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TIA's Third Biennial Event - 2021

Updates on TIA’s Counter-Revolutionary
Action 2019-2021

    Address by Mr. Patrick Odou - May 2, 2021
Welcome, Ladies and Gentlemen, to the 2021 Biennial Event of Tradition In Action – TIA. My name is Patrick Odou and I will be your moderator for this afternoon.

This is our Third Biennial Event. Every two years we bring together friends to present a vision of the present state of the fight between the Revolution and the Counter-Revolution according to the principles given by Prof. Plinio Correa de Oliveira. The theme of this Third Biannual Event is entitled: “Entering the Tunnel of the Chastisement.”

At these Events we also take the opportunity to inform our Friends and Followers of some of our activities of the last 2 years, which I will proceed to do now.

1. Our new TIAs in other countries

Our two satellite organizations, - TIA of Brazil and TIA of Ecuador - continue to make their presence felt in São Paulo and Quito.

patrick odou

Patrick Odou makes a summary of TIA's manynew actions and works; below Mr. Patricio Padilla, director of TIA Ecuador

In Brazil the main presence of TIA is through its website in Portuguese. Due, in great part, to the efforts of Mr. Marcos Munhoz, this website has been making daily postings, without interruption, for the last two years. It has generated good contacts, as, for example, the leader of a group of young men from another State in Brazil. He is in contact with us and is planning to meet with his group there in order to study the Counter-Revolution and carry out a counter-revolutionary action in the capital city of their State.

In the city of São Paulo, hosted by Mr. Paulo Hideo, there is also a group of about 10 men who have been meeting regularly for the last two years on Saturday evenings to analyze the advances of the Revolution and the Counter-Revolution in the world.

In Ecuador our TIA website in Spanish has progressed from three postings a week to daily postings this last year. It is important to note that since the majority of the countries in Latin America speak Spanish, our website in Ecuador can reach a large audience.

We have here in our audience today Mr. Patricio Padilla, director of TIA Ecuador, and he will be glad to visit with you after the talks about the political situation in his country, which just installed a conservative President after years of Communist governments; Communist governments assisted sadly by the Catholic Bishops.

In Mexico there is a good possibility to have a TIA in the near future. A group of young men are exchanging ideas with us and are moving toward a complete rejection of Progressivism and Vatican II and adhesion to the Counter-Revolution. They have placed themselves under the protection of Our Lady of Good Counsel of Genazzano. I ask your prayers for them to have the courage to face the consequences that this change of position can represent in their lives.

2. Now, let us move on to see the work TIA here has been doing

In the last two years, TIA has published four books on the Internet.

The first two publications need a short explanation to understand why TIA posted them. As is known, Mr. Atila Guimaraes is a disciple of Prof. Plinio Corrêa de Oliveira and was a member of the Brazilian TFP - Tradition, Family & Property - until 1998.

I will give a brief summary of a sad saga that occurred in the TFP in the middle of the 1980s for you to understand why we published these first two books, Refutation of the TFP to a Frustrated Onslaught and Servitudo ex Caritate [Servitude through Charity].

Moved by envy, one member of the TFP and about 10 of his followers became revolted and left the Organization and started to spread an onslaught of false and exaggerated accusations against the TFP and Prof. Plinio. For several years they collected anything that could give a pretext for accusations. These allegations were reported in three letters that their leader sent to Prof. Plinio, accusing him, among other things, of transforming the TFP into a sect to adore himself and his mother.

Prof. Plinio met often with this group for many months answering their objections seriously and truthfully as a Catholic should do. That effort was to no avail. The group left and offered their accusations to the major newspaper in Sao Paulo, which is anti-Catholic and clearly Masonic. The paper published a series of full-page attacks based on that libel.

To refute those defamations and slanders, the TFP published three books. Mr. Atila Sinke Guimaraes wrote one of those books and a considerable part of another.

Dr. Plinio

Prof. Plinio prophetically noted the trend toward tribalism already in the 1970s

Those books were reviewed and endorsed by the most prestigious conservative theologians in Salamanca, Spain. They clearly stated, and in writing, that that they judged the accusations false and unstable, and the refutations to be sound and reliable, with nothing in them against the doctrine of the Church.

Recently these accusations began to re-surface among some groups of false-right Catholics, or false-traditionalists, in the United States in an attack on TIA, with those same tired defamations and calumnies that had been refuted some 35 years ago.

To put these accusations to rest, TIA posted the two books under the responsibility of Mr. Atila on our website. You can find them on Our Library page both in their original Portuguese and in English.

The third book we posted online is a prophetic work written in 1977 by Prof. Plinio who foresaw the plan to install Tribalism in the West as the next step after Communism. With Pope Francis' Apostolic Exhortation Querida Amazonia, which basically is an acceptation of pagan tribalism as an ideal in the Church, we considered it a perfect time to publish this important work titled Indian Tribalism: Communist- Missionary Ideal for Brazil in the 21st Century.

The fourth book TIA posted online, also translated by Dr. Horvat from Portuguese to English, is called The Human Process. It is an essay in Catholic Psychology, the study of the human process from a counter-revolutionary standpoint.

The work is a summary made by Mr. Atila Guimaraes, who compiled all the meetings of a Study Commission headed by Prof. Plinio. The aim of this particular Commission was to write a Manifesto denouncing the Revolution in its universal character. Thus, the Commission took the name MNF, the first three consonants of the word MaNiFesto.

The Directors of TIA have decided to publish the summaries of all those meetings, which comprise 45 volumes. The Human Process is the first volume to be published; the next planned is a work on Organic Society. We hope and pray that we can publish all of them. We have the conviction that this doctrinal treasure can be the foundation of a new civilization and a new era of the Catholic Church.

3. TIA's presence on Social Media

TIA is honored to be the target of a continual sabotage by the giants of the revolutionary media - Google, Facebook and Twitter - and the search engines. Notwithstanding, our website continues to register an average of 3,600 visits a day and has posted new articles every day for the last 19 years. Recently Mr. Mark Williams came from Missouri to help us on the work of laying out our pages, and we hope others will join him, as there is plenty to do.

Salwa Bachar

Miss Salwa Bachar with Mrs. Christine Frontino

I am also pleased to say that our body of writers was enriched by the frequent intellectual contributions of Miss Rachel and Miss Elizabeth Lozowski, who moved from Ohio to California almost two years ago to help us in the counter-revolutionary fight. They have also improved the cuisine - and therefore, the morale - of our two houses with their excellent culinary skills.

Miss Elizabeth Lozowski also undertook to remodel our online Bookstore, which is generating more visitors and sales. Over the last two years we have also become a presence on the main platforms that characterize this era of informatics. Thanks to the effort of Miss Salwa Bachar we post a daily newsletter or posting on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, as well as Parler, Gab, MeWe and CloutHub. Readers can also signn up to receive the daily email Newsletter.

This presence has attracted more people to our website and made the hatred of our enemies increase, but it has also helped our friends to remain faithful to the ideals of the Catholic Church and Christian Civilization.

Let me say in passing that the new generation that is coming to TIA to help was first attracted to our cause by reading our website.

4. Lastly, our YouTube channel

Media center

Visit our Media Center here

In these last two years Miss Salwa Bachar with the collaboration of Mr. Michael St. Amand produced four new videos that you can find on The TIA Media Center on our YouTube channel. Two videos are on Our Lady of Good Success (here and here , the second has already passed 140,000 views. Another video illustrates Volume Four of the Collection on Vatican II, joining three others on the first three volumes (Vol. 1, Vol. 2 and Vol 3)..

Finally, there is a video on Tribalism, promoting the timely work of Prof. Plinio I just mentioned. These videos are very well illustrated and instructive, and I encourage you all to visit the TIA Media Center to view them.

For those interested, TIA passed these videos to DVDs and is offering them to those present here free of charge. They can be asked for at the table at my left, after the talks.

tia third biennial event

Our Third Biennial Event


Blason de Charlemagne
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Posted July 23, 2021

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