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catholicLes Brigands du Roi Louis XVII
The Vendée soldiers call for the restoration of the King

catholic Chant de Fidélité
A song for the fighters of the French Vendée & Holy Church

catholicWas Kommt Dort Von der Höh?
German upperclassmen jovially receive the first year students

catholic Krambambuli
A playful German drinking song

catholicBring us in Good Ale
A medieval wassail song celebrating good drink & honoring Our Lady

catholicLock the Door Lariston
A Scottish song about its constant border fights with England

catholicAlpenjäger-Marsch - March of the Alpine Hunter
An old Austrian imperial song celebrating the beauties of Styria

catholic La Prière du Para - The Prayer of the Paratrooper
Asking God for the trials, suffering and glory in battle

catholicIn the Black Whale of Ascalon
A German drinking song imagined as taking place in the Assyrian Empire

catholicThe Rare Old Mountain Dew
A jaunty drinking song celebrating the Irish moonshine poitin

catholic The Minstrel Boy
An Irish ballad commemorating those who fall in battle

catholic Calzame las Alpargatas
A Carlist calls for his shoes and gun to go and kill the enemies

catholicEstando Herido por un Balazo
A wounded Carlist soldier is treated in a hospital by the Queen

catholicThe Peat-Fire Flame
A Scottish song that captures the poetic Celtic spirit

catholicThe Miller of Dee
An English folk song celebrating the simple joys of life

catholicScots Wha Hae
A glorious anthem calling Scots to fight like their warrior heroes

catholic La Voix du Clairon - The Voice of the Bugle
A call for Catholics to return to their counter-revolutionary heroism

catholic Chanson de Monsieur Henri
Royalist song of the Vendée: Vive God, vive the King!

catholicAnchors Aweigh
United States Navy popular song

catholicChanson de l'Armée de Charette
The enthusiasm of the soldiers of the Vendée for their commander

catholicLes Bleus Sont La
French Catholics of the Vendée sing their pride of fighting for Our Lord

catholicBritish Grenadiers
A traditional march sung annually to the Queen in the Trooping the Colors

catholicKärntner Lieder-Marsch
Austro-Hungarian marching song celebrating the beauties of the homeland

catholicIch Bin der Doktor Eisenbarth
A jovial satire of doctors made by German students

catholicPor Dios, por la Patria y el Rey
A stirring anthem of the Carlists in the Spanish Civil War

catholicHymn to Cristo Rey
A song of the Requetés during the Spanish Civil War

catholicLa Catholique
A marching song of the counter-revolutionaries against the French Revolution

catholicChouans, Chouans
A song in honor of the counter-revolutionaries of the Vendée, France

catholicScotland the Brave
A national song praising the merits and glory of Scotland

catholicGaudeamus Igitur (So Let us Rejoice)
A popular German student song that praises university life

catholicThe Battle of New Orleans
A southern song on the victory of Americans over English troops in 1815

catholicThe Pilgrim Chorus
A German classical song expressing the joy of having one's sins forgiven

catholicThe Impossible Dream
An American song extolling the militant ideals of medieval chivalry

catholicScrew Guns
A popular English song of the Royal Artillery

catholicWha Wadna' Fecht for Charlie (Who would not fight for Charlie?)
A Scottish Jacobite song calls for the return of the Catholic Prince to the throne

catholicJägerlied (Hunting Song)
A traditional German song praising the life of the hunter

catholicDer Jäger aus Kurpfalz (The Hunter of Kurpfalz)
A German song celebrating the joys of hunting

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