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Dos and Don'ts in Photos

Richard Nixon sitting on a step at the White House

US News,  February 26, 2007

Do not sit on the steps
If you are the president of the United States of America, please don't sit on the stair steps. In doing this, as shown in the White House garden, above, Nixon did not endear himself to all, as a superficial observer might fondly suppose - he simply made himself look ridiculous. He gave reason for other countries to laugh at us Americans, who apparently accepted without complaint such a lack of decorum and ceremony.

Each and every one of us must maintain our dignity whether in public or in private. There is not a moment of our lives when we are not in the majestic presence of God and His Angels. When we add to this the presence of our neighbors when we are in public, then we must honor our obligation to give good example.

Especially when one holds a public position, he should maintain his dignity out of respect for the people he represents. If he does not do this, he lowers the reputation of an entire country.

Unfortunately, it is not rare today, with the growing paganization of society, to see people scattered on lawns, floors and staircases, like so many pieces of debris. We should avoid taking such indignified stances and ludicrous positions, since we are Catholics, not Indians, Muslims or Buddhists.

Find a chair or a bench and sit properly. Do not sit on steps.

Alexis Reyes

Blason de Charlemagne
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Posted June 19, 2008

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