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Oblatus est quia

Antiphon for Maundy Thursday

Oblatus est quia (He was offered) is the fifth antiphon of Lauds on Maundy Thursday.

The antiphon comes from Isaiah 53:7 and 1 Peter 2:24,
and is followed by Psalm 146.

Dom Guéranger explains: “Though varying according to the days of the week, the last psalm of the morning Office is always one of praise, which is expressed in its very first word; whence this Hour has received its beautiful name of Lauds.” (1)

Oblatus est quia is here interpreted by The Brothers of the Little Oratory in San Diego, led by John Polhamus.

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Latin text

Ant. Oblatus est quia ipse voluit:
Et peccata nostra ipse portavit.

Psalm 146.

1. Laudate Dominum quoniam bonus est psalmus:
Deo nostro sit jucunda, decoraque laudatio.

2. Aedificans Jerusalem Dominus:
Dispersiones Israelis congregabit.

3. Qui sanat contritos corde:
Et alligat contritiones eorum.

4. Qui numerat multitudinem stellarum:
Et omnibus eis nomina vocat.

5. Magnus Dominus noster, et magna virtus ejus:
Et sapientiae ejus non est numerus.

6. Suscipiens mansuetos Dominus:
Humilians autem peccatores usque ad terram.

7. Praecinite Domino in confessione:
Psallite Deo nostro in cithara.

8. Qui operit caelum nubibus:
Et parat terrae pluviam.

9. Qui producit in montibus foenum:
Et herbam servituti hominum.

10. Qui dat jumentis escam ipsorum:
Et pullis corvorum invocantibus eum.

11. Non in fortitudine equi voluntatem habebit:
Nec in tibiis viri beneplacitum erit ei.

12. Beneplacitum est Domino super timentes eum:
Et in eis, qui sperant super misercordia ejus.


English translation:

Ant. He was offered because it was his own will,
And he himself bore our sins.

Psalm 146

1. Praise ye the Lord, for it is good to sing praises:
Let the praise of our God be joyful and comely.

2. The Lord buildeth up Jerusalem:
He will gather together the dispersed of Israel.

3. Who healeth the broken of heart:
And bindeth up their bruises.

4. Who telleth the number of the stars:
And calleth them all by their names.

5. Great is our Lord, and great is his power:
And of his wisdom there is no measure.

6. The Lord lifteth up the meek:
And bringeth the wicked down even to the ground.

7. Sing ye to the Lord with praise:
Sing unto our God upon the harp.

8. Who covereth the heaven with clouds:
And prepareth rain for the earth.

9. Who maketh grass to grow on the mountains:
And herbs for the service of men.

10. Who giveth to beasts their food:
And to the young ravens that call upon him.

11. He shall not delight in the strength of the horse:
Nor take pleasure in the swift feet of a man.

12. The Lord taketh pleasure in them that fear him:
And in them that hope in his mercy.


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Oblatus est quia chant

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  1. Dom Guéranger, The Liturgical Year, St. Bonaventure Publications, 2000, vol. 6, p. 345.

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