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El Martes Me Fusilan

Mexican Cristero song

El martes me fusilan (On Tuesday they will shoot me) is a Mexican song in honor of the faith and prowess of the Cristeros. The song speaks for itself, telling how the singer, a Cristero, will be shot by a firing squad soon, simply for professing the Catholic Faith.

Composed by Jose Antonio Melendez, El martes me fusilan is sung by Vicente Fernandez.

Listen to El martes me fusilan


1. El martes me fusilan
A las 6 de la mañana.
Por creer en Dios eterno
Y en la gran Guadalupana.

Me encontraron una estampa
De Jesús en el sombrero.
Por eso me sentenciaron
Porque yo soy un Cristero.

Es por eso me fusilan
El martes por la mañana.
Matarán mi cuerpo inútil
Pero nunca, nunca mi alma.

Yo les digo a mis verdugos
Que quiero me crucifiquen
Y una vez crucificado
Entonces usen sus rifles.

2. Adiós sierras de Jalisco,
Michoacán y Guanajuato.
Donde combatí al Gobierno
Que siempre salió corriendo.

Me agarraron, de rodillas,
Adorando a Jesucristo.
Sabían que no había defensa
En ese santo recinto.

Soy labriego por herencia,
Jalisciense de naciencia.
No tengo más Dios que Cristo
Por que me dio la existencia.

Con matarme no se acaba
La creencia en Dios eterno.
Muchos quedan en la lucha
Y otros que vienen naciendo.

Es por eso me fusilan
El martes por la mañana.
“Peloton, preparen, apunten”
“¡Viva Cristo Rey y”- “¡Fuego!"*

English translation:

1. On Tuesday they will shoot me
At 6 in the morning.
For believing in God Eternal
And in the great Our Lady of Guadalupe.

They found a picture
Of Jesus in my hat.
That is why they sentenced me
Because I am a Cristero.

That is why they will shoot me
Tuesday in the morning.
They will kill my useless body
But never, never my soul.

I tell my executioners
That I want to be crucified
And once crucified
Then [they can] use their rifles.

2. Goodbye mountains of Jalisco,
Michoacán and Guanajuato.
Where I fought the Government
That always run away.

They caught me, while on my knees,
Worshiping Jesus Christ.
They knew there was no defense
In that holy place.

I am a famer by inheritance,
I am proud to be born in Jalisco.
I have no other God than Christ
Because He gave me existence.

Killing me does not end
The belief in God Eternal.
Many are left in the fight
And others who are yet to be born.

That is why they will shoot me
Tuesday in the morning.
"Platoon, ready, aim"
"Long live Christ the King and" - "Fire!”*

lyrics and music of Bien Me Deusse Targier

  1. The famous phrase cried by the Cristeros is "Viva Cristo Rey y la Virgen de Guadalupe" ("Long Live Christ the King and the Virgin of Guadalupe").
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