Dos & Don'ts in Photos

Dos & Don'ts

catholic Don't Use Dark Makeup & Fingernail Polish
Hollywood and Disney are spreading macabre customs

catholic Do Dress Well even When You Make Physical Effort
Fred Astaire sets a model for Americans

catholic Don't Look Like a Clown in Public
Prince Emmanuele Filiberto de Savoia impersonates Elton John

catholic Don't Wear Rainbow-Colored Dresses
Grand Duchess Maria Teresa shows a tolerance toward this sin

catholic Do Publicly Commemorate the Feasts of Our Lady
The Prince of Liechtenstein processes to town on the Assumption

catholic Don't Strike Ridiculous Poses in Public
Prince Charles of England jokes around to be more popular

catholicDo Have Your Family Meals with Dignity
King Felipe VI of Spain sets a good example at the table

catholicDon't Promote Satanic Rock Bands
Heiress of the Swedish Crown poses with members of KISS

catholic Do Show Respect to Your Superiors
A young girl catches the attention of Queen Elizabeth

catholic Don't Wear Tennis Shoes in a Wedding Party
An extravagant combination that should be avoided

catholic Don’t Forget Your Necktie When You Are Invested in Dignity
George Bush and Nicolas Sarkosy follow the 'casual revolution'

catholicDo Show Appreciation for the Gifts You Receive
The English royal couple shows us how to receive a gift

catholic Don't Pick Your Nose in Public
Hillary Clinton gives us a bad example

catholicDo Encourage Local Catholic Traditions
Prince Albert of Monaco endorses the Port Wine Makers Guild

catholicDon't Be Too Close to Animals
Queen Sofia experiences an embarrassing moment at the Zoo

catholicDo Pay Homage to Your Superior
Vanessa Redgrave kneels before Prince William

catholicDon't Eat Too Large a Portion at One Time
Angela Merkel shows us how we should not eat

catholicDo Wear Appropriate Mourning Clothes for a Funeral
Some helpful examples of deep and light mourning dress

catholicDon't Push Your Friend on His Derrière
The Duchess of Cornwall makes an enormous gaffe

catholicDo Pick Up an Object a Lady Accidentally Drops
King Carl Gustaf of Sweden gives the example of a perfect gentlemen

catholicDon't Use Mobile Devices when in the Company of Friends
Going online is discourteous to those present

catholicDo Visit Natives Properly Dressed
The visits of Queen Elizabeth II vs. those of Pope John Paul II

catholicDon't Show Your Thighs
The inconvenience of Michelle Obama's poses when she sits

catholicDo Use Opera Glasses when It Is Appropriate
An elegant complement to the Princesses of Denmark

catholicDon't Let your Enthusiasm Make You Neglect Good Customs
Princess Victoria of Sweden tests the strength of weather equipment

catholicDo Perform Willingly when You Are Asked
Princess Elisabeth of Belgium plays the piano for her family

catholicDon’t Try to Appear Younger than Your Age
The Duchess of Alba makes a pitiful figure

catholicDo Wear a Veil at Mass
Jacqueline Kennedy leaves the church dressed with distinction

catholicDon't Wear Short Skirts in the Military
A West Point cadet transgresses rules of discipline and morals

catholicDo Dress up Your Children for Ceremonies
Viscount Lynley enforces the good rules for his children

catholicDon't Put Your Feet on the Furniture
President Barack Obama sets a very bad precedent

catholicDo Dress Your Daughters with Dignity
The Princesses of Belgium have an interesting discussion

catholicDon't Wear Pants in the Presence of the Pope
Angela Merkel scorns the protocol upon receiving the Pope in Germany

catholicDo Kiss the Hand of the Pope
King Juan Carlos of Spain pays a homage of respect and submission

catholicDon't Wear Extravagant Colors in Your Dresses
Michelle Obama provides an example of what not to do

catholicDo Teach Good Manners to Children
Etiquette classes on how to greet Prince William and Princess Catherine

catholicDon't Accept Drinking Challenges
Hillary Clinton tries to prove she can drink like a man

catholicDo Use a Fan in Hot Weather
Princess Mathilde of Belgium chooses an elegant way to cool herself

catholicDon't Put Your Fingers in Your Mouth
Historian David Irving displays a disgusting humor

catholicDo Pay Attention to What Your Hosts Show You
King Albert II of Belgium teaches us how to be good guests

catholicDon't Cover Your Mouth when Whispering
Nicolas Sarkozy shows us what should be avoided

catholicDo Smile Discreetly in Public
Good example at the birthday celebration of King Karl Gustav

catholicDon't Fix Your Make-up in Public
Queen Sylvia of Sweden gives bad example at a formal banquet

catholicDo Cover Your Mouth when Yawning
Princess Claire of Belgium teaches her daughter good manners

catholicDon't Embrace the Queen
Michele Obama makes another glaring breach of protocol

catholicDo Pick up Objects Dropped by Ladies
Prince Frederik of Denmark gives a good example

catholicDon't Kiss Animals
Doing so degrades a man to the level of an animal

catholicDo Wear Dignified Clothing even on Casual Occasions
Prince Philip and the Kennedys giving good example at casual functions

catholicDon't Wear Shorts in Air Force One
Michele Obama offends the dignity of all Americans she should represent

catholicDo Light the Cigarettes of Your Friends
Prince Frederik of Denmark performs this courtesy regularly

catholicDon't Make Grimaces in Public
Senator John McCain loosing his composure

catholicDo Dress Your Children Well
Not so long ago the average American family dressed with dignity

catholicDon't Stand on Tables
Mrs. Betty Ford poses on a White House meeting table

catholicDo Keep Your Jacket Buttoned
Prince Charles of Wales sets good example at the farmers' market

catholicDon't Sit on the Steps
Richard Nixon takes a ridiculous position in the White House garden

catholicDo Kiss the Hand of Ladies
Paul Newman returns to a gallantry that is always well received by ladies

catholicDon't Take off Your Shoes in Public
Princess Beatrix of York gives a bad public example

catholicDo Protect Ladies from the Rain
Prince Felipe of Spain demonstrates how to be a gentleman

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