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Dos and Don'ts in Photos

Don't use Ipods when in company 1 

Don't use mobile devices in the company of friends

As technology advances and allows us to have almost instant communication around the world, it is creating some contradictory customs.

The contradiction is that, for the sake of communicating with others that are far away, we are obstructing communication with our closer friends.

Indeed, we are increasingly seeing young people – and unfortunately not only the youth – using their mobile devices to go online to text and communicate with other friends or to search for information while they gather together for a meal or cup of coffee.

When we are together with friends, we are supposed to enjoy their company and engage in a good conversation with them. This is the presupposition of any informal gathering. This is what friendship is about. However, when we use that time to communicate with others, we are snubbing the friends who are present, implicitly saying: “I don't care about you, I have more interesting people to talk to.”

Even if you are searching for some information to enrich the conversation, do not go online unless your friends ask you to do so. Otherwise, it is an offense, as if you were to read a book while meeting with them. The message you send is: “You are so boring that I have to read a book to escape your company.” The least we can say is that it is not flattering to them.

Instead of using your electronic devices, try to chat with your friends when gathering for a snack, a drink or a meal, and to show that you value their company. A good conversation among friends is one of the greatest pleasures in life.

Don't use mobile devices when gathering with friends.

Elaine M. Jordan

Don't use Ipods when in company 2 

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Posted October 3, 2014

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