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Men of Harlech

Welsh Military Song

Men of Harlech is a stirring military song glorifying the martial prowess of the Welsh. In the midst of war and chaos, honor calls on men to find their courage and stand strong in the fight for right. It is an appeal to the noble sentiments of manliness. Indeed, what man can stand idly by and let the cries of women, children and the wounded go unheeded? Let the song be a source of courage to those in times of trial.

Men of Harlech was composed to memorialize the role of Harlech castle in the War of the Roses. Since that time it has spread in popularity, becoming the official slow march of the Welsh guard. It is here sung by the Melbourne Welsh Male Voice Choir.

Listen to Men of Harlech


Tongues of fire on Idris flaring,
News of foe-men near declaring,
To heroic deeds of daring,
Calls you Harlech men.

Groans of wounded peasants dying,
Wails of wives and children flying,
For the distant succor crying,
Calls you Harlech men.

Shall the voice of wailing,
Now be unavailing,
You to rouse who never yet,
In battles hour were failing,

His our answer crowds down pouring,
Swift as winter torrents roaring,
Not in vain the voice imploring,
Calls on Harlech men.

Loud the martial pipes are sounding,
Every manly heart is bounding,
As our trusted chief surrounding,
March we Harlech men.

Short the sleep the foe is taking,
Ere the morrows morn is breaking,
They shall have a rude awakening,
Roused by Harlech men.

Mothers cease your weeping,
Calm may be your sleeping,
You and yours in safety now,
The Harlech men are keeping,

Ere the sun is high in heaven,
They you fear by panic riven,
Shall like frightened sheep be driven,
Far by Harlech men.

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Harlech men

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