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Les Bleus Sont La

French song of the Vendée

Les Bleus Sont La (The Blues Are There) is a song of the Catholic French Vendée. When France fell under the tyranny of the French Revolution the Catholic peasants of the Vendée region rose up to defend the King and the Catholic Faith. The French government sent troops, called Bleus because of their blue uniforms, to massacre the Vendée.

Les Bleus Sont La epitomizes the ideals of the Catholics who fought against the French Revolution. To those men love and honor in the eyes of the world meant nothing, for they valued only the love of Our Lord Jesus Christ. Let us take the example of those heroes of the Vendée and remember that there is no honor greater than to be honorable before Our Lord.

It is here sung by the Choeur Montjoie Saint Denis.


Les bleus sont là, le canon gronde,
Dites les gars avez vous peur?
Nous n'avons qu'une peur au monde,
C'est d'offenser Notre Seigneur.

Les bleus chez vous dansant la ronde,
Boiront le sang de votre coeur.
Nous n'avons qu'un amour au monde,
C'est le Coeur de Notre Seigneur!.

Vos corps seront jetés à l'onde,
Vos noms voués au déshonneur.
Nous n'avons qu'un honneur au monde,
C'est l'honneur de Notre Seigneur.

Allons debout, le canon gronde,
Partez les gars, soyez vainqueurs.
Nous n'avons qu'un espoir au monde,
C'est la victoire du Seigneur.

English translation:

The Blues are there, the cannon roars,
Say, young men, do you have fear?
We have only one fear in the world,
It is to offend Our Lord.

The Blues at your place dancing,
Will drink the blood of your heart.
We have only one love in the world,
It is the Heart of Our Lord.

Your bodies will be thrown into the river,
Your names will be doomed to dishonor.
We have only one honor in the world,
It is the honor of Our Lord.

Stand up, the cannon roars,
Go young men, be the victors.
We have only one hope in the world,
It is the victory of the Lord.

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