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Pope Wojtyla Rewarded by Freemasonry

As the steps of the beatification process for John Paul II are being rushed forward, we thought it would be interesting to contribute to it by reminding the public of an award given to him by the Italian Freemasonry.

The text of the news report speaks for itself regarding how Pope Wojtyla helped to spread the ideals of those enemies of the Catholic Church, and the high esteem they had for him.

At right, the news report from the Brazilian daily O Estado de S. Paulo; below, our translation from Portuguese.

John Paul II refuses award from the Freemasonry

Vatican City - Pope John Paul II will return to the Grand Orient of Italy Masonic Lodge the decoration of the Galileo Galilei Order granted to him for his contribution in spreading the ideals of fraternity and understanding. These ideas, the lodge stresses, are the same ones defended by Freemasonry.

"A Pope should not accept awards or decorations of any type," affirmed Vatican sources quoted by AGI agency.

(O Estado de S. Paulo, December 23, 1996)
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Blason de Charlemagne
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Posted on November 11, 2006

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