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Salve Marinera

Spanish hymn to Our Lady

Salve Marinera (Hail Lady Sailor) was composed in 1870 by Cristóbal Oudrid, lyrics by Mariano Méndez Vigo. The song is actually from a zarzuela (the Spanish version of Italian opera) composed by Oudrid, called “El Molinero de Subiza” (“The Miller of Subiza”). The song was popularized by the Spanish Navy after they made it their official anthem, and now it is commonly sung during nautical celebrations throughout coastal areas in Spain.

The song speaks of the benevolence of Our Lady as the star of the seas, and the eternal blessing she brings to her children. A fervent plea is made, that she might grant consolation and receive our prayers.

We have included two interpretations of the Salve Marinera below: one by famous Spanish baritone Marcos Redondo, and the second by the Navy Infantry of Madrid.

Some interesting performances: Watch members of the Spanish Naval Academy in Marin singing the hymn here, and the Spanish Navy singing it here.

Some other interesting interpretations can be found here and here.

Listen to the version by Spanish baritone Marcos Redondo

Listen to the version by the Navy Infantry of Madrid

Spanish Lyrics:

Salve, estrella de los mares,
De los mares iris de eterna ventura
Salve, o fénix de hermosura
Madre del Divino Amor.

De tu pueblo a los pesares
Tu clemencia dé consuelo
Fervoroso, llegue al cielo,
Y hasta Tí, y hasta Tí nuestro clamor.

Salve, Salve, estrella de los mares
Salve estrella de los mares
Sí, fervoroso llegue al cielo
Y hasta Tí y hasta Tí nuestro clamor.

Salve, Estrella de los mares
Estrella de los mares,
Salve, salve, salve, salve.

English Translation

Hail, star of the seas,
Of the gleaming seas, of eternal blessing
Hail, o Phoenix of Beauty
Mother of the Divine Love.

From your people, to their sorrows
May your clemency give consolation
Fervently arrive at heaven
And unto you, unto you our cries.

Hail, Hail, star of the seas
Hail star of the sees,
Yes, fervently arrive at heaven
And unto you, and unto you, our cries.

Hail, Star of the seas.
Star of the seas.
Hail, hail, hail, hail.

lyrics and music Salve Marinera

For a high-resolution PDF version, click here.

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