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Moral Questions

Seeking Orientation
on a Suspicious Medication

Dear Mr. Guimarães,

Thank-you so much for the solidly Catholic and counterrevolutionary orientation you have provided faithfully to your readers for so many years. Like many traditional Catholics, I do not have any traditional clergy to ask direction from; while this is a sad state of affairs, it has always helped me to know that your articles provide truly wise and Catholic counsel.

With all of the revelations regarding the experimental coronavirus injections, it has gotten me thinking about other medications that are also tainted by abortion. My understanding is that the use of cell-lines from aborted babies is now so widespread a practice in the pharmaceutical industry, that most of today’s modern medicines have been tainted in some way. My question is, should a Catholic reject all of these abortion-tainted medicines, even if such a rejection means a risk to life or limb?

Please excuse me while I give my own situation as an example: I have been diagnosed with delusional disorder. This diagnosis came after two major delusional episodes occurred... each episode was so bad that, I could not tell good people from bad people, I was deeply confused, and each time I went wandering away from home. Both times, the police had to search for me and find me; and both times, I was hospitalized, once for four weeks, and once for six weeks, as an involuntary patient, while the medicine given took effect.

I have since learned that cells from aborted babies are somehow involved in the testing and/or production of this medicine. It seems to keep me very stable, although the side effects are horrendous. Without it, I am told I would probably return to this state of delusional insanity. However, I am also a consecrated devotee of Our Lady, and desire to please her in everything. Is my use of this, or any other, abortion-tainted medication abhorrent to Her, no matter what the risks or benefits?

Should I withdraw from the medication, and trust Our Lady to keep me sane? I find myself in a position where a Catholic orientation is desperately needed, and I have no priest, or Catholic doctor, or other Catholic soul from whom I can seek this counsel. Because your organization has been so faithful in serving Our Lady in the Counterrevolution, I turn to you.

What is the Catholic solution to this problem?

Thank-you, and God bless.

In Maria,


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The Editor responds:

Dear T.L.,

Thank you for the trust you place in my opinion and for the kind words. I will do my best to merit them.

As far as I know, all the medications or cosmetic products that use cells taken from aborted fetuses should be avoided, and not just the vaccines that use them.

But let me analyze how this applies to your case in order to keep you in good psychological and moral health.

When you said that your medication contains those elements you used this phrase: “I have since learned that cells from aborted babies are somehow involved in the testing and/or production of this medicine.”

You did not specify how you learned this and what the expression “are somehow involved” means.
  1. So, my first suggestion to you is to find out objectively whether this medication is actually made of cells taken from aborted babies. I see from your letter that you are a person with discernment. Use it to not base yourself on hearsay, but to investigate thoroughly if the components of the medication you are taking in fact do come from those murdered fetuses.

    Until you have a positive response to this question, do not interrupt the use of your medication.

  2. If your research provides you indisputable proof that your medicine contains those elements, then there are two options that I suggest:

    1. Ask your doctor if he can prescribe a similar medication that does not have these elements. Explain to him that you are Catholic and the use of that particular medication presents a problem of conscience for you: It goes against your moral principles;

    2. If your doctor either does not want to give you another medication or does not know a good replacement, you can look for another doctor from a different school of medicine – a homeopathic doctor or a naturopath doctor or a reputable Catholic doctor who can understand your situation – and ask him whether he knows a replacement for that medication.
During the time you spend looking for such a replacement or testing the results of a new medication, it is my opinion that you may continue to temporarily use the present one until the results of the new medication are satisfactory. I do not believe that there will be any moral fault involved on your part since you will be in the process of doing your best to be rid of it.

These are the suggestions I have to assist you.


A.S. Guimarães

Blason de Charlemagne
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Posted May 25, 2021

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