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Licitness, Transgenders & ‘Blessed’ Angelelli

Episcopal Consecration

Dear TIA,

Thank you for maintaining a nice website. I just wanted to point out something I read on the page that I found a bit odd. It is in this article about Fr. Rifan and the SSPX cupola:

"Actually, if Bishop Mayer would have refused to assist at that ceremony, there would not have been two Bishops to minister the consecration, which is a requirement for the validity of any consecration of a bishop."

This might easily be interpreted as meaning that the sacrament is not confected unless there is a co-consecrator, which I think would be erroneous. According to the Catholic Encyclopedia, "Consecration by a single bishop would not be invalid but would be illicit." See here.

     Happy Easter,

     V.J., Sweden

The Editor responds:

Dear V.J.,

Thank you for your observation. I am correcting it, changing validity to licitness.

     Happy Easter Season,

     A.S. Guimarães


Is the Vatican Supporting Transgenderism?


From Natural News comes the report that Catholics are now told to tolerate a child’s sex change using puberty-blocking drugs - even if they disagree with it.

Laura Palazzani, a member of the Pontifical Academy for Life and of the National Bioethics Committee, recently endorsed the wide-scale funding of these puberty-blocking drugs in the Italian National Health Services.

Palazzani endorsed the decision of the Italian Medicines Agency (AIFA) to make the drug triptorelin (Trp) available through taxpayer funding in the National Health Services. According to Palazzani, the drug should be used “only in very circumscribed cases, with caution, with a case by case evaluation.” The comments were published in the March 2nd issue of the Official Journal.

Now teens with gender dysphoria can claim they want to kill themselves in order to get the drug that allows their innate biology to be suppressed. In some cases, adolescents who want to change their gender will inflict self harm if they don’t get the hormone blocking drugs that are designed to make them feel more like a male or female.

Read the full report here.



Jesuits Support Transgender

Dear TIA,

“Emma” Bueno, below, a trans "woman" student from Ateneo de Naga University, was allowed by his university’s president, Jesuit Fr. Rivera, to dress as a woman for his Baccalaureate Mass and graduation after he was prohibited by a professor.

Read more here.

     Fr. P.A.N.

Transgender supported  by Jesuit


Church Sold to Muslims Becomes Mosque

Dear TIA,

In Lombardy, Italy, the John XXIII Association had a church. For unknown reasons it decided to put up for auction, without any restriction regarding buyers. The Muslims placed the highest bid and took it. They are ready to transform it into a mosque.

Who is protesting? Neither the Bishop nor the clergy, of course. Only the city where the church is located is trying to prevent it from becoming a mosque to preserve the cultural values of the region.

     L.J.C., Brazil

Catholic Church to become Mosque

This Catholic Church may become a mosque in Lombardy


‘Blessed’ Angelelli


Yesterday, Archbishop Angelelli, former pro-Marxist Bishop of La Rioja, was beatified for "martyrdom," despite the fact that the official cause of his death has long been classified as a traffic accident, with plenty of proof of this.

It should be clarified that, even in the hypothetical case that Angelelli had been the victim of a military action against the communist guerrilla – which he was not – his death would not have been caused by odium fidei (murdered by someone who had hatred of the faith), which is a necessary condition for martyrdom.

Rather, his death would have been the result of his complicity with the hordes of communist terrorists, trained and financed by Castro's Cuba and the Soviet Union. They bombed, kidnapped and killed Argentines who refused to profess "Scientific Socialism" and did not want to adhere to the Marxist dogma of a "classless society." This new society would include Gulag-prison camps and state re-education for dissidents and a single party to establish a secular paradise on earth.

Odium fidei, on the other hand, did characterize the murder of the philosopher Carlos Alberto Sacheri, executed at large by the bloodthirsty murderers of the ERP [Ejército Revolucionário del Pueblo – People’s Revolutionary Army] as he left Sunday Mass in the Cathedral of San Isidro. He was brutally murdered in front of his wife and his seven children, in full democratic regime, on December 22, 1974.

In this case the motive of the assassins was certainly hatred of the Catholic Faith, which Dr. Sacheri embodied so clearly, brilliantly and courageously.

It goes without saying that no beatification can be expected for this authentic martyr of the Christian Faith on the part of the current ecclesiastical authorities, but only the cowardly and complicit silence of Bergoglio and his servile followers, whose agenda is worldwide ecumenism under the ignominious banner of anti-patriotic and anti-Christian Socialism .

     A.S.L., Argentina


Francis Destroying the Church

Hello TIA,

So, let us prepare ourselves for the worst. Francis is ready to completely destroy what is left of the Catholic Church.

A new document, Praedicate Evangelium, was prepared by him and his 9 preferred minions to end any relevance Rome still has over the entire Church. It is planned to be done in the name of de-centralization, which is another name for democratization.

Read the news report below, please.


New Vatican constitution will resist centralization in Rome, drafter says

Inés San Martín

Rome - Apr 15, 2019 - It took 29 meetings, but the pope’s “C-9” council of cardinal advisers, which is now functionally more akin to a “C-6”, has a new constitution for the Vatican in the form of a draft presentable to all the bishops’ conferences around the world, the heads of the various departments of the Holy See, theologians and canonists.

According to a principal drafter of that document, one core aim, reflecting the electoral mandate given Pope Francis six years ago, is to combat centralization of power in Rome. Cardinal Oswald Gracias from Bombay, India, a member of the council, was responsible for drafting parts of Praedicate evangelium, which will now be reviewed by bishops around the world who have to send their thoughts in late May, before the council’s next meeting in June.

Gracias spoke with Crux last week at the end of a meeting of the prelates, and he said fighting “centralization” was a principal goal of the drafters. The issue was discussed by the cardinals who elected Jorge Mario Bergoglio to succeed Benedict XVI, “so Francis was elected on a mandate to do this,” Gracias said.

Full text here


Blason de Charlemagne
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Posted April 30, 2019

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