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TIA's Third Biennial Event - 2021

Our Lady, Vatican II &
Prophecies of the Latter Times

Address by Marian T. Horvat, Ph. D. - May 2, 2021
I greet you with gratitude for your presence today, Msgr. Perez, Fr. Hanks, Fr. Weist, our old friends for persevering with us and accepting what small guidance and sustenance we have been able to offer; our new friends who join us today as we begin to reach the end of this tunnel of the Chastisement.

marian horvat

Marian Horvat links Our Lady of Good Success with other approved prophecies

To those of us who have been in this fight against the Revolution in the Church since as far back as the '60s and '70s, it has been a long battle. I have a friend here in the audience from Texas and every year since the 1980s, we would talk and say, "The chastisement has to come soon! Can things get worse?" It did not seem possible then.

But, yes, indeed, they could and did worsen to the point that today we have the unthinkable, a Pope who welcomes and embraces sodomites and Communists and praises the traitor Judas, and even has two pictures to give him homage in his office at the Vatican.

In the temporal sphere, there is abortion that cries out to Heaven for vengeance, transgender and sexual deviation presented to grade schoolers, the Covid madness that is an effective tool to install Communism in our country and the whole world.

Yes, we who have been following the crisis in the Church entered this dark tunnel some years ago as these devastating effects of the consequences of Vatican II began to be felt.

I would like to stress that the Council is one of the most important, and often least mentioned, prophecies of Our Lady of Good Success to Mother Mariana. She told her that a great crisis would explode inside the Church shortly after the middle of the 20th century – the exact time when Vatican II opened in October 1962.

She warned that the clergy and religious, even from the very pinnacle of power, would stray from the Divine Compass and leave the good course to the loss of their own souls and the souls of their flocks.

our lady good success

Our Lady warns a great crisis would come shortly after the middle of the 20th century

vatican II
And so we have seen our progressivist Popes and Bishops, who, instead of fighting the Revolution in the Church and society, abandoned the militant position against error and instead, took up a position of tolerance of error in the name of mercy and the adaptation of the Church to the Modern World.

As Atila Guimarães points out in his two books Animus Delendi – The Desire to Destroy, in the past, in times of error, immorality and heresy, Catholics could turn to the lighthouse pointing the way to the safe port in fog and darkness. That lighthouse is the Magisterium of Holy Catholic Church.

But at the exact moment when the faithful were in most need of defense of doctrine and good morals – facing the Hippy Revolution that exploded in the 1960s – the post–conciliar Popes, following Vatican II, joined the Modern World and adopted the revolutionary principles of the French Revolution.

We at Tradition in Action took a position of Resistance – that is, that a Catholic has not only the right but the duty to resist ecclesiastical authorities if their action clashes with the Holy Magisterium of the Church. In the year 2000, our Resistance Statement – We Resist you to the Face – appeared, and it was called "a shot heard around the world!" At that time, this position seemed shocking to many Catholics.

Today, however, in the face of the blatant heresies of Francis – who even went so far as to say in 2019 that Our Lord Jesus Christ did not resurrect physically from the dead – this position of Resistance appears most reasonable and necessary, and it has been adopted even by many persons who once criticized our position.

A confusing darkness

The phase of complete darkness of this tunnel we are crossing is perhaps the worst part of the chastisement.


Need for a light to reach the end of the tunnel

It is when we realize that everyone we once trusted in the spiritual sphere – our priests, our bishops and our Pope – are betraying their mission. In face of this, we feel like we are in the dark; When our government and justice system show their corruption and falseness, especially in the last presidential election, we are left confused, fumbling in the dark. This is the most difficult time in the tunnel.

For, if we take a good position, holding to the good morals and the immutable teachings of the Church, then we find we suffer even more as our own families and once dearest friends often take positions against us, ridiculing us for being "intolerant," "out of step with the times," "conspiracy theory" fanatics. What they really object to is that we will not join them in the corrupted and artificial light of the revolutionary church and world.

Then is when we need a light in the darkness, a small candle to light the way to the end of tunnel and the dawning of the Sun, the Reign of Mary in Christ.

Vatican II and Our Lady of Good Success

I believe that one of the two most important actions that Tradition in Action has taken these last 23 years is the publishing of the 11 volumes of the Collection exposing Vatican II. It was Prof. Plinio Corrêa de Oliveira who assigned Mr. Atila Guimarães to write this Collection because he believed it would be not just a powerful weapon, but a whole arsenal that could be used in the total war our adversaries were starting to make against the Church already in the 1980s and '90s.

The public denunciation Prof. Plinio wanted to make to challenge Vatican II in a worldwide campaign did not materialize for many reasons and betrayals, which are too heavy to discuss here. But the 11 volumes materialized, and they have an important role to play.

They clearly demonstrate that there was a planned and deliberate attack from a progressivist wing that was inside the walls of the Holy Church, whose intent is to offend and destroy her. With this realization, we have some sparks of light to alleviate the confusion of the darkness. We know why and how the evil has infiltrated and this gives us the courage and confidence to resist.

To offer this orientation inside the dark tunnel, Mr. Atila is willing to host small conversations, or meetings, in your homes to discuss the dire and sad consequences of Vatican II. I strongly suggest that more persons have the courage to take advantage of this opportunity. It is a way to illuminate the reality. To shed light on the root of the crisis is the first step to an efficient position of resistance.

The other important action that TIA was honored to carry out was to spread devotion to Our Lady of Good Success, who told Mother Mariana de Jesús Torres more than four centuries ago that this devotion would be reserved for our times as "the sustenance and safeguard of the Faith in the almost total corruption of the 20th century."

It is a safeguard of the true Faith because in these prophecies Our Lady clearly describes the heresies, blasphemies and immoralities that entered the Church and society and She asked Mother Mariana to be a victim soul for our times. Her mission and the prophecies revealed to her were intended for us, now, to give us hope and understanding.

our lady of good success video

Visit our TIA Media Center

our lady of good success
For those who would like to hear more of these prophecies, I set out them out in detail in two videos on the TIA Media Center which you can find on Youtube that are beautifully filmed and illustrated by Miss Salwa Bachar.

We also have a guarantee of their authenticity: These apparitions and this important devotion have been approved by every Bishop of Quito since 1611.

The commission established for the Cause of Beatification of Mother Mariana de Jesus Torres, which studied all the available works and prophecies, judged them "authentic, untampered with, and worthy of belief." She was named Venerable in 1997.

So, we have another light in the tunnel, the light of Our Lady who, centuries ago, came to the city of Quito to reveal to a Conceptionist nun and to us the root of the crisis we are suffering: an internal crisis in the Church that would erupt after Vatican II and cause "the precious light of Faith to be extinguished in souls by the almost total corruption of customs."

She warned us that "to free men from bondage to these heresies, those destined for the great restoration will need great strength of will, constancy, valor and much confidence in God and Our Lady."

And she predicted the tunnel: She said, "To test this faith and confidence of the just, there will be occasions where everything will seem lost and paralyzed." But immediately she gave us hope: "This – this moment when all seems lost and paralyzed – will be the happy beginning of the complete restoration."

And so we have these prophecies that coincide and harmonize perfectly with the warning of a chastisement Our Lady gave at Fatima and the promise of the triumph of her Immaculate Heart.

Now then, this promise of a complete restoration tells us that we are not at the End of the World, as some are saying today. Yes, we will have a great chastisement, which Scripture calls a Judgment of Nations. It will be followed, however, by a time of peace when the Church and civil society will be restored under the Law of God and men will give Him His due glory.

According to new prophecies of Our Lady of Good Success, this will be a long period of time, which we call the Reign of Mary – the Reign of Christ through Mary – the name given it by another great prophet St. Louis Grignion de Montfort who foretold this already in the 17th century.

Three points

Instead of reviewing the prophecies of Our Lady of Good Success – which as I noted you can hear on our TIA Media Center – let us look instead at Scriptures and some other approved prophecies that confirm we are in the Latter Times, and not in the End Times.

All of these prophecies include these three major points that are part of the prophecies of Our Lady of Good Success:
  1. That God will send a severe chastisement because His cup of wrath will overflow and Our Lady will no longer hold back His hands of vengeance against a sinning people;

  2. That there will be a man sent by God who will lead a restoration. This man, like a new Charlemagne, will know how to reestablish all the peoples under the Law of God and also to guide and advise a holy Pope who will restore order in the spiritual sphere.

  3. Then, there will be a "complete restoration" as Our Lady said in Quito, the "triumph of Immaculate Heart" as she said at Fatima, a time when the Jews and Muslims will convert and all religions will be untied in one fold and under one shepherd. That long time of peace will allow man to fulfill the plan of God for him which, as Mr. Atila, pointed out, will be achieved on this earth. Only then will come the final decadence, which will be the dissolution of the Reign of Mary and the Final Judgment.
Holy Scriptures

In a small book titled The Latter Times, a Spanish doctor of Sacred Scriptures, Fr. Benjamin Martin Sanchez, sets out numerous passages from Scriptures that confirm a great chastisement will fall on all humanity, to be followed by a long period of peace and universal well being. Since that great chastisement and time of universal peace has not happened yet, we know it will be in the future, and it appears that we are entering that time now.


The chastisement will be 'the judgment of nations' announced in Scriptures

In Scriptures, the Prophet Sophonias declares that the 'Day of the Lord' where each nation will receive just punishment will be the 'Judgment of the Nations.' But this is not the end of the world, for then the faithful people, led by a pure leader, will serve the Lord and give glory to Him (1: 14-17, 3: 8-9).

The Prophet Zacharias foresaw a great Chastisement that would come over the earth, where only a third part will be left. The chastised will be many, but a remnant will remain, he foretells.

These good ones "will be tried and purified and will call on the name of the Lord and He will hear them." There will come the moment when Satan will be chained and an era of peace will descend when all nations will return to the Faith. I advise you to read the series on our website titled The Judgment of Nations, in which many more Scriptural passages from the Old and the New Testament can be found that confirm and give foundation to the prophecies of Fatima and Our Lady of Good Success.

The Five Beasts of St. Hildegard

Let us turn now to other approved prophecies.

St. Hildegard von Bingen in the 11th century also saw in visions the Latter Times, a time when the "fear of God will be entirely cast aside, cities will be converted into mounds of ruins, and a multitude of people will die in those tribulations."

But then, she notes, "consolation will follow desolation, and a period of time will be given to man to return to the practice of justice," which coincides with our understanding of the Reign of Mary.

beasts of st hildegarde

Five beasts that symbolize five epochs or Revolutions

In one of her famous works, Scivias, St. Hildegard outlines the Five Epochs of the Revolution, which will end with a great victory led by one she calls the "innocent one," a man with a prophetic mission. Each epoch St. Hildegard described corresponds perfectly to the Revolutions set out by Dr. Plinio in his book Revolution and Counter-Revolution.

The First Epoch of the Dog would be a burning beast with a biting temperament who does not burn with the justice of God, which is the Protestant Revolution.

The Second Epoch is symbolized by the pale yellow Lion, and it would be a time of war and revolution that would begin the waning of the Kingdoms. It signifies the French Revolution, which aimed to destroy monarchies and institute egalitarianism in government.

The Third Epoch is that of the pale Horse, which will make nations lose their strength and grow pale with the fear of ruin and misery, which is Communism.

The black pig of the Fourth Epoch is the Hippie Cultural Revolution of the 1960s where "men will wallow in the mud of impurity, infringing the divine law."

Finally there is the Fifth Epoch we are in today, the Epoch of the grey Wolf, where the cunning lies of Tribalism and the occult are deceiving so many people. The wolf is grey because he wants to destroy the black and white of truth and error.

But, she states, in this time, a force of good will rise up led by an "Innocent One," a leader who will vanquish the evil in wondrous ways. And then the Church will shine in her justice until the time of the End of the World.

Ven. Bartholomew Holzhauzer

Here is another important, although not well-known, prophet for our times. Ven. Bartholomew Holzhauser was born in 1613, the son of shoemaker near Augsburg in Germany. Gifted from youth with intelligence and zeal, he was endowed by God with the gift of prophecy and miracles.

He had ten remarkable visions that he wrote in 1646 about the Revolutions of his time and of the future.


Ven. Holzhauser foresees 'an unexpected intervention from Heaven that will surpass all human imagination'

We will look here at his first vision based on the Apocalypse. In it, he outlined Seven Epochs of man (that correspond to the Seven Horsemen).

The First is the Apostolic Age; the Second is the Era of Persecution with the martyrs; the Third is the Era of Illumination from Constantine to Charlemagne; the Fourth Epoch, the period of peace, is the Middle Ages.

Then, we have the one that concerns us more closely, the Fifth Epoch, the time of tribulation, which he identifies as beginning with Protestantism.

This long period would be "a time of trouble, desolation, humiliations and poverty for the Church." The whole world will suffer from heretics inside the Church; it will be a period of "one accumulated mass of iniquities," where "everyone believes what he pleases and does what he wills."

Then God will make a Judgment of Nations, a great chastisement, followed by a period of restoration and peace. This is the Sixth Epoch of Consolation, where man will become a true image of God. This era will be ushered in a by a layman, a great leader:

“At the sixth epoch of the Church," he wrote, there will be an unexpected intervention from Heaven that will "effect a wonderful change that will surpass all human imagination and expectation. There will be a great and holy Pope, and a powerful Leader, who will come to earth as the envoy of God to put an end to disorder. He will subject everything to his power, and will manifest a great zeal for the welfare of the true Church of Jesus Christ.

"All heresies shall be banished to Hell, whence they issued. The Turkish Empire shall be broken up, and all nations shall come to and worship their God in the true Catholic and Roman faith.

"With God’s special assistance the great Leader will free the Earth from the presence of wicked men, will repair all ruins and banish all evil. Then, after mankind has passed through many tribulations, this leader will call a general Council under a holy Pope that shall be the greatest of all Councils."

Only at the end of this long period of peace will come the Seventh and last Epoch, the Epoch of Desolation, which will be the fall of the Reign of Mary, and this apostasy will lead to the End of the World.

Blessed Francisco Palau

One of the most interesting – and lesser known – prophets of the 19th century is a Catalon discalced Carmelite priest, Blessed Francisco Palau (1811-1872), a missionary preacher and confessor to Queen Isabella II. He was extremely polemical, fighting the anti-clerical Liberal Revolution in Spain that erupted in the 19th century, and he was one of the greatest exorcists of all History.

During the bloody Civil War in Spain, he was imprisoned, escaped and crossed the Pyrenees to live in exile in France for 14 years where he lived a hermitical life in a cave. In that cave he spoke with an Angel, and sometimes he saw the future Church.

The fame of his holiness grew with miracles and prophecies that were fulfilled. He was a formidable man with the gaze of a prophet of the desert. He had a great devotion to Our Lady, and she rewarded him with extraordinary graces that helped him to form a universal vision of the past, present and future.

He foresaw a great crisis in the Church and society in the latter times. He saw a darkening in the souls of whole peoples in a revolutionary age: Their reasoning power was diminished, their will weakened and their sensibility deadened.

FRancisco Palou

The gaze of a prophet of the desert

He called this revolt the Revolution, identified the Protestant and French Revolutions and their aims, as well as the serpent head that led them, hidden in the Masonic lodges.

The Revolution would use media and communication to dominate the world, he correctly foretold, and assert dictatorial power over the minds of man. In the religious sphere, it would aim for the convergence of all religions to achieve a universal religion. This apostasy would even take place even at the top of the Catholic Church.

When the whole world would be in chaos and disintegration, he affirmed that the Antichrist – or a prototype of him – would appear, reflecting all the phases of the Revolution.

Then, he said, God would send a great "Eliatic figure," who would appear to denounce this pseudo-order and punish its iniquities, and lead it into an age where people give Glory to God as never before, a long era that would last until the final apostasy and the end of the world.

Who is this a man with a special mission from God? He answers: "Call him Elias, call him Enoch, or whatever name is given him when he appears, it matters little, he will be the Restorer.”

Blessed Palau never gave a date for the coming of the Restorer, but he said it would occur in an unexpected time and marvelous manner when the faithful, reduced to a remnant, were disheartened and without any remedy.

Blessed Palau made many prophecies about the punishment from Heaven: that Rome will be destroyed; that the Three Days of Darkness spoken of by Blessed Maria Taigi will be terrible days of wrath and that they will be called down to earth and sent away by the great Restorer, and many other things.

Our Lady of Good Success

I could cite more apparitions, visions and Scriptural passages that predict this same sequence of events: a great chastisement, a Restorer sent by God to usher in a time of peace and unity that gives glory to God and Our Lady. And only then, after a long period, will be the End of the World. But now, as I reach the end of my time, I want to return to my starting point: Our Lady of Good Success and Vatican II.

rome destroyed

A chastisement where Rome will be destroyed...

I presented here just a few of these prophecies to show how the prophecies of Our Lady of Good Success summarize and complete all the others. She spoke of a time of great chaos and sin, heresy, blasphemy and immorality and of what appears to be the almost total destruction of the Church and Christian Civilization. She actually points to the time they will erupt, which coincides with the Second Vatican Council. We are all experiencing its bad fruits.

Our Lady of Good Success predicted this long night in the dark tunnel we are in: "That night will be most horrible, for, humanly speaking, evil will seem to triumph." But she also gave hope: "This, then, will mark the arrival of my hour, when I, in a marvelous way, will dethrone the proud and cursed Satan, trampling him under my feet and fettering him in the infernal abyss.”

After the severe Judgment of Nations – where many nations will disappear – there will be great victory, when the evil will be destroyed, the good will triumph and rebuild the Church and Christian Civilization. That triumph will be headed by a man sent from God: a great leader, a restorer, an innocent one an Eliatic figure, the "beloved son" also foretold by Our Lady of Good Success to Mother Mariana in Quito.

This is what many of us in this room may live to see, for surely we are reaching the end of that 'epoch of tribulation,' a crisis of such proportions that there is no solution except an intervention from Heaven.

Our position: follow the unconquerable Queen

Several friends asked me to not close this talk without a word about what we can do in this tunnel of chastisement, with darkness, misunderstanding and chaos surrounding and pressing us from all sides.

I can offer the most obvious answer: Pray the Rosary and wear your Scapular. At each of the six appearances of Our Lady to the three shepherd children at Fatima, she gave the same directive – once it was the only words she spoke: Pray the Rosary every day. If Our Lady asked us, it is because she is giving us a means to persevere and find light in the darkness.

In the last public interview of Sister Lucy with Fr. Augustin Fuentes in 1957, she said that Our Lady told her: "The last remedies that God will give to the world in this final battle for its salvation are the Holy Rosary and My Immaculate Heart." She said "It is a final battle where one party will be victorious and the others will suffer defeat. So, from now, we are either with God or we are with the Devil; there is no middle ground."

our lady of good success

Our Lady of Good Success will intervene and enchain the Devil so a time of peace may follow

Devil chained
I am not a great military expert, like my colleague Mr. Atila and some of the men in this audience, but I have read enough to know that to be victorious one must take a combative attitude in the fight and not retreat even in face of the worst odds against you. So we must not turn away from this difficult battle in the tunnel because of discouragement or a laziness to confront it headlong. In the temporal sphere, we can strive as much as possible to reform our bad customs and return to the good dress, way of being and civility that marked Christian Civilization.

In the spiritual sphere, we can ask Our Lady to give us this combative spirit to resist the progressivism Revolution inside the Church, making no concessions to "fit in" or appear well in the eyes of man.

We can ask her to prepare us to give our lives rather than make the least concession to the age-old and unchanging teaching of the Catholic Church, which is the column of light in the tunnel that will allow us to distinguish truth and error. It is always there to show us what the flawless truth is and the right path to follow in order to carry out the will of God. Even if the highest judges on earth would condemn this Magisterium, we should continue to follow it, as Our Lady followed Our Lord to the very end.

When our family situations seem impossible, when those we love seem lost and stuck in the darkness, let us not despair but maintain hope. We should continue to pray and offer sacrifices for these souls and give a good example. We should ask Our Lady to give those sudden graces of conversion that often occur in times of great difficulty.

We should expect these sudden conversions in the chastisement. Let us keep before our eyes incidents of History of mass conversions, which were numerous in Apostolic times and also at the beginning of the Middles Ages – the conversion of Clovis and his Franks is an example of this.

During Lent I was with a group of ladies in San Diego who meet to read from The Mystical City of God. At the last meeting, Chapter 24 in the Book of the Transfixion was providentially chosen. It describes how much Our Lady suffered at the moment when the Heart of Her Beloved Son was pierced by the lance of Longinus, that final offense.

But at the same time that her own heart was pierced with sorrow, she told Ven. Mary of Agreda, she was given a deep understanding of the mystery of that final affront, that is, that from this last pouring forth of the Precious Blood and water, a new Church issued forth that would spread out through the whole world. And she composed a canticle of praise of Her Divine Son and a prayer that the graces and blessings of the Redemption should spread over the whole human race for all times.

In her grief and suffering, she remained calm and composed. She knew that the suffering was the requisite for the great victory.

our lady foot of cross

Our Lady composed a canticle of praise of God for the redemption at the foot of the Cross

Her sorrow exceeded all that can be felt by mortals. Yet, amid her supreme suffering, Our Lady experienced a joy in the triumph of the Redemption that her Son's passion and death won for mankind. It is a joy we should ask Our Lady to let us feel in our suffering during the Chastisement – a joy to know that these terrible days of apostasy, blasphemy and immorality will end, that a time of peace will follow, when God will be given the glory that He deserves.

In face of the personal trials and sorrows we are experiencing, let us adopt this noble attitude of Our Lady, remaining calm and confident in face of the greatest travails and suffering, knowing that after the death and destruction of the Revolution will come the Reign of Mary where the whole world will glorify the Creator.

Thus, we should pray for the Chastisement, which will allow us to have a world where our children's innocence will not be attacked and destroyed, where the Church and religious orders we love will be restored and the graces of the Redemption will flow freely and abundantly again from the renewed Bride of Christ.

Let us remember that the suffering of the chastisement will bring the grace of conversion to us, to our family members and friends, as well as the golden graces we need to build the Reign of Mary. Yes, we will suffer to see this destruction and punishment unleashed on mankind by the just and righteous wrath of God. But we, like Our Lady at the foot of the Cross, should remain confident and calm.

We should prepare a canticle of praise to the justice of God. And we should anticipate the great victory to come: the triumph of the Immaculate Heart of Mary.

Let us ask Our Lady to help us all to persevere to the very end of this tunnel.


The lighthouse in the storm:
the immutable dogma of the Catholic Church

*    *    *


Blason de Charlemagne
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Posted July 26, 2021

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