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Au Tans Plein de Felonie

French Crusader song

"Au Tans Plein de Felonie" – "In a Time Full of Felony" is a poem rebuking the worldly leaders of Europe for not fulfilling their promises to fight in the Crusades. Barons are content to enjoy life and abuse their power, giving no thought to sacrificing for the cause of God. If they do not change their ways, God will call others and give them the glory that comes from fighting for Him.

"Au Tans Plein de Felonie" was composed by Thibaut de Champagne (1201-1253), aka Thibaut de Navarre, called "The Troubadour."

It is here performed by Nigel Rogers & The Early Music Consort. of London

Listen to Au Tans Plein de Felonie


Au tans plein de felonie,
D'envie et de traïson,
De tort et de mesprison,
Sanz bien et sans cortoisie,
Et que entre nos barons,
Faisons tot le siecle empirier,
Que je voi escomenïer,
Ceus qui plus offrent reson,
Lor vueil dire une chançon.

Li Roiaumes de Surie,
Nous dit, & crie à haut ton,
Se nos ne nos amendon,
Por Deu, que n’i alons mie,
N’i ferions se mal non :
Dex aime fin cuer droiturier,
De tel gent se veut aidier,
Cil essauceront son nom,
Et conquerront sa maison.

Chançon, va moi dire Lorent,
Qu'il se gart bien outree ment,
De grant folie envahir,
Qu'en li auroit faus mantir.

English translation:

In a time filled with felony,
Envy and treason,
Error and scorn,
Without goodness and courtesy,
And this, even among our own barons
Who make society worse and worse.
I want to reprimand
The most guilty ones,
And for this, I sing a song.

The kingdoms of Syria,
Send us a message in a loud voice,
That if we do not make amends
For the love of God, and if we do not improve,
Ceasing our wrongdoings,
God will call other upright hearts,
And these persons will come to His aid,
And they will exalt His name,
And will re-conquer the Holy Lands.

Let my song go to tell Laurent,
That he should guard himself well,
To not be taken in by foolishness,
With all its false lies.

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