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The Holy Mass & R-CR Panoramas – II

The Need for Masses
to Obtain Perseverance in Our Vocation

Prof. Plinio Corrêa de Oliveira
In the last article I affirmed that when the priest speaks the words of the Consecration in the Holy Mass, it is truly Our Jesus Christ who speaks to renew in an unbloody way His cruel Passion.

I am speaking now; it is a man speaking. But when the priest speaks at the Holy Mass and says the words of consecration, it is no longer the man who speaks, but his voice is on loan to God. The one who speaks in the priest is Our Lord Jesus Christ. So, the Holy Sacrifice is being celebrated uninterruptedly... until the terrible and majestic moment when the last Mass will be celebrated on earth!

last judgment

The Last Judgment by Lucas Cranach the Elder shows the depravity of mankind in the end times

I do not know if you have ever imagined how terribly and shockingly abandoned the earth will be after the last Mass on earth has been celebrated. How Sin will rule over it, and how disoriented the just souls who are left will be. Also, it can be supposed that after the last Mass has been celebrated, the punishment will fall and that will be the end.

There is even a famous painting by Lucas Cranach which represents the last Mass: All the land is devastated, disorder and chaos are everywhere, men are abandoned to sin, etc. Then, from the heights of Heaven we see all the Angels, and above them, God, the Holy Trinity, waiting for the priest to finish the Mass in order to begin the punishment.

The painting, therefore, has three planes! On the first are men, the earth, sin, etc.; further up, is the priest celebrating that Mass; then an empty space with God above it. The last moment on earth has come, the last Mass is over, and then ... the Second Coming.

I think it is a very beautiful conception, a grandiose conception.

Now, let us apply these considerations to the situation of the world today. What it means is that, even though the Redemption of Our Lord had been so magnificently copious, in His wisdom He desired something else.

For the salvation of mankind and for all the predestined to be saved and for the Catholic Church to triumph, He desired – with a very great desire – that His Sacrifice be renewed countless times throughout the Earth. And that sacrifice is the Mass.

The need for Masses to obtain final perseverance in our vocation

So then, when one of us, for example, asks a priest to celebrate Mass for our intention, what this means is that that Our Lord Jesus Christ sacrifices Himself for us in an unbloody way, repeating the Sacrifice of Calvary! So when we have a fear that we will not persevere in our vocation until the end, what better thing than to ask for a Mass? It is a stupendous thing, a magnificent thing!

our lady

We can count on the intercession of Our Lady

All the more so since with this we can count, together with the Mass, on the most valuable co-redemption of Our Lady. You know that Our Lady is the Co-Redeemer of the human race and that God wanted – despite His sacrifice being fully sufficient, infinitely so – Our Lady to add something to it.

Further, He wanted each of us to put a drop of our own sacrifice there. You know that when the priest celebrates Mass, that drop of water that is mixed with the wine is the sacrifice of man that is mixed with the infinite sufferings of God, for the redemption of mankind. It is our sufferings that unite with those of Our Lord Jesus Christ which atone for the sins of the world.

It is in this most extensive and magnificent sense that Our Lord Jesus Christ is the Lamb of God, the Immaculate Lamb, most pure, without blemish or sin, who takes away the sins of the world: Agnus Dei, qui tollis peccata mundi – Lamb of God, who takes away the sins of the world world – miserere nobis – have mercy on us. If You do not have mercy, then there is no way out for us. But with Your atonement, with Your redemption, everything is possible. Even more than our supplications to You, they rise through Your Mother. Your Mother, whom You refuse nothing.

We also understand that, although in this Mass there is a richer share of the fruits for the one for whom this Mass is celebrated, all those who are attending the Mass gain a spiritual profit from it. The graces of Our Lord fall especially upon those who are attending that Mass.


The Angels adoring the Sacred Host

Because of this, to attend Mass on Sundays – or if you can, every day – is a great grace, it is an enormous grace. We should keep this grace in mind, especially at the time of the Consecration. For it is at the moment of the Consecration that the bloodless renewal of Calvary takes place. So, when the priest bends down and says softly: “Hoc est enim Corpus meum, ” and then rises up, the Sacrifice was made.

This sacrifice is made – so to speak, for I believe this word is not adequate – in two stages. It is completed with the offering of the Blood.

After the priest has consecrated the wine, the acolytes descend from the altar, and the Mass continues to the end. There is the distribution of the Holy Eucharist that has been consecrated during the Mass. Every single Host was consecrated during the Mass and it is the fruit of a Mass.

Celebrating for the defeat of the Revolution

Let us consider a priest who has in mind all the plight of the present situation of the Holy Catholic Church; who bears in mind everything that the Church has suffered and is suffering in the world today – and will suffer until a special ray from Our Lady suddenly intervenes and causes it to cease. A priest, therefore, who knows the Revolution and the Counter-Revolution well, and who loves the Counter-Revolution with a love proportionate to the hatred with which he hates the Revolution.


The Chastisement will come because Our Lady said it would

You can imagine a priest like this who celebrates the Mass for the victory of the Counter-Revolution, for the smashing of the Revolution, for the immediate coming of the Chastisement in fulfillment of Our Lady's words at Fatima and for the dawn of the Reign of Mary!

You might ask: “But what if the priest asked for the Chastisement not to come?”

Our Lady told us that it will come! She said it and that is it.

What a grace to have priests like this. If, for example, we could have at all hours throughout our lives Masses celebrated in this intention, what a stride backwards the Revolution would take! What a magnificent retreat it would have to make! And what a shattering the indifference and anesthesia of Catholics would take!

If fact, we can do something like this if we so desire, if we take the truths of our Faith seriously. How is this? Well, I know that even as I am speaking there is a Mass being celebrated in the world, and probably even several Masses. I can, then, unite myself perfectly to these Masses in prayer. I can ask Our Lady that she take my request to Our Lord, who is being bloodlessly sacrificed on the altar.

To help a soul in crisis

So, we should do this many times a day – each time we pray the Rosary, each time we enter the house, each time we leave the house, each time we move from one bead to another in the Rosary, in our Communions. How often do we ask Our Lady to be our intercessor in this way?

Now then, if we were all to ask for this, uniting ourselves spiritually to all the Masses that are being celebrated over the world, you can understand the tremendous backlash the Revolution would suffer. And the advance for the Counter-Revolution.

I am going to add another consideration: Many of you must have passed through some kind of affliction, when a crisis of vocation rises in your soul. When you suddenly see another soul entering into a crisis, you do not know what to do. For if you do not speak, you run the risk of letting that soul roll into the abyss; but if you speak, the soul can become more and more entangled and will end up in a worse state than if you were to say nothing.

So, what should you do? Let it go? Is that not a kind of murder? What is the way out?

You can make this offering: "Lord, sacrifice Thyself for this soul, sacrifice Thyself for this person who is in crisis. Through the prayers of Mary Most Holy, I beg Thee, sacrifice Thyself for this one, immolate Thyself for this poor soul.”

christ crucified

God shed His blood for us; we should draw profit from this great Sacrifice

Then you may see that suddenly the crisis begins to abate, and the Devil moves away.

One thing remains to be considered here: What profit can I draw from this thought?

God is shedding His blood continually for you, and for the good intentions you make. Did you ask Him to offer Himself for some intention? What an enormous possibility you have to achieve what you ask. Ask, ask, ask, and ask again!

These are some points from the counter-revolutionary perspective to consider about the Mass.

If these considerations open the horizon for us, then we should ask Our Lady often and insistently for the priests close to us to let them more fully see the Counter-Revolution in this way; to see the Revolution in its heinousness.

We should ask that the priestly hearts vibrate more and more with these dispositions, these values, these enthusiasms, at the moment when Our Lord Jesus Christ is immolated through their words. The priestly vocation appears before us with a beauty and an incomparable counter-revolutionary efficacy which is good to take into consideration.


Blason de Charlemagne
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Posted on March 3, 2023