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Kärntner Lieder-Marsch

Austro-Hungarian Marching Song

Kärntner Lieder-Marsch, translated as the Carinthian Marching Song, is a march from the imperial days of the Austrian State of Carinthia. The focus of this cheerful song is the natural beauty of the Austrian countryside, with its meadows, lakes and mountains. The singers reflect on their homeland and the loving parents they have left behind. Inspired by these sentiments the soldiers dedicate their hearts and hands to the service of their country, to seek justice and truth in both the joy and suffering of the military life. This song serves to remind us of the Catholic spirit of admiration that was once so naturally a part of society.

Kärntner Lieder-Marsch was composed by the 19th century Austrian Anton Seifert during his stay in the Carinthian Castle of Wolfsberg.

German Lyrics:

Wir ziehen so froh so voll heiterem Sinn,
So frisch und so frei durch die Fluren dahin.
Durchs Tal hin, das rauschend die Welle durchzieht,
Von lachenden Auen und Gärten umblüht.

Dort glänzen die Berge im goldenen Schein,
Da spiegeln die Seen so blau und so rein.
Die Wälder, sie atmen den köstlichen Duft,
Die Matten umfächelt die würzigste Luft.

Das ist mein Heimatland, mein teures Kärntnerland,
Wo meine Wiege stand, mich führt der Eltern Hand,
Und zieh ich auch dereinst in weite Ferne fort,
Bleib ich ein Kärntner dort,
Ein Kärntner dort, ein Kärntner dort.

Wie seine Berge hoch und unerschüttert stehn,
Soll immer auch mein Sinn nach Recht und Wahrheit sehn.
Ich will durch Wort und Tat
Zu zeigen mich bemühn,
Daß ich ein Kärntner bin,
Ein Kärntner bin, ein Kärntner bin.

Österreich, mein Vaterland.
Dir auch weih' ich Herz und Hand.
Herz zur Lieb, die Hand zum Streit,
Beides dir in Freud und Leid.
Herz zur Lieb, die Hand zum Streit,
Beides dir in Freud und Leid.

English translation:

We go forward so happy, with such joyful minds,
So fresh and so free through the lands.
Through the valley the sound runs through arbors
Filled with blooming gardens and laughing meadows.

There the mountains shine in the golden glow,
There the lakes reflect so blue and pure.
The forests breathe the sweetest perfume,
The alpine grasslands have the most spicy air.

This is my homeland, my dear Carinthian land,
Where my cradle stood, my parents hand guided me.
And should I go into far off lands,
I will still be a Carinthian there,
A Carinthian there, a Carinthian there

As its mountains stand so proud and unmovable,
So shall my mind always seek justice and truth.
I shall do my best to show
In word and deed
That I am a Carinthian,
A Carinthian, a Carinthian.

Austria, my Fatherland.
To you too I dedicate my heart and hand.
Heart for love, the hand for the fight,
Both for you; in joy and sorrow.
Heart for love, the hand for the fight,
both for you; in joy and sorrow.


Sheet music to Karntner Liedersmarsch

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