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A Great Lie that Damages Souls:
The ‘Beatification’ of Bishop Angelelli

Cosme Beccar Varela, Argentina
On April 26, 2019, the official news agency of the Argentinian Episcopate released a Bulletin titled "Argentina joyfully celebrates the beatification of the Riojan Martyrs," which is transcribed below. It announces that on April 27, Bishop Enrique Angelelli will be beatified in La Rioja by the Prefect of the Congregation for the Causes of Saints and special envoy of Pope Francis, Cardinal Angelo Becciu.

riojan martyrs beatification Clockwise, top left to right, Bishop Enrique Angelelli, Fr. Carlos Murias, Fr. Gabriel Longueville and Wenceslao Pedernera
As it is known and reported in various places, Bishop Angelelli was an accomplice to the terrorists of the '70s, turning his diocese into a refuge for those criminals and offering safe passage for transporting persons and arms from Chile, which was then in the hands of the communist Allende. I was in La Rioja in those years on an anticommunist campaign with the TFP, and we suffered threats and even physical attacks from the Bishop's hitmen.

Further, it is false that he was assasinated: In fact, he died in a car accident, caused by Fr. Carlos Murias (also beatified on April 27) who while driving the car was speeding and carelessly hit the edge of the pavement. Fr. Murias seemed to lack the capacity to quickly straighten the wheels of the car, which overturned and threw the Bishop violently onto the road. He died from that blow, that is to say, from the accident. Most likely, the nearest cause of it was the driver, who was coming with the Bishop from a lunch (probably with wine) in the town of Chamical, and either fell asleep or lost control of the vehicle.

bishop angellelini

Above, the Marxist false-martyr Angelelli

A technician who was working on an electrical pole near the site witnessed the accident, and his statement confirms that the car was the only one on the road. The police investigated the case and issued a final judgment stating that the death was accidental.

In any case, absurdly supposing that the military had killed him, nothing indicates that it was out of hatred of the Faith (a basic condition for the cause of "martyrdom"), but rather because of his guerrilla militancy. Notwithstanding, he died as a pseudo-martyr of Marxism ...

Therefore, the beatification is null and it is false that "Argentina joyfully celebrates" this action. It seems that the Episcopate has forgotten the 8th Commandment "Do not bear false witness," that is, "Do not lie.


The official episcopal document is translated below:

Argentina Joyfully Celebrates the Beatification of the Riojan Martyrs

AICA Friday, April 26, 2019, La Rioja – The Argentinian Church joyfully celebrates the beatification of the Riojan Martyrs, whose main ceremony will take place tomorrow, Saturday, April 27, in La Rioja with the presence of the Prefect of the Congregation of the Causes of Saints and special envoy of Pope Francis, Cardinal Angelo Becciu.

main ceremony

Cardinal Becciu presided over the beatification Mass with numerous Argentinian Bishops concelebrating

chamical riojan martyrs

A closing Thanksgiving Mass Sunday evening in Chamical with Bishop Braida presiding

rome thanksgiving mass argentine martyrs

The group of ad limina Argentinian Bishops assist at the Mass in Rome celebrating the 'martyrs'

On the days preceding the event, there were countless activities, including prayer vigils in Chamical and Sañogasta, as well as the installation of four displays in the provincial capital to highlight the life, testimony and message of Msgr. Enrique Angelelli, Fr. Carlos de Dios Murias, OFM, the missionary Fr. Gabriel Longueville and the layman Wenceslao Pedernera.

"The Riojan Martyrs are a blessing for the Church in Argentina. May the blood shed by them fecundate our apostolic commitment and our path of holiness," the Argentinian Episcopal Conference said in a letter sent to the Pope to thank him for the beatification of Msgr.Angelelli and his fellow martyrs.

Central acts

The Bishop of La Rioja, Msgr. Dante Braida, noted that today, Friday, April 26, Cardinal Becciu will preside at the solemn Mass at 8 pm at the St. Nicholas Cathedral and Shrine. The vigil will begin at Plaza 25 de Mayo, where local artists will take part; at 11 the pilgrimage will leave for the City Park, where the activities prior to the great ceremony will continue, with the motto "Pascua Riojana, Alegría del Pueblo" (Riojan Easter, the Joy of the People).

Tomorrow at 10 a.m. in the City Park, the Mass will be celebrated where the Riojan Martyrs will be proclaimed blessed. Card. Becciu will preside and numerous Argentinian Bishops will concelebrate. That same day, at 7:00 pm in the Sacred Heart of Jesus Church in Sañogasta, the Archbishop of Mendoza and former Bishop of La Rioja, Msgr. Marcelo Daniel Colombo, will preside at a Mass of thanksgiving.

On Sunday 28, at noon, a prayer vigil will begin at Paraje el Pastor in Punta de los Llanos, along with other activities. At 8 pm in the parish of El Salvador (Chamical), Msgr. Braida will preside at a Mass of Thanksgiving for the Riojan Martyrs.

Mass of thanksgiving in Rome

On Sunday, April 28, a Mass will be celebrated in Rome in thanksgiving for the beatification of the Riojan Martyrs. Msgr. Carlos Azpiroz Costa OP, Archbishop of Bahía Blanca, will preside, and the group of Argentinian Bishops present there for first ad limina visit will participate.


Blason de Charlemagne
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Posted May 1, 2019

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