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Mi Virgen Ranchera

Mexican folk song

Mi Virgen Ranchera (My Ranchera Virgin) is a popular folk song from Mexico that honors Our Lady of Guadalupe, and is even considered by some to be Mexico's second national hymn. The song is a type of musica ranchera, a style of Mexican music that originated from the ranches and countryside of rural Mexico.

It is a virile and moving song to Our Lady of Guadalupe sung by one of her devoted sons. It makes mention of the stars she placed in the sky and the beautiful roses she planted, a poetic reference to Our Lady's starry mantle imprinted on Juan Diego’s Tilma and the roses that fell from it, two of the many miracles of Our Lady of Guadalupe’s apparition. The singer affirms that Mexico is never sad because its soul is inflamed from speaking her name and knowing that Mexico is her land which she zealously protects.

Mi Virgen Ranchera expresses the special love Mexico has for Our Lady, and is here interpreted by Mariachi Vargas de Tecalitlan.

Listen to Mi Virgen Ranchera

Spanish lyrics:

A ti Virgencita, mi Guadalupana,
Yo quiero ofrecerte un canto valiente,
Que México entero te brinda sonriente.

Y quiero decirte,
Lo que tú ya sabes,
Que México te ama, que nunca está triste,
Porque de nombrarte, el alma se inflama.

Tu nombre es arrullo, y el mundo lo sabe,
Eres nuestro orgullo, mi México es tuyo,
Tú guardas la llave.

Qué viva la Reina de los Mexicanos,
La que con sus manos sembró rosas bellas,
Y puso en el cielo millares de estrellas.

Por patria nos diste,
Este lindo suelo,
Y lo bendeciste, por que era tu anhelo,
Tener un santuario, cerquita del cielo.

Yo sé que en el cielo,
Escuchas mi canto,
Y sé que con celo, nos cubre tu manto,
Virgencita chula, eres un encanto.

Mi Virgen morena, mi Virgen ranchera
Eres nuestra reina, México es tu tierra
Y tú su bandera.

Qué viva la Reina, de los mexicanos
La que con sus manos sembró rosas bellas
Y puso en el cielo millares de estrellas.

English translation:

To you dear Virgin, my Guadalupan lady,
I want to offer a valiant song,
That all of Mexico presents to you with a smile.

And I want to tell you,
What you already know,
That Mexico loves you, that it is never sad,
Because speaking your name inflames the soul.

Your name is a lullaby, and the world knows it,
You are our pride, my Mexico is yours,
You hold the key.

Long live the Queen of the Mexicans,
Who planted beautiful roses with her hands,
And placed innumerable stars in the sky.

You gave us as our country,
This beautiful land.
And you blessed it, because it was your desire
To have a sanctuary very close to heaven.

I know that in heaven,
You hear my song,
And I know that with zeal, your mantle covers us
Dear lovely virgin, you are a delight.

My dark-skinned Virgin, my ranchera Virgin,
You are our Queen, Mexico is your land
And you are its banner.

Long live the Queen of the Mexicans,
Who planted beautiful roses with her hands,
And placed innumerable stars in the sky.

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