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 The Not-So-Innocent World of Pokemon

Marian T. Horvat, Ph.D.
A friend recently send me an email with this question about Pokemon:

I hope you are doing well! I am emailing you to ask you a rather random question and that is: Do you have any articles on the issues with Pokemon? I thought I remember there being an article on the TIA website but I wasn't able to find any.

coloring books

Serious books rejected in favor
of ugly Pokemon ‘heros’

I was watching my 5-year-old godson this morning and he asked me if he could color, I pulled out some neat coloring books we had and he asked me if I had any Pokemon coloring books, which of course we don't. He proceeded to tell me how much he liked Pokemon, the coloring books, trading cards etc.

My heart sank as he went on and on about this. He even asked my eldest son which Pokemon was his favorite. It was so long ago that I had read the issues with Pokemon that I just don't remember the specifics.

I thought to myself, isn't it enough that these creatures are so ugly and nasty? Why would you want your children to be exposed to this? Anyway, as his godmother I feel obliged to say something and I was hoping you might have something already written on this topic.

A world without absolutes

When the Pokémon craze erupted with its release in 1996, I planned to write something on the topic, particularly when I learned that many of the progressivist clergy had given their approval to the new game as harmless and some were even promoting it; unfortunately I never got around to it. The topic left the news front, and it seemed, as you noted, that the fad had subsided.

pokemon heros

An exploding & ever expanding industry

I was surprised to learn that it continues to be popular, and even more surprised to discover that some conservative and traditionalist youth are Pokémon fans. I believe you have every reason to be vigilant against this ever-burgeoning Pokémon industry, which includes TV shows, movies, videos and video games, trading cards, toys, candy, etc.

In 1996 there were the original 150 characters; Pokémon fans can now collect trading cards or other merchandise of the currently 913 species of monsters, which are manipulated in various games with increasingly complex strategies and story lines.

The characters, character changes, game manipulations have become so complex and so increasingly convoluted and occult that this alone should be a warning sign to parents: Your children – and especially those who tend to be obsessive – are being drawn into a disturbing virtual world of play without absolute rules of good and evil.

What is a Pokémon?

The term POKEMON is drawn from the words "Pocket Monster." Consider well the consequences of the name alone: The new "hero" is a monster. These Pokémon monsters have special powers and interact with humans in their virtual fantasy world.

A player collects the Pokémon pocket monsters and demons – either physical cards when playing the Pokemon Trading Card game or virtual monsters when playing the video games – "trains" them and then "uses" their superpowers – some blatantly occult – to battle and conquer the Pokémons of other people. One of the goals in both the card game and the video game is to collect all of the Pokémon characters.


Ash Ketchum vows to devote his life
to becoming a ‘master’

In these battles, children are trained to put in the correct card to get the desired result. The cards children are encouraged to collect include "energy" cards to give their Pokémon more energy in the wars they fight against other people's Pokémon. By increasing their own power, they can eventually reach the level of "Pokémon Master," the goal of devout Pokémon competitors.

For example, the television series centers around a boy “Ash Ketchum” and his friends. I was told that at the opening of cartoon episodes, Ash pledges to follow the quest to become a Pokémon Master in a world ruled not by God the Creator but a series of occult laws.

Like so many of the dolls, toys, games of our times, these monsters are designed to dull the line between what is beautiful and ugly, what is good and evil. They are sometimes ugly and evil but always, we are told, cute and lovable. These little monsters operate in a grey zone, sometimes good and sometimes evil, giving the idea no real good and evil exist.

Such toys also serve the aim of the Revolution to destroy the sense of the absolute in children and adults. This alone is reason to keep your children away from Pokémon.

Promoting evolution & transgenderism

I realized that Pokémon is far from being a passé trend. As noted above, the original 150 characters have inflated into the currently 913 species of monsters that fans can collect. Online players will find constant Evolution updates (a temporary change of a Pokémon’s appearance to increase its strength), Mega Moment Events (which celebrates the global release of a new Mega Evolution system), and “Pokemon of the Year” awards.


Constant evolutions: Abra becomes Kadabra, which becomes Alakazamg

Catholics who fight against the evolutionist theories being promoted as science today will find no support from the Pokémon world. A key concept in the game is that these pocket monsters can evolve and pass through different levels to reach their ultimate power and strength: eg. Poliwag can evolve into Poliwhirl and finally Poliwrath, a monster with mental power that can attack and destroy.

When a Pokémon is about to evolve – eg. the "cute" little figure Charmander who emits fire becomes a more menacing Charmelian and then evolves to Charizard, a fire-breathing dragon – it needs extra "energy." Depending on the kind of Pokémon it is, it can draw from seven sources of energy to help it attack in battle. These energy centers are psychic, earth, lightning, fighting, fire, water, star (double energy). Here I find a striking resemblance to the Hindu religion – with its seven “energy centers” or “chakras” – and other pantheistic Eastern Religions.

There is another irregularity in this evolutionary process. When Pokémon creatures evolve to a higher level, many of them change sexes, going from female to male, or male to female, without there being anything seemingly unusual about this change in gender.

There is something important to consider here. Your children, who can become deeply immersed in these characters, are being prepared tendentially to accept both evolution and transgenderism as something natural and normal.

Occult & psychic powers

Then, there are the Pokémon and their "powers." Drowzee puts enemies to sleep and eats their dreams, Jynx uses meditation to launch psychic energy attacks, Haunter comes from another dimension and slips through block walls, etc. Abra reads minds and evolves into Kadabra, who emits negative energy that harms others. Finally Kadabra becomes the grim foreboding Alakazam. These are words from magical spells used in sorcery and witchcraft. It is the same dangerous world of Harry Potter that accustoms children to occult practices forbidden by the Church.


Disturbing monsters &
the Seven Demon Lords, below

But there are powers even more occult and frightening: Ghastly is able to manipulate the minds of men, Drowzee is a dream eater and perches above a sleeping human, sucking out his dreams through its nose. Sandygast has the ability to possess children and swallow life forces. These are not healthful and sound images for children. They destroy innocence instead of nurturing it.

An even more disturbing group of Pokémon characters exists for your children to collect – the Demons. The Seven Great Demon Lords are all bad, but the worse is Giratina who holds the power of both Light and Darkness. Once again you can see the Gnostic spirit of the Pokémon world, where there is no Good that conquers Evil, but two equal "forces." One Pokémon website described the demon this way, "Giratina is like Satan in this form, plus he is a lot more evil."

Do you want your children collecting Demon Lord cards and calling on their powers?

Do you want your children obsessed with gaining "power" and new "energies" by means of spells, poison, mimicry, taunting, teleportation, hypnosis and evolution? Would you call this an innocent, harmless game? I would not.

And so you have it: a supposedly fun little innocent game that is packed with elements of the New Age, pantheistic sects, evolutionism, transgenderism and morally relativistic thought. In short, Pokémon is, I believe, a preparation in the tendencies for children to enter the next stage of the Revolution: the occult and Satanic world that is being prepared for youth today.


Blason de Charlemagne
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Posted July 6, 2022

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