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Dos and Don'ts in Photos

Michelle Obama showing her legs

Don't show your thighs

There are two main reasons why a decent woman - that is, a woman who values her good name and that of her family - should not show the upper part of her legs.

First, because to reveal your thighs creates scandal. As is known, scandal in its original Greek meaning refers to a stone purposely placed in the road so that other pedestrians would trip on it and fall. Catholic doctrine took this original meaning and extended it to our moral behavior. Any action that induces others to fall into sin is scandalous.

Thus, when you show your thighs, you invite men to look at them and have sinful thoughts and actions regarding purity. Also, by your bad example you invite other women to follow the same fashion, which sets off a chain reaction of sinful acts.

Second, if you do this, you look like women who earn their living by selling their bodies for men's pleasure. It is proverbial that this type of women attract their clients by showing the upper part of their legs. They do this to encourage men to approach them and offer a good price for their "services."

Below first row, you see a shot from a present day French television series called Maison Close (Private House), which is a French euphemism to signify house of prostitution. In the second row, you find a scene from Michael Glawogger's film Whore's Glory. In both photos these women are exposing their thighs in order to attract customers to sin with them. The directors of these movies know the subject they are filiming and are objectively portraying this particular custom of these women.

It is very sad that, among the many advisors in the White House, no one appeared to tell the First Lady, above, to whom she is looking similar when she reveals that part of her body which should not be visible. Our sincere hope is that soon a good adviser will appear to stop this bad example.

If you want to be respected as an honest woman and if you value the honor of your husband and family, never show your thighs and never allow your daughters to do so. Either for love of virtue or fear of a bad reputation:

Don't show your thighs.

Elaine M. Jordan

Prostitutes showing their legs

Photos from the Internet & Pont de Vue, October 2, 2013


Blason de Charlemagne
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Posted November 27, 2013

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