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Dos and Don'ts in Photos

Children practicing good manners

Point de Vue, April 13, 2011   -   Time, June 7, 2004

Do teach good manners to children
In the photo above left, we see a London establishment that took advantage of the marriage of Prince William and Princess Catherine to teach children how to correctly greet their Royal Highnesses if per chance they should meet them sometime in their lives. The lady in charge of the classes posted life sized photos of the royal couple as if they were present in the room. She asked another colleague to sit on a chair to preside over the "ceremony" wearing a mask of Queen Elizabeth, so that the children have the impression they are facing the Queen and her heirs.

In the "presence" of the Royals, the children are taught the correct positions, bows and curtseys following proper protocol. Most probably she also teaches them how to respond should the Queen, the Prince or the Princess address some words to them.

In the photo at right we observe an instructor of a school in St. Petersburg, Florida, teaching her pupils how to hold the silverware and use it correctly during a meal.

These are initiatives that should not only be noted, commented on and admired, but also imitated. Here I especially encourage those parents who home-school to reserve in their curriculum a time for good manners. Their children will be grateful to them all their lives. It seems hardly necessary to add that the parents who do not home-school are also included in my invitation. Whatever you teach a child at an early age, he learns quickly and readily.

Do teach good manners to children from their early childhood.

Elaine M. Jordan

Blason de Charlemagne
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Posted July 15, 2011

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