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Pax in Nomine Domini

12th century Crusader song

"Pax in Nomine Domini" – Peace in the Name of the Lord – is a 12th century poem urging men to free both Spain and Jerusalem from the Muslims. God, says the poet, has provided men with a sure way to Heaven; fighting for the preservation of Christendom. Only in the Crusades could man fight for God, and if they refuse the consequences will be dire. All those who will not defend Christians suffering under infidel oppression are unworthy of God.

Pax in Nomine Domini was composed by Marcabrus, one of the earlister known trouabadours. The stanzas below are three stanzas of a much longer song.

It is here performed by Nigel Rogers & The Early Music Consort of London

Listen to Pax in Nomine Domini


Pax in nomine Domini.

Pax in nomine Domini.
Fetz Marcabrus los motz el so.
Aujatz que di:
Com nos a fait, per so doussor,
Lo Seingnorius celestiaus
Probet de nos un lavador,
C'anc, fors outramar, no'n fon taus,
En de lai deves Josaphas:
E d'aquest de sai vos conort.

Pax in nomine Domini.

En Espaigna, sai, lo Marques
E cill del temple Salamo
Sofron lo pes
El fais de l'orguoill paganor,
Per que Jovens cuioll avol laus.
El critz per aquest lavador,
Versa sobre is plus rics captaus,
Faitz, faillitz, de proeza las,
Que non amon Joi ni Deport.

Pax in nomine Domini.

Desnaturat son li Frances,
Se de l'afar Dieu dizon no,
Qu' ai comes.
Antiocha, Pretz e Valor
Sai plora Guiana e Peitaus.
Dieus, Seigner, al tieu lavador,
L'arma del comte met en paus:
E sai gart Peiteus e Niort,
Lo Seigner qui ressors del vas.

English translation:

Pax in nomine Domini.

Peace be with you, in the name of the Lord.
Marcabrus wrote these words and song.
Hear what he says:
Just as He created us out of His sweetness,
The heavenly Lord
Provided us with a place of Redemption
Such as there never was, except
Across the sea in the Josaphat Valley:
I call you also to free a much closer place [Spain].

Pax in nomine Domini.

In Spain, I say, the good Marquis
And the Templars of Solomon,
They suffer the burden
And the weight of pagan oppression.
TheYouth are beset and put to shame,
The blame for that place of Redemption,
Fall upon the strongest lords,
They are broken, discouraged,
They have neither joy nor leisure.

Pax in nomine Domini.

The French are degenerates
If they refuse the call of God,
To which I come to exort them.
Antioch, Guiana, Poitou.
Mourn the deaths of prowess and worth.
Lord God, in the place where You redeemed us,
Give peace to the soul of the count:
And may the Lord who rose from the grave
Guard Poitiers and Niort.

sheet music for Pax in Nomine Domini
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