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12,000 Objections against Pro-Abortion Bills

Anna Reynolds
Illinois Right to Life reports more than 12,000 Illinois residents have submitted formal objections to proposed abortion bills in the Illinois legislature.


Illinois feminists demonstrate for more & easier abortions

HB 2495 would remove all protections for the preborn through all nine months of pregnancy, repeal the partial-birth abortion ban, allow infanticide after a botched abortion, remove conscience protections for pro-life doctors and nurses, and allow people who are not doctors or nurses to commit abortions.

Additionally, HB 2467 would repeal parental notification requirements for minors undergoing an abortion. More than 11,000 Illinois residents submitted witness slips objecting to this bill.

In response to this groundswell of grassroots opposition, Ralph River, legislative chairman for Illinois Right to Life Action, said, “I have never seen this many witness slips filed on a bill in all my time working as a lobbyist.”

Protest against Illinois abortion laws

Hundreds of protestors against HB 2567 gather in Effingham town hall

The bills, said to be even more extreme than New York’s infamous pro-abortion legislation passed this year, were scheduled for hearings in the House Human Services Committee on March 6. According to Illinois Right to Life, those hearings did not occur. Instead, the bills were moved to the Informed Consent Subcommittee. It is unclear what the next steps will be, but the bills could be rescheduled for a hearing very soon.

In addition to registering opposition through witness slips, pro-life Illinois citizens have been gathering to educate the public and demonstrate their objections to the sweeping pro-abortion bills. The Effingham Daily News reports that 500 people attended a meeting about the abortion bills to learn how to try to stop them from becoming law.

Other events are planned, including a rally on March 20 in the Capitol Rotunda in Springfield. State residents can still file witness slips voicing opposition to the abortion bills and contact their state legislators. Information can be found here.

This article was first published in LifeNewsSite on March 9, 2019


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Posted March 13, 2019

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