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Rock ‘n Roll: Satanic Music - V

From Subliminal to Direct Messages

Fr. Jean-Paul Régimbal
After the first wave of rock that transmitted subliminal messages, its artists began to openly express their satanic inspirations. The three examples below – chosen from many – permit us to see the underlying thinking.

KISS proclaims its service to Satan

1. The heavy metal rock group KISS is an acronym for Knights in Satan's Service. Its lead singer Gene Simmons spews fake blood in concert as he wags his head side to side and slithers his long tongue that hangs below his chin in-and-out like a serpent. His fans paint their faces and imitate his gestures.

God of Thunder Simmons

Simmons performing God of Thunder

Here is an excerpt from the song God of Thunder:

“I was raised by demons, trained to reign as the one.
I am the lord of the wastelands, a modern day man of steel.

"I gather darkness to please me, and I command you to kneel
Before the god of thunder and rock 'n roll.
The spell you are under will slowly rob you of your virgin soul.”

KISS also sings about being the lord of the flies, a name for Satan, the left hand path, a term used for Satanism, and the father of lies.

These lyrics come from their song Unholy on their Revenge album:

“I'm the Lord of the Flies, you know I'm unholy,
From the left hand of power comes the father of lies.”

AC / DC praises Hell

2. The heavy metal rock band AC/DC also explicitly proclaims its hatred of Jesus Christ. Its acronym stands for Anti Christ / Death to Christ. AC/DC used backtracking to send Satanic messages, but it also openly broadcasted its intentions to take their listeners to Hell.

Hell's Bells

AC/DC spells out where it is taking the youth

These are lyrics from Hell's Bells:

“I'm a roaring thunder, pouring rain, I'm coming on like a hurricane,
My lightning's flashing across the sky,
You're only young but you're gonna die,
I won't take prisoners,
Won't spare lives.
Nobody's putting up a fight.

"I got my bells,
I'm gonna take ya to hell
I'm gonna get ya,
Satan will get ya,
Hell's bells, yah, hell's bells.”

The message continues:

“I'll give you black sensations
Up and down your spine,
If you're into evil
You're a friend of mine.”

DKs: Rock will kill your children

3. The third example is a song by the pioneer hardcore punk band Dead Kennedys (DKs). The aim of rock is stated in their song I Kill Children where we hear:

“I kill children,
I love to see them die.
I kill children
To make their mothers cry.

"I crush them under my car and I love to hear them scream.
I feed them poison candy and spoil their Halloween.

I kill children,
I bang their heads in doors.
I kill children,
I can hardly wait for yours.”

Rock stars consecrated to Satan

Strong evidence exists demonstrating that some of the biggest rock 'n roll stars freely and voluntarily consecrated themselves to Satan. Here we present just a sampling of cases:

Alice Cooper – the name of a devil

Megastar Alice Cooper, whose real name is Vincent Damon Furnier, is called the 'godfather of shock rock.' He pioneered the brand of macabre, theatrical rock that we see everywhere today. For his stage shows, he used guillotines, fake blood, and boa constrictors, he hung himself from the gallows, he sang promoting necrophilia – sexual relations with cadavers.

Alice Cooper

Alice Cooper - the name of his demon spirit

Here is his explicit testimony of how he got his stage name from his autobiography Me, Alice:

”Some years ago I went to a séance where Norman Buckley asked the spirit to make himself heard. The spirit manifested itself at last and spoke to me. He promised me and my music group glory and world domination with rock music and wealth in abundance.

”All he asked in return was for me to give my body to that spirit, which took possession of me. A change of possession of my body would make me famous throughout the whole world. To do this, I took the name by which 'he' had identified himself in the session. And so, today I am recognized worldwide. You already know the name – Alice Cooper.”

Mick Jagger of the Rolling Stones


Anger, who inducted Jagger into Satanism, displays his tattoo

Under the influence of their girlfriends Marianne Faithful and Anita Pallenberg, Mick Jagger and Keith Richards were introduced to Satanism. These two witches, deep into black magic, called on filmmaker Kenneth Anger, himself a disciple of Aleister Crowley, to induct the two Stones into the rituals of black magic.

While in the UK, Anger worked on a film dedicated to Aleister Crowley called Lucifer Rising, which was renamed Invocation of my Demon Brother. Mick Jagger was closely involved with the production and provided a synthesizer soundtrack.

Head of the First Church of Satan Anton LaVey played the part of His Satanic Majesty. The Stones in fact titled their 8th album Their Satanic Majesties Request.

Jagger was dedicated to Satan in the Masonic sect, the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn, a subsidiary of the Illuminati to which Aleister Crowley also belonged. (1)

Other ‘confessions’

Ozzy Osbourne, the former lead singer of Black Sabbath, known for uncontrollable and violent acts, confessed in an interview: ”I really wish I knew why I've done some of the things I've done over the years. I don't know if I'm a medium for some outside source. Whatever it is, frankly, I hope it's not what I think it is – Satan...” (2)

Ozzy Osbourne eating a bat

Ozzy Osbourne bit off the head of a live bat in one show

Jim Morrison, superstar of the Doors, who died mysteriously on July 3, 1971, was deeply involved in the occult. Morrison married his wife at a Wicca “wedding” standing in a pentagram and drinking each others' blood. (3)

In his eerie poetry, Morrison admitted that Satan was the source of his music: “I met the Spirit of Music … An appearance of a devil on a Venice canal. I saw a Satan or Satyr moving beside me, a fleshly shadow of my secret mind. Running. Knowing.” (4)

Stevie Nicks, of the Fleetwood Mac group, is known for openly dedicating their concerts to the witches of the world. At an Iron Maiden concert in Portland, Oregon, their first words were “Welcome to Satan's Sanctuary.” (5)

On the back of their album Welcome to Hell, the rock group Venom has these words printed in bold print: ”We are possessed by all that's evil. The death of you, God, we demand: We spit at the Virgin you worship, and sit at the Lord Satan's left hand.”

Let us also mention Gary Numan's group, The Stranger, which always performed in public under its famous red glowing pyramid.

Finally, in interviews Elton John affirmed that he had never written or sung a song that had not been written in the language of witchcraft. Many of his top songs, for example Goodbye Yellow Brick Road, were written by his partner and lyricist Bernie Taupin, a known Satanist. This is why many of his songs are incomprehensible to the uninitiated audiences. (5)

The same is true about the Stairway to Heaven album by Led Zeppelin.


Heavy metal group Venom blatantly announces where it finds its inspiration


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Fr. Jean-Paul Regimbal (1931-1986), who relentlessly preached against Masonry
and rock music, was a Trinitarian priest in Northbay, Ontario, Canada


Blason de Charlemagne
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Posted November 4, 2015

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