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catholic Will Ye No Come Back Again
A Scottish Jacobite song & lament for the Catholic cause

catholic Hé Garçon, Prends la Barre
A French sailors’ song on the heroism & glory of the Navy

catholic Chanson de Cathelineau
A counter-revolutionary French soldier's song in honor of the Saint of Anjou

catholic Mui Grandes Noit’ e Dia
A band of thieves who rob pilgrims is punished, Cantigas de Santa Maria

catholic A Madre de Jesu-Cristo
Our Lady discovers & stops a thief, Cantigas de Santa Maria

catholic Muito Faz Grand’ Erro, e em Torto Jaz
Our Lady heals an ailing King Alfonso X with her book, Cantigas de Santa Maria

catholic The Noble Fox-Hunting (Dido Bendigo)
An English song about the excitement of a fox hunt

catholic Hinaus in die Ferne
A popular German hunting song

catholic Boga, boga
Row, row, a Basque sailor's song at the ship's departure

catholic Rappelle-Toi, Jeanne
Remember, Joan, a French soldier's song to St. Joan of Arc

catholic Le Ranz des Vaches (Lyôba)
The Cow Line-Up, a Swiss Alpine folk song for calling the cows to milk

catholic Torna a Surriento
Come Back to Sorrento, a Neapolitan song nostalgic for the past

catholic Auf, Auf, zum fröhlichen Jagen
On, on to happy hunting, a spirited & virile German hunting song

catholic Ardor Guerrero
The Ardor of Warriors, hymn of the Spanish Infantry

catholic Auld Lang Syne
The well-known Scottish song for New Year's Eve & other farewells

catholic La Guadalupana
The most famous Mexican song in honor of Our Lady of Guadalupe

catholic Bunt sind schon die Wälder
A German folk song celebrating the provincial joys of autumn

catholic Hino da Infantaria
The official hymn of the Brazilian Army Infantry

catholic Salve Marinera
The official hymn of the Spanish Navy

catholic Loch Lomond
A Scottish Jacobite song about unending fidelity to the Catholic cause

catholic Lisboa Antiga
Portuguese fado that speaks of the old city's charm

catholic What Shall We Do with a Drunken Sailor?
Traditional English sea shanty about public punishment of a wrongdoer

catholic Mi Virgencita Ranchera
A virile Mexican folk song in honor of Our Lady of Guadalupe

catholic Adieu Recouvrance
A French sailor's song on abandoning egoistic ambitions

catholic Dem Land Tirol Die Treue
A spirited march celebrating Tyrol, Austria

catholic Unser Liebe Fraue
A German foot soldiers song in honor of Our Lady

catholic My Last Cigar
A tobacco poem that became a college song

catholic Have You Forgotten?
A 9/11 tribute song

catholic Debout les Gars
'Arise, lads!' - A French counter-revolutionary song

catholic Wenn ich auf hohen Bergen steh’
A yodeling folk song from the mountains of Tyrol

catholic Das Kufsteiner Lied
A Tyrolean song with its characteristic yodel

catholic Le Navire de Bayonne
A traditional French sailor's song

catholic God Bless the USA
A popular American patriotic song

catholic El Martes Me Fusilan
A Mexican song in honor of the faith & prowess of the Cristeros

catholic Bien Me Deüsse Targier
A troubadour crusader song on the morality of the nobles

catholic Prinz Eugen, der edle Ritter
The brave Prince Eugene defeats the Muslims in Belgrade

catholic Hymne à Saint Michel
A song of the French paratroopers to their Patron Saint

catholic The Hundred Pipers
A Scottish song celebrating the Jacobite uprising in 1745

catholic La Blanche Hermine
A French song about the Chouans in Brittany

catholic Die Eisenfaust am Lanzenschaft
A German folk song praising the Teutonic Knights

catholic Semper Paratus
The official song of the United States Coast Guard

catholic Wild Blue Yonder
The official song of the United States Air Force

catholic Are Ye Right There Michael?
Lamenting the troubles encountered on the Irish railway

catholic The Army Goes Rolling Along
A song proclaiming the pride and honor of the United States Army

catholic Come Back Paddy Reilly
An Irishmen remembers his idyllic village that is calling him to return

catholic Au Tans Plein de Felonie
'In a Time Full of Felony,' a troubadour calls barons to fight for Christ

catholic Chevalier, Mult Estes Guariz
A song calling French knights to join St. Louis' Crusade

catholic Pax in Nomine Domini
A medieval call to men to fight for Christ in Jerusalem and Spain

catholic Les Terres Saintes
Celebrating the spirit of French Crusaders past

catholic Palästinalied
A haunting German song dating back to the early Crusades

catholic Le Roi Louis
St. Louis summons his nobles to follow him in the Crusade

catholic Seignor, Sachiez
A French medieval song calling men to enlist in the Crusade

catholic Monte Nero
The Italian Alpini mourn the lives lost in the battle of the 'Black Mountain'

catholicMiragres Fremosos Faz por Nos
A man with an amputated foot asks Our Lady for a miracle

catholic Santa Maria, Strela do Dia
A Galician song praising Holy Mary, the Morning Star who guides us to God

catholic En Todo Nos Faz Merçee
A Galician song praising the great mercy of Our Lady in our every need

catholic Das Schönste Land der Welt
Austrians of Tyrol praise their 'Most Beautiful Land in the World'

catholic El Monje Ebrio
A monk who overindugles in wine turns to Our Lady for help

catholic El Vino de Bretaña
Our Lady comes to the aid of a distressed hostess - Cantigas de Santa Maria

catholic Lippe Detmold eine wunderschöne Stadt
A humorous German march about a brave one-man 'army'

catholic Men of Harlech
A stirring regimental march of the Welsh Guards

catholic Wohlauf Kameraden
A call to arms to free Germany from the Napoleonic tyranny

catholic Al Comando Dei Nostri Ufficiali
A spirited WWI song about the courage of Alpini soldiers

catholic Ta Pum, Ta Pum
Italian Alpine soldiers reflect on the peril of mountain combat

catholic Bersagliere Ha Cento Penne
The Alpine corps boasts about their perseverance in the fight

catholic Heart of Oak
The British Navy celebrates its 'wonderful year' of 1759

catholic The Marine’s Hymn
One of our Country's best known fighting songs

catholic The Foggy Dew
Irish men lament a failled uprising for their independence

catholicLes Brigands du Roi Louis XVII
The Vendée soldiers call for the restoration of the King

catholic Chant de Fidélité
A song for the fighters of the French Vendée & Holy Church

catholicWas Kommt Dort Von der Höh?
German upperclassmen jovially receive the first year students

catholic Krambambuli
A playful German drinking song

catholicBring us in Good Ale
A medieval wassail song celebrating good drink & honoring Our Lady

catholicLock the Door Lariston
A Scottish song about its constant border fights with England

catholicAlpenjäger-Marsch - March of the Alpine Hunter
An old Austrian imperial song celebrating the beauties of Styria

catholic La Prière du Para - The Prayer of the Paratrooper
Asking God for the trials, suffering and glory in battle

catholicIn the Black Whale of Ascalon
A German drinking song imagined as taking place in the Assyrian Empire

catholicThe Rare Old Mountain Dew
A jaunty drinking song celebrating the Irish moonshine poitin

catholicThe Minstrel Boy
An Irish ballad commemorating those who fall in battle

catholic Calzame las Alpargatas
A Carlist calls for his shoes and gun to go and kill the enemies

catholicEstando Herido por un Balazo
A wounded Carlist soldier is treated in a hospital by the Queen

catholicThe Peat-Fire Flame
A Scottish song that captures the poetic Celtic spirit

catholicThe Miller of Dee
An English folk song celebrating the simple joys of life

catholicScots Wha Hae
A glorious anthem calling Scots to fight like their warrior heroes

catholicLa Voix du Clairon
A call for Catholics to return to their counter-revolutionary heroism

catholic Chanson de Monsieur Henri
Royalist song of the Vendée: Vive God, vive the King!

catholicAnchors Aweigh
United States Navy popular song

catholicChanson de l'Armée de Charette
The enthusiasm of the soldiers of the Vendée for their commander

catholicLes Bleus Sont La
French Catholics of the Vendée sing their pride of fighting for Our Lord

catholicBritish Grenadiers
A traditional march sung annually to the Queen in the Trooping the Colors

catholicKärntner Lieder-Marsch
Austro-Hungarian marching song celebrating the beauties of the homeland

catholicIch Bin der Doktor Eisenbarth
A jovial satire of doctors made by German students

catholicPor Dios, por la Patria y el Rey
A stirring anthem of the Carlists in the Spanish Civil War

catholicHymn to Cristo Rey
A song of the Requetés during the Spanish Civil War

catholicLa Catholique
A marching song of the counter-revolutionaries against the French Revolution

catholicChouans, Chouans
A song in honor of the counter-revolutionaries of the Vendée, France

catholicScotland the Brave
A national song praising the merits and glory of Scotland

catholicThe Battle of New Orleans
A southern song on the victory of Americans over English troops in 1815

catholicThe Pilgrim Chorus
A German classical song expressing the joy of having one's sins forgiven

catholicThe Impossible Dream
An American song extolling the militant ideals of medieval chivalry

catholicScrew Guns
A popular English song of the Royal Artillery

catholicWha Wadna' Fecht for Charlie
A Scottish Jacobite song calls for the return of the Catholic Prince to the throne

catholicJägerlied (Hunting Song)
A traditional German song praising the life of the hunter

catholicDer Jäger aus Kurpfalz
A German song celebrating the joys of hunting

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