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Hinaus in die Ferne (Jäger Marschlied)

German hunting song

Hinaus in die ferne (Let us go out into the distance) is a German hunting song written by Johann Albert Gottlieb Methfessel (1785 - 1869). It is one of the more popular German hunting songs, but is also considered a university song and a hiking song.

It speaks of the freedom felt when going out into the wilderness and the open air for the hunt. The hunter calls the listener to join him in "raising your voice" with "the loud sound of horns."

It recalls the same freedom felt when facing the Revolution head on, fighting side by side with one's brothers in the Faith, united in the fight for the restoration of Christendom.

Hinaus in die Ferne is here interpreted by famous German baritone Erich Kunz (here and here) and the Vienna State Opera Orchestra and Chorus.

German Text:

1. Hinaus in die Ferne
Mit lautem Hörnerklang,
Die Stimmen erhebet
Zum männlichen Gesang.
Der Freiheit Hauch
Weht kräftig durch die Welt,
Ein freies, frohes Leben
Uns wohlgefällt.

2. Wir halten zusammen,
Wie treue Brüder tun,
Wenn Tod uns umtobet
Und wenn die Waffen ruh'n.
Uns alle treibt
Ein reiner, freier Sinn,
Nach einem Ziele streben
Wir alle hin!

English Translation

1. Let us go out into the distance
With the loud sound of horns,
Raise your voices
In men's song!
Freedom's breath
Blows strongly through the world
A natural and easy life
Pleases us well.

2. We stick together
As faithful brothers do,
When death rages around us
And when the weapons rest,
We are all driven
By a pure, free spirit,
We are all striving
For one goal!

lyrics and music Hinaus in die Ferne

For a PDF version, click here.

For a version in G Major, click here.

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Hinaus in die Ferne

Two Tyroleans resting on a mountaintop.
Ferdinand Georg Waldmüller, oil on panel, 1829.

For a high-resolution JPG version of the above painting, see here.

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