Ambiences & Tendencies

Ambiences & Tendencies

The Next Step to the Demonic: Elf/Alien People
The fae, elf and alien identities

The Insane ‘Otherkin’ Identity & the ‘Furry’ Frenzy
People now are identifying as non-humans & animals

The Monstrous ‘Gender Spectrum’ Theory
Acceptation of complete fluidity between the sexes

Terms & Procedures in the Transgender Revolution
The mass possession of the youth

How Noisy the World Has Become
The need for silence to develop the contemplative spirit 

Men & Smoking: What's All the Hullabaloo About?
The Revolution wants to destroy a good pastime for men

The Music of Today's Generation: A Downward Trend?
From its start in the 1920s, a constant spiral down to the Satanic

Gucci's New Campaign Promotes the Demonic
Man's rejection of reason ends in a Satanic life

Noble Miscegenation: An Authentic 'Inculturation'
Analyzing two marriages of Spanish grooms & Inca brides

Lumena Alien Baby Doll
A creature from Hell for your home

Lockdowns Destroying What is Left of Classical Music
The China virus gives pretext to attack a fruit of Christendom

Obituary of Rock – A Succession of Tragedies
Suicides and tragic deaths of many rockers - not a coincidence

catholic The 2019 March for Life: An Ecumenical Woodstock
Daring a small critique of a 'sacred cow' event

Heavy Metal: Origin & Main Bands
Steeped in an occult and Satanist 'spirituality'

The Aristocrat & the Jetsetter
A modern social elite that hides its distinction

Free-Love & Agnostic Rockstar Praised by Vatican Newspaper
Vatican eulogizes 60s rocker Van Morrison & his music

Mere Physical Comfort vs. Moral Well-being
To nourish the spirit is more than mere comfort of body

‘Fecal Matter’ or Satanic-Alien Fashion
The fifth & final Revolution makes its shocking appearance in fashion

catholic Highly Aristocratic Institutions
They fulfill a need of every people, even democratic Americans

catholic Tension & Repose in the Semblance of a Saint
An analysis of two photos of Pope St. Pius X

catholic East & West: Wise Interpenetration of Values
Four sons of a Maharaja illustrate well  the start of such an exchange

catholic Natural Uprightness & Satanism in Pagan Civilizations
The devil does not dominate all of pagan culture

catholic Christmas in Italy, Germany & Brazil: Three Types of Contemplation
Three different ways of commemorating Christmas

catholic Ambiences, Customs and Barbarism
A vivid picture of Communism's hatred for the Church & Christian Civilization

catholic Is the Guardian Angel Less Intelligent than the Devil?
A romantic art depicts the good angel as soft, insipid & unintelligent spirits

catholic Considering Types of Ideal Music
A way to diminish the heaviness of life & think about Heaven

catholicThe Vatican’s Nostalgia for the Beatles
Praising their revolution that unleashed the era of free love & drugs

catholicFranz Joseph Receiving Wilhelm II & the German Princes
Two worlds & two Germanies reflected in a painting

catholicMyth & Transcendence
The Catholic man seeks in everything the higher reality

catholicAndrogynous David Bowie Glorified by the Vatican
Burning incense at the altar of an occult rock star

catholicRock 'n Roll - Satanic Music

blank.gif - 807 BytesPart 1 -   Its Origins & Its Promoters
                  Born to glorify the sexual act & liberate lower instincts

blank.gif - 807 BytesPart 2 -   Its Evolution to Hard & Acid Rock
                  Direct link between rock, drugs & the occult

blank.gif - 807 BytesPart 3 -   Rock's Subliminal Satanic Messages Are Unmasked
                  Words, rhythm, signals & lights violate one's consciousness

blank.gif - 807 BytesPart 4 -   Examples of Subliminal Messages in Rock Music
                  Testimonies of rock stars confessing their techniques

blank.gif - 807 BytesPart 5 -   From Subliminal to Direct Messages
                  Satanic messages are spread without dissimulation

blank.gif - 807 BytesPart 6 -   Witchcraft, Voodoo, Rock & Disco
                   These groups are funded by the Illuminati

blank.gif - 807 BytesPart 7 -   Entering the Battle against Rock
                  Practical measures & good counsels for formation of youth

catholic Heading toward the Public Cult to Satan
The devil Baphomet is unveiled in Detroit and Lucifer comes to LA

catholic We Must Admire Superior Patterns of Living
To pretend our own pattern of living is the top is revolutionary

catholicHow to Not Be a Vulgar Man
The counter-revolutionary must look for the sublime in everything

catholicDo Not Throw the Bread of Children to Dogs
Intimacy with animals is degrading to humans

catholic Hierarchy, a Principle the Revolution Is Increasingly Rejecting
The classroom ambiance should correspond to education's noble purpose

catholicPotpourri of Beauty
Personal taste in beauty reflects a man's primordial light

catholic What about Krampus Night?
The revived Alpine custom takes a pagan Satanic turn

catholic Jesus Is with Us, Whether the Left Likes It or Not
Only Christ can save us in an increasingly chaotic world

catholic Is a Library Just a Deposit for Books?
Or is it also a symbol of the dignity of spirit?

catholic Hellfest: Festival of Mental Illness
Tattoos, piercings & scarifications reveal serious mental disorders

catholicCatholic Mainstream Enters the Frenzy
Youth follow feelings, not intellect and will, at the WYDs

catholicPagan Manliness & False Christian Patience
The softness and false piety of Renaissance art

catholicThe Role of Symbols, Pomp & Richness in Life
Response to a call for a "classless" monarchical court

catholicPoverty & Richness: Harmonic Extremes in the Church’s Firmament
Two aspects of the Church that complete each other perfectly

catholic Elegance & Dexterity Conquer Brute Strength & Matter
Count Potocki tames an indomitable stallion

catholic France’s New ‘First Mistress'
The Socialist President says marriage is a 'bourgeouis institution'

catholic The Splendor of Hierarchy in Catholic Life
Customs emphasizing the beauty of the superior-inferior bond

catholicSimplicity vs. Vulgarity
A poverty illuminated by the light of Christ & smile of Our Lady

catholicHeroism, Grace & Beauty
Impressions of the Tower of Belem in Portugal

catholic Aristocratic Tone in Everyday Life
Pius XII recommends we have it at home and in society

catholic The Children’s Greeting
Lessons of respect in a 19th century German painting

catholicBe Wise as Serpents and Simple as Doves
The animal world has lessons for man

catholicEgalitarianism and Vulgarity
A pratical way to understand and combat them

catholicWhen Should We Love Sinners & When Should We Hate Them?
Commentary on a text of St. Thomas Aquinas

catholicThe ‘Good-Hearted Man,’ A Romantic Deformation of Charity
The egalitarian tendencies of the ‘good-hearted’ man

catholicL’Osservatore Romano: Two Thumbs Up to Harry Potter
Vatican newspaper implicitly approves black magic

catholicThe Difference the Habit Makes…
The great loss of dignity of a post-Vatican II sister

catholicDecay of Gravitas in the Church Clergy - Part 1
From St. Dominic to Cardinal Richelieu

catholicDecay of Gravitas in the Church Clergy - Part 2
From Bossuet to the modern clergy

catholicThree Faces of the Revolution
Analyzing the tendencies of Luther, Robespierre & Che Guevara

catholicHow Children Are Unconsciously Being Deformed...
A critical review of the revolutionary jellybelly called BeanBoozled

catholicThe Principle of Gradualism, The Devious Law for Evil to Progress
The gradual process of the masculinization of women

catholicWhat Is Not Catholic in the Chartres Pilgrimage?
Concessions to the Cultural Revolution give bad example for youth

catholicA Disrespectful and Empty Refutation
Response of Fr. Paul Sretenovic to Michael Matt on the Chartres Pilgrimage

catholicHarry Potter Film Praised by Vatican Newspaper
A 4-star rating for a film that makes casting spells look fun

catholicThe High Moral Damage of Rock Music
The idolization of Michael Jackson is a symptom of a corrupt society

catholicLatin: No Longer a Dead Language
An interest in Latin resurges among today's youth

catholicJohn Lennon, Prophet of the Devil
How the Beatles shaped the habits and thinking of our times

catholicVatican Approves John Lennon: An Ill-timed Act
As student faith declines, the Vatican commemorates the beatles' White Album

catholicThe Key to Happiness
A slide show that reveals a marvelous perspective of life

catholicAn Australian Coach for the Queen
A grand gesture by an artisan from the people

catholicChanging the Meaning of Words
How the Revolution aims to debase noble or distinguished words

catholicThe Lutheran and Calvinist Mentalities
Different vices of Protestantism for different types of persons

catholicNobility and Accessibility: Keys of Catholic Charity
A charming Belgium Princess showing true Catholic charity

catholicRefuting the Anti-Catholic Lies of the E-Pamphlet "Life in the 1500's"
It's not true that people didn't bathe in the Middle Ages; and replies to other lies...

catholicThe Taste for the Macabre in Today's Art
Putrid members of animals and slices of human bodies presented as art

catholicSatanism in the Man's Domain
Horror figures on swords and daggers offered in mainstream catalogues

catholicThe Subtle Invasion of Satanism
American liberalism is allowing Satanism to spread under the cover of “art”

catholicThe "Supernatural" in Modern Society
Under the pretext of religious liberty, Satanism is protected in modern legislation

catholicHarry Potter and the Fight between Good and Evil
Books and movies to make children accept magic and Satanism

catholicTV in the Waiting Room
An increasing addiction to the televison everywhere

catholicSatanism and the "Incompetent Roman Curia"
Ritual murdering by the Beasts of Satan members shocks Italy

catholicCharismatics, Devils, and Modernists
Description of the French and American Charismatic movements

catholicThe Nefarious Power of Television
Why invite a wicked and immoral guest into your home?

catholicSatanism on the Rise
But the final victory will belong to Our Lady

catholicThe Debasement of Knighthood
Mick Jagger dubbed knight by the Queen of England

catholicTrivializing Holy Things
Quick overview on the desacralization in the Conciliar Church

catholicThe Ohwellian Society
On the cowardice of the silent majority

catholicNothing New in the New Age
Some superstitions and pagan beliefs of the movement

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