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Hé Garçon, Prends la Barre

French Navy song

Hé garçon, prends la barre (Hey boy, take the helm) is a French sailors' song, also sung in the Scouts of France.

The music and text catch the spirit of heroism and adventure inherent in the sailors' task. The song begins by speaking to an unnamed young man, commanding him to "take the helm, go windward, and cast off the reefs," so that he might hear the story of the wind, which speaks of "sailors covered in glory."

It presents before the eyes of the young man the pioneering dreams of adventure, to go to "the distant shores that you dream so much of exploring." The songs ends with a refrain, reminding the young man of his promise to “serve and protect” and that sailors “never soften or cede in combat."

We provide two interpretations of Hé garçon, prend la barre: The first is by the École Des Mousses du Dourdy. Note: they sing an optional refrain not heard in the Scouts version. The second version is that of the Scouts of France, interpreted by the Chorale Bernard Lallement.

Listen to Hé garçon, prends la barre by École Des Mousses du Dourdy

Listen to the Scouts version by Chorale Bernard Lallement

French Lyrics:

1. Hé garçon, prends la barre,
Vire au vent et largue les ris!
Le vent te raconte l'histoire
Des marins couverts de gloire.
Il t'appelle et tu le suis.

2. Vers les rives lointaines
Que tu rêves tant d'explorer
Et qui sont déjà ton domaine,
Va tout droit sans fuir la peine
Et soit fier de naviguer!

3. Sur la mer et sur terre,
Au pays comme à l'étranger,
Routier (ou Marin), soit fidèle à tes frères
Car tu as promis naguère
De servir et de protéger

Nous naviguons, marins de premier brin
Nous les moussaillons de la flotte
Jamais ne mollirons ni céderons
Dans les combats
Gardant souvenir du pays
De l' École Marine du Dourdy.

English Translation

1. Hey boy, take the helm,
Tackle to windward and cast off the reefs!
The wind tells you the story
Sailors covered in glory.
He calls you and you follow him.

2. To the distant shores
That you dream so much of exploring
And which are already your domain,
Go straight without fleeing the pain
And be proud to sail!

3. On sea and on land,
At home and abroad,
Trucker (or Sailor), be faithful to your brothers
'Cause you once promised
To serve and protect.

We sail, first-rate sailors
We are the sailors of the fleet
We will never soften or give in
In the combats
Keeping memories of our country
From the Dourdy Marine School.

lyrics and music He garcon prends la barre

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Blason de Charlemagne
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