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In die tribulationis

Antiphon for Maundy Thursday

In die tribulationis (“In the day of my tribulation”) is the third antiphon of the third nocturn in Maundy Thursday.

Dom Guéranger explains: “The ninth psalm tells us of David’s tribulation when his son Absalom, the type of the Jewish people, raised the standard of revolt against him. The royal prophet, who is the figure of Christ, loses not his confidence in the midst of his trials. The recollection of the wonderful works wrought by God in favor of His people, animates his courage, and he feels that this same merciful God will deliver him.” (1)

In die tribulationis is here interpreted by The Brothers of the Little Oratory in San Diego, led by John Polhamus.

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Latin text

Ant. In die tribulationis meae
Deum exquisivi manibus meis.

Psalm 76

1. Voce mea ad Domimum clamavi
Voce mea ad Deum, et intendit mihi

2. In die tribulationis meae Deum exquisivi,
Manibus meis nocte contra eum:
Et non sum deceptus.

3. Renuit consolari anima mea:
Memor fui Dei, et delectatus sum,
Et exercitatus sum: et defecit spiritus meus.

4. Anticipaverunt vigilias oculi mei:
Turbatus sum, et non sum locutus.

5. Cogitavi dies antiquos:
Et annos aeternos in mente habui.

6. Et meditatus sum nocte cum corde meo,
Et exercitabar,
Et scopebam spiritum meum.

7. Numquid in aeternum projiciet Deus:
Aut non apponet ut complacitior sit adhuc?

8. Aut in finem misericordiam suam abscindet,
A generatione in generationem?

9. Aut obliviscetur misereri Deus?
Aut continebit in ira sua misericordias suas?

10. Et dixi: Nunc coepi:
Haec mutatio
Dexterae Excelsi.

11. Memor fui operum Domini:
Quia memor ero
Ab initio mirabilium tuorum,

12. Et meditabor in omnibus operibus tuis:
Et in adinventionibus tuis exercebor.

13. Deus in sancto via tua:
Quis Deus magnus sicut Deus noster?
Tue es Deus qui facis mirabilia.

14. Notam fecisti in populis
Virtutem tuam:
Redemisti in brachio tuo populum tuum,
Filios Jacob, et Joseph.

15. Viderunt te aquae, Deus,
Viderunt te aquae:
Et timuerunt, et turbatae sunt abyssi.

16. Multitudo sonitus aquarum:
Vocem dederunt nubes.

17. Etenim sagittae tuae transeunt:
Vox tonitrui tui in rota.

18. Illuxerunt coruscationes tuae orbi terrae:
Commota est, et contremuit terra.

19. In mari via tua,
Et semitae tuae in aquis multis:
Et vestigia tua non cognoscentur.

20. Deduxisti sicut oves populum tuum,
In manu Moysi et Aaron.


English translation:

Ant. In the day of my tribulation,
I sought God with my hands raised up in prayer.

Psalm 76

1. With my voice I cried to the Lord:
With my voice to God, and he attended to me.

2. In the day of my trouble I sought God:
With my hands lifted up to him in the night,
And I was not deceived.

3. My soul refused to be comforted:
I remembered God, and I felt full of joy,
And I meditated long: and my spirit fainted.

4. My eyes kept the night watches:
I was troubled, and I spoke not.

5. I thought upon the days of old:
And I had in my mind the eternal years.

6. And I meditated in the night with my heart,
And I meditated long,
And searched my spirit (for consoling thoughts).

7. Will God abandon us forever?
Or will he never be benevolent again?

8. Or will he cut off his mercy forever,
From generation to generation?

9. Or will God forget to have mercy?
Or will he in his anger withhold his mercies?

10. And I said: Now have I begun (to understand):
This change comes
From the right hand of the Most High.

11. I remembered the works of the Lord:
For I will be mindful
Of thy wonders from the beginning.

12. And I will meditate on all thy works,
And I will consider your designs.

13. Thy way, O God, is in holiness:
What God is there who is great like our God?
Thou art the God that dost wonders.

14. Thou hast made known among the nations
Thy power:
With thy arm thou hast redeemed thy people,
The children of Jacob and Joseph.

15. The waters saw thee, O God,
The waters saw thee:
And they were afraid, and the depths were troubled.

16. Great was the rumbling of the waters:
The clouds made their voice resound.

17. For thy arrows pass:
The voice of thy thunder reeled.

18. Thy lightnings enlightened the whole world:
The earth shook and trembled.

19. Thy way is in the sea,
And thy paths in the many waters:
And thy footsteps are mysterious.

20. Thou hast conducted thy people like sheep,
By the hand of Moses and Aaron.


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  1. Dom Guéranger, The Liturgical Year, St. Bonaventure Publications, 2000, vol. 6, p. 330.

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