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Mexico during the Cristero War - I

The Masonic Agenda against the Church

Fr. Denis Fahey, C.S.Sp.

Fr. Fahey was writing Secret Societies and the Kingship of Christ in 1927, while the Calles government was striving to wipe out the Catholic Church and her influence from Mexico. He recorded the important role of Freemasonry in generating this Revolution, citing original documents from Masonic journals.

Given the new momentum of the Cristeros War (1926-1929) acquired today, we selected some excerpts from chapter V of Fr. Fahey’s book focusing on how Freemasonry was operating in Catholic countries. We took the liberty to slightly adapt the text by including some of Fahey’s footnotes in the article. - TIA
The forces that control Masonry proceed slowly and cautiously, resulting in the acceptance of the so-called "progressivist" ideas. At a point when the people are completely blinded and powerless, those leaders considered to be moderate and who figured on the stage during the period of preparation disappear. More fanatically progressivist leaders replace them to serve their turn. …

During the years of preparation, Masonry aims at getting a hold on key governmental staff positions. Thus, even the good men who become ministers find themselves very frequently powerless. Needless to say, divisions among Catholics who should stand for the Kingship of Christ permit this staffing process to go on unheeded and unchecked.

Masonic decisions of 1906

At the 1906 General Convention of Latin-American Lodges, held in Buenos Aires, it was resolved, among other things, that religious persecution should be initiated and carried out zealously by every possible means. The following Articles, taken from the minutes of the Convention in question, embody the program of action:

“Art. 5. Latin-American Masonry shall oppose by every possible means clerical propaganda as well as the establishment and development of religious communities. It shall, in addition, do all in its power to get these communities banished from the different countries under its jurisdiction. Accordingly, Masons shall not send their children to be educated in Catholic educational establishments, and shall use their influence over their wives and children to keep them from going to confession;

“Art. 6. Masons shall try to stir up the zeal of the members of the different political parties for Masonic ideals: the separation of Church and State, the expulsion of religious communities; civil marriage and divorce, purely secular education, the exclusion of religious from hospitals, the suppression of military chaplains.”

“Art. 10. Masonry shall strive to get the representative at the Vatican withdrawn, thus showing that the Papacy is no longer considered an International power.”

The example of Mexico

Mexico is a typical example of the rapidity with which the closing stages of the process of disruption may be carried through.

Gen. Calles  president

President Plutarco Calles, center, came to power to execute the Masonic plan to destroy the Church
Mexico was ripening for the Masonic harvest, according to A. Preuss in his October 15, 1913, article in Fortnightly Review. The distinguished writer, in describing the state of religion in Mexico, pointed out that the Indians never lost the faith taught them by the first Spanish missionaries. Similarly, the Mexican women were devout and pious. Mexican men of the so-called educated classes, in contrast, were mostly Masons.

Preuss added that he had often assisted on Sundays at the sad spectacle of men accompanying women to the door of the church, but then lighting a cigar and sitting down outside until the end of Mass. Doubtless, he commented, it would be wrong to say that all the men behave in this way, but the number of those who did so was considerable. They were the “liberal” as opposed to the “fanatical” Catholics. In its August 1926 issue Masonic Tidings those men and their works were extolled in flattering terms were described as having a “strong character.”

Persecution Catholics Mexico

The world ignored the Calles' government massacre of Mexican Catholics

Persecution Catholics Mexico
According to the English review, The Patriot (November 25, 1926), Masonry in Mexico is particularly under Jewish control. The R.I.S.S. (Revue Internationale des Societés Secretes - International Review of Secret Societies) always speaks of [Mexican President] Plutarco Elias Calles as a half-Jew.

The press of the world, after having made no attempt to inform its readers of the real causes of the events chronicled about Mexico, nor of the lengthy preparations for them, discreetly lets the curtain fall on yet another country from which Our Lord has been expelled, at least so far as human legislation can do it. ...

The majority of Mexican Catholics would have laughed incredulously a century or so ago if told that such a state of affairs was coming in their country. There were clouds on the horizon even then, for anti-clericalism was rife; but the present-day systematic uprooting of the Catholic Faith and the cutting off of the minds of the coming generations from all contact with it would have then seemed impossible. Could we not say that the lack of Catholic understanding by Catholics of the aim and methods of Masonry has contributed greatly to the present cataclysm?

As the final stage in the attack on the Kingship of Christ in Mexico was accelerated by the Masonic Convention of Buenos Aires in 1906, it may be of interest to note that an International Convention of delegates of the Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite was announced for the same city in 1927. Representatives from the Supreme Councils of the following countries would be in attendance: England and Wales, Ireland, Scotland, France, Belgium, Low Countries, Switzerland, Italy, Portugal, Slovakia, Poland, Serbia, Rumania, Turkey, Greece, Egypt, United States, Canada, Mexico, Cuba, San Domingo, Panama, Brazil, Argentina, Peru, Chili, Ecuador, Colombia, Uruguay and Venezuela.

What fresh advances in the path of progress had the representatives of Ireland the happiness of decreeing there?

[Note: Ireland was the only country that broke diplomatic relations with Mexico in response to the atrocities committed by the Calles’ government against Catholics.]


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Posted July 6, 2012

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