Thy faithful.

6. Without Thy power,
There is nothing good in man,
Nothing is innocent.

7. Wash that which is soiled,
Water that which is dry,
Heal that which is wounded.

8. Bend that which is rigid,
Heat that which is cold,
Convert that which has gone astray.

9. Grant to Thy faithful,
Who trust in Thee,
Thy sevenfold gifts.

10. Grant us the reward of virtue,
Grant us final salvation,
Grant us eternal joy.

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Veni Sancte Spiritus

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  1. Dom Guéranger, The Liturgical Year, Loreto Publications, 2000, vol. 9, p. 305.

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