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MassResistance – Taking Action
against All Odds

Salwa Bachar
In recent years, we have seen the left gain considerable ground in normalizing anti-family values across the board, especially in the arena of homosexuality, “drag” and transgenderism. Considering that they have even gained control of a great part of our legislature, it seems that actively resisting this homosexual lobby would be fruitless. Here we look at one example – the pro-family organization, MassResistance – that proves quite the opposite is true.

Humble beginnings

massresistance Mexico

Mexican Americans thank MassResistance for their help on a pro-marriage campaign

Founded in 1995, the group was formed initially as Parents’ Rights Coalition. Under the name Article 8 Alliance, they made a public resistance to the “gay marriage” crisis in Massachusetts. The group adopted the name MassResistance in 2006. Now it has supporters and activists in all 50 states and has even counseled pro-family activists in other countries.

We admire it because rather than limiting itself to just petitioning by phone or email, this group has taken an active role in resisting the homosexual lobby by mobilizing and equipping local pro-family groups to attend strategic meetings and confront legislators in person.

‘Comprehensive sex-ed’ bill introduced in Washington State

MassResistance’ Washington State Chapter was responsible for a recent victory against the left. A new bill titled SB 5395 was ready to be introduced in the State legislature that would force “comprehensive sex-ed” on the State’s public schools.

This new bill proposed the following:
  • It would require all public schools in the State to teach “comprehensive” sexuality education and gender theory in all grades – even Kindergarten. It would ostensibly be “age appropriate” – as defined by the school system.

  • It would be “inclusive” – with sexuality lessons that include homosexual sex and transgenderism.

  • It would teach all forms of birth control, including abortion.

  • sexual identitides

    Sexuality classes including homosexual & transgender openness

  • It would allow schools to bring in LGBT or Planned Parenthood speakers.

  • Borrowing from the hysteria over the supposed “rape culture” on college campuses, the bill would teach the onerous concept of sexual “consent” to young children.

  • Parents could opt-out their children from parts of the curriculum through a written request. They could also request to review the curriculum.
Unsurprisingly, this bill was strongly backed by Planned Parenthood, who called the proposed sex-ed “medically accurate.” The irony is that encouraging young people to contradict nature by practicing sodomy, taking harmful body-altering hormones to change their natural hormonal makeup, dressing as the opposite sex and accepting all other sorts of sexual deviancy is now considered “medically accurate”…

The bill is introduced in the State Senate

As MassResistance reports, the bill started in the State Senate. The senator who sponsored the bill is democrat Clare Wilson, who is a lesbian and member of her local school board in a town called Federal Way, 30 minutes from the State’s capital Olympia.

MassResistance was able to mobilize over 100 Federal Way activists to attend the Federal Way School Board meeting on February 26 to express their indignation over the new bill. One activist father even compared this oppressive bill to the tyranny of Chinese communists. The result was so positive that after the meeting, Sen. Clare Wilson resigned from the School Board.

town meeting

MassResistance activists present at the Board of Education Meeting

Despite this small victory at the school board, the bill passed the Senate. From there, it went to the State House of Representatives. There, it first needed to pass the Education Committee.

MassResistance identified and focused on confronting those Democrat representatives in the Education Committee in “swing” districts that would fear voter backlash if they voted in favor of SB 5395. It would be these Democrats that would represent a critical pivot point in eliminating the passing of this bill. Hundreds of activists took to the phones and the internet, calling and emailing these representatives to express their disfavor against SB 5395.

Meanwhile, on March 23, a town hall meeting was convened at Federal Way High School, featuring Sen. Clare Wilson and other representatives. Almost 1,000 pro-family activists attended (including youth and parents), and the legislators were forced to open the floor to 45 minutes of feedback from the crowd.

SB 5395 arrives at the Education Committee

In order for the bill to even reach the House floor, first it had to be voted on and passed by the House Education Committee. It was the duty of the Chairman of this committee, Rep. Sharon Santos, to bring this bill forward for a vote so it could then be presented to the House for a vote and eventually be passed as State legislation.

There was talk that House Speaker, Frank Chopp was tired of receiving complaints from other House members about the bill and that he was not even going to bring the bill to the House floor for a vote, which would effectively “kill” the bill.


Santos made excuses to please her Planned Parenthood/LGBT supporters

Santos, like Chopp, was feeling uneasy about this bill and stalled its movement, thanks to the action of the MassResistance activists. However, she had to give some excuse in order to save face and please her Planned Parenthood/LGBT supporters.

She explained in a public meeting on March 27 that the reason for not putting the bill forward was because Santos and the schools were supposedly not included in the development of the bill, and that she did not like the “politics” and “process” of it:

“While I can agree with the policy, the politics and the process of this bill were its undoing and its failing. As the Chairman of the House Committee, I knew nothing of this bill before it was filed. The school districts that would be required to implement this bill were not included in the process of developing the bill.”

She then changed the excuse, saying that she was not moving the bill forward because Chopp was not planning on bringing it up anyway: "I told the Speaker, 'If you're not going to bring this bill to a vote on the floor of the House of Representatives, I’m not going to make my committee go through that vote.’”

Deadline approaches, protesters rally at State Capitol


A large rally outside the State capitol building

On April 1, two days before the deadline, pro-family activists pulled out all the stops. Over 2,000 SB 5395 protesters rallied at State Capitol, and MassResistance supplied them with “Stop 5395” legislation forms to use inside for personal lobbying.

Surely the left was scrambling during these last critical moments, but they would be in for a surprise: April 3 arrived, and SB5395 was not brought forward to a vote, effectively dying in the State House.

This constituted a huge victory for pro-family activists, a due reward for their valiant efforts.

What this means for the Counter-Revolution

What moral can we take away from this story as counter-revolutionaries? I end with the encouraging words of Dr. Plinio Corrêa de Oliveira, taken from his classic book, Revolution and Counter-Revolution:

“The counter-revolutionary has no reason to be discouraged because of the fact that the great majority of men are not presently on his side. Indeed, an exact study of history shows us that it was not the masses who made the Revolution. They moved in a revolutionary direction because they had revolutionary elites behind them. If they had had elites of the opposite orientation behind them, they likely would have moved in the opposite direction.

"An objective view of history shows that the factor of mass is secondary; the principal factor is the formation of elites. For this formation, the counter-revolutionary can always use the resources of his individual action, and can therefore obtain good results in spite of the shortage of material and technical means with which, at times, he may contend.”

Posted May 3, 2019

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