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Gotthard Tunnel Opening Ceremony - I

Devil Adored at Swiss Tunnel
Opening Ceremony

Marian Horvat, Ph.D.
Some time ago, I wrote about the unveiling of a statue of Baphomet for public worship in Detroit. Last week, we witnessed a spectacle that in many regards is even more shocking: a goat-man quite similar to the devil Baphomet was the hero of a performance, the center of attention at the opening ceremony of the Gotthard Base Tunnel in the Swiss Alps.

Indeed, on June 1, 2016, a large gathering of persons including German Chancellor Angela Merkel, French President Francois Hollande, Italian Prime Minister Matteo Renzi and Austrian Chancellor Christian Kern were present at the inauguration of that Swiss Tunnel, said to be the longest tunnel in the world.

The opening included an “artistic” outdoor performance filled with occult and obscene acts and dances. The devil exultantly wove in and out among the other dancers – also demonic figures and semi-nude “workers.”

And at the end of this repugnant travesty, the officials and heads of State applauded and gave a standing ovation. I would call it a triumph for Baphomet and a sign of the abyss to which once-Catholic Europe has sunk.

gotthard tunnel opening

Veiled ‘dervishes’ and Krampus straw devils bow to worship Baphomet, above, as a circle of eyes watches on the large screen behind the stage; Below, a close-up of the devil goat-man triumphant before the adoring masses

gotthard tunnel opening

The longest & most expensive tunnel on record

The tunnel connects the two cantons of Uri and Ticino in Switzerland, but its ultimate goal is broader: to provide a straight fast route through the Alps, the mountain range that divides northern and southern Europe. Seventeen years in the making, the tunnel is 35.4 miles (57 km) long and bores 1.2 miles (2.3 km) beneath the earth's surface under the Alps. Without ventilation the temperature inside the tunnel system is 115F (46C).

The train travels fast, 125 mph (200 km/h), taking a little under 20 minutes to travel the full 35 miles. Almost 30 million tons of rock had to be excavated and the bill came to US$12 billion.

The tunnel is lauded as an ecological star as its creation means a million fewer trucks on the roads, lessening man's carbon footprint, etc. It is also a symbol of cross-border cooperation, since it is supposed to boost the trade route between northern and southern Europe, forming a central building block of the so called Rhine-Alp corridor that stretches from the sea ports of Rotterdam and Antwerp via Germany's industrial heartland down to the port of Genoa in Italy.

Gotthard tunnel opening

The first of a planned string of railways to connect Europe

These broader aims explain why the heads of State found time to join Swiss President Johann Schneider-Ammann for the opening ceremony and maiden voyage through the tunnel. It also helps to explain the Masonic interest in the tunnel and the ceremony's clearly Satanic ritualistic and homo-erotic tones.

We have seen the same type of occult/Satanic performances at the 2012 opening of the Olympics, the 2015 Grammy awards, in music videos television shows and movies, and even at the Super Bowl, but the dominance and triumphant tone of the Devil is even more powerful here, at the Gotthard Tunnel Opening.

The opening ceremony

The ceremony was separated into two different events. Outside the tunnel, a large light-grey platform with a huge screen as backdrop was the theater for the freakish ritual. The second ceremony, indoors, was viewed by a smaller group of dignitaries and was, if possible, even more outré.

The ceremonies were intended to represent the building of the tunnel and various aspects of Swiss culture. So, what did the directors present to the audience?

Androgynous men and women stripping to their underpants, a multitude of Krampus-like figures in masks and straw suits – which every Swiss child knows symbolize the devils who accompany St. Nicolas on December 6 to punish the bad children – and a goat-man, very like the devil Baphomet, which the others worship.

Let us look at the outdoor ceremony, which my readers can view in the photos of this article. This ceremony was a creepy confused dramaturgy emerging from the pits of Hell, accompanied by even stranger occult messages continuously flashing on the humongous screen.

The outdoor ceremony

The performance begins with men and women in miner outfits marching toward the tunnel entrance like zombies. They go to work on the mountain rocks portrayed on the screen, rising in the air and falling.

Gotthard tunnel opening

But, it isn't long before the workers strip down to their underwear and begin a frenetic sensual dance. Dust rises and the frenzy increases, while on the screen the image of two men embracing boldly announces the new morals of the modern day world.

The tribal drumbeat slows, becomes threatening. The stripped workers stop. They are waiting for something – or someone – and soon we find out who it is.

Goddhard tunnel ceremony

But, first there must be a so-called tribute to the workers who died during the construction. Three symbolic workers hang dead in the air before the giant screen, only to fall and be replaced by three white spirits who are watched on the screen by the all-seeing Orus eye.

Gotthard tunnel opening

Below them, the stage clears and a triangular procession of veiled "dervishes" in white march forward in a trance state to the sound of eerie music mixed with their devilish laughter and cries. Is it a satire of the old Catholic religious ceremonies honoring the Holy Eucharist or Our Lady? It looks like it.

But whose entrance are these “dervishes” announcing to the world as the Orus eye on the screen turns to a whirling dervish and other dervishes in red begin to spin on stage?

Gotthard tunnel opening

Soon we catch a glimpse of the personage the three miner spirits are honoring. It is the goat-man representing Baphomet, enshrined by the wings of an androgynous-looking woman. And just so there is no mistake about it, the face of this devil-man appears on the screen behind the three miners, now transformed into three Egyptian scarab beetles. How can this horror show be a tribute to the dead?

Gotthard tunnel opening

Now, the stage belongs to Baphomet. He prances, grunts, howls while the white veiled dervishes and colored straw demons whirl and dance around him. All the while an army of Alpine horn players in traditional dress – one of the few authentically Swiss elements in the show – blow out eerie fiendish strains. How does bowing before a devil goat-man celebrate Swiss customs or the making of the world's longest tunnel? I wonder…

Gotthard tunnel opening

The most devilish and outright obscene moment is yet to come. Baphomet comes to a standstill, gives a fiendish howl and the androgynous-looking mate approaches. He then simulates a sexual act with this white-winged "woman" facing him, while the straw dervishes whirl around them.

Gotthard tunnel opening

But this is not enough. Next, the androgynous creature approaches him from behind and wraps its winged arms around him. This partner has the face and breasts of a woman and the arms and legs of a man. We cannot be certain what is going on beneath the wings, but the goat-man, bent-over, gyrates and groans. This was performed publicly before grandstands of people.

Gotthard tunnel opening

The next part of the ceremony seems to be the announcement of the return of Paganism, which is increasing rapidly in the country, replacing Christianity. A peasant chanter enters the stage with a another woman and new lethargic goat-devil. Again, eerie pagan music and words in ancient German and Italian.

Gotthard tunnel opening

Following in slow procession are the tree men and women of all ages – dressed in black and white and wearing headdresses of dead branches or carrying dead tree roots. Possibly an allusion to old pagan myths. Baphomet, by the way, remains present throughout, stationery with his legs spread wide at the front of the stage.

Gotthard tunnel opening

The ceremony ends with a change of mood. The circus begins, but even here the stars of the show are devils and a pregnant harlot in red. These clown demons frolic raucously onstage with a troupe of cross-dressers and freaks while, all the time, a clock on the screen races wildly forward and backward. But this is not enough fun for them.

Gotthard tunnel opening

No, these harlots leave the stage and enter the stands, taking provocative obscene positions and offering themselves to the audience, mostly composed of men, who smile complacently.

Gotthard tunnel opening

The cross-dressers mock the distinguished audience...

Gotthard tunnel opening

The whole entourage – devils, harlots, and some oversized bobble-head businessmen – kneel and bow before the stopped clock? Are they acknowledging the opening of the tunnel on schedule? Or are they heralding a new age of the reign of the Devil?

Gotthard tunnel opening

This was the outdoor ceremony for the Gotthard Tunnel that the media describes as "bizarre" and "confusing," but I would not hesitate to call demonic. For those who want to view more, in my next article I will review the indoor ceremony where the same troupe perform for a smaller group of dignitaries. It is just as occult and revolting.

Photos taken from the RT footage of the event.

Watch an aerial footage of the outdoor ceremony here



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Posted June 13, 2015

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