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Satanism in the Man's Domain

Marian T. Horvat, Ph.D.

Last week, I made a commentary on the infiltration of Satanism into the furnishings for the home and garden. Today, I have some different catalogues at hand, ones geared more toward men that feature knives, swords and other such décor for the den, office, or library.

These catalogues do not target the occult groups; they are sent to the average outdoorsman or collector of weapons and knives and related items. What is interesting to note is how many “occult” type items are being offered. If this had happened some ten or 20 years ago, I am sure complaints and perhaps even general indignation would have been forthcoming. Today hardly anyone blinks or thinks twice at the bizarre and fiendish pieces.

I will not make long comments because the same principles set out in last article apply here. In summary, taking advantage of American liberalism, this latest fashion is introducing Satanism and the macabre into normal life as something novel but harmless.

A wall mounted demonic sword display

Figure 1

A demonic Sword handle

Figure 2
blank.gif - 807 Bytes Two dragons coiled as a sword display
Figure 3
blank.gif - 807 BytesA demonic sword handle with a skull

Figure 4
blank.gif - 807 BytesA demoni sword handle with red eyes

Figure 5
The sword plaque is a traditional item of décor to lend a manly ambience to a study, office, or library. In Figure 1, replacing the customary crest in the center is the face of monster very similar to the devil.

In the same catalogue, we find a steel-bladed sword called “The Sword of Power,” Figure 2. On its pommel you can clearly d1istinguish a devil with curved horns, outsized ears, and a distorted mouth; its blade is inscribed with mysterious runes that supposedly impart a magical power. Where does this power come from? Clearly, it is the devil offering his dark “protection.”

“Your sword deserves this double dragon stand,” the sword enthusiast is told a few pages further in the catalogue. In Figure 3, two hissing open-mouthed serpent-demons stand coiled and ready to strike. You can set your German collectible or traditional chivalry sword in it.

But perhaps better-suited for the contraption is the strange “Fantasy sword,” Figure 4, offered in the same section. Its cross-guard features a demonic type of monster with a figure of an eerie owl on each wing. A serpent wraps itself around the handle, its head appearing atop the pommel, which is a crowned skull.

The handle of another “fantasy sword,” Figure 5, is smothered in writhing serpent bodies accented by a demonic-goat head with red jeweled eyes that give it a more blood-curdling effect. What used to be considered occult and demonic is now simply termed “fantasy.”

A fiendish Switchblade

Figure 6

Devilish and death oriented t-shirts

Figure 7

Horned and demonic knives

Figure 8
various demonic knives

Figure 9
A skull with a knife in it

Figure 10
A strange switchblade has been renamed a “Winged Skull Folder,” Figure 6. Its handle is a winged skeleton creature.

Stylized skulls and devilish monsters are also common motifs for the “hot” long sleeve T-shirts, Figure 7. Similar short-sleeve shirts are readily available on the Internet or in shopping malls. In this picture, you can see how the "White Flaming Skull" design in the t-shirt on the top left, repeats itself on the sleeve, giving one the impression of a lost soul falling into Hell.

Another catalogue aimed at a similar public offers “your choice” of either a one-horned to two-horned monster, Figure 8, for your daggers collection.

On the same page are more daggers, Figure 9, featuring handles carved as the heads of devils, some lined up in ghoulish totem fashion.

In the outdoorsman section of that catalogue, you find Figure 10, a macabre game skinner “for the experienced hunter.” A bat-winged devil makes the cross-guard, a serpent is the handle, and the pommel, a smiling skull. The support for this “artistic piece” is another less genial skull…

These are some of the satanic and occult items that are appearing with surprising regularity in standard knife and outdoorsmen catalogs.

What is the point? There is none, the American liberal would say. You are making too much of a bizarre but harmless new trend.

I would disagree. The final goal of the Devil is to present himself as horrendous as he actually is, and be accepted and adored as such. The worship of Satan is the last phase of a centuries-old process that is called the Revolution. This isn’t the place to elaborate on that process (interested readers will find a synopsis in Revolution and Counter-Revolution )

Suffice it to say that these trends, in my opinion, clearly serve a purpose. They act to make the Devil a popular figure, and provide a kind of psychological re-education of man so he can accept the Devil, as he is, without any fear or horror.


Blason de Charlemagne
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Posted February 15, 2005

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