Consequences of Vatican II
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Conciliar Church & Judaism - II

Communist Persecutions of Catholics in
Ukraine & China Are Disregarded

Robert P. Banaugh, Ph.D.
In essence the new post-conciliar teachings assert that Judaism can deny Jesus Christ is the Son of God and that Judaism is salvific in and of itself. Consequently a Jew does not have to be a member of the Catholic Church to save his eternal soul, contrary to the thrice defined de fide dogma that “outside the Catholic Church there is no salvation.”

Victims of the mass Ukrainian starvation known as the holodomor

The millions of starved Catholics in the Ukraine are forgotten

The new teaching is both heretical as well as hypocritical. It is heretical because it contradicts a de fide tenet of the traditional Catholic Faith as well as the words of Jesus Christ. It is hypocritical because the conciliar Church has maintained a self-imposed silence about the merciless extinction of approximately 10 million innocent people in the Ukraine by the communist Russian government, all the while proclaiming the horror of the Jews killed in the so-called Holocaust. The merciless extinction of peoples in the Ukraine has been given the name “The Holodomor.” See here, here and here.

The number of innocent people starved to death in the Ukraine is almost twice the alleged number of Jews killed in the Holocaust and the great majority were Catholic! This terrible slaughter has been deliberately ignored by the conciliar Church primarily as a consequence of an agreement made at the behest of Pope John XXIII to enable two high ranking members of the Russian Orthodox Church (later found to be members of the Soviet Secret Police) to attend Vatican Council II.

This agreement is known as The Pact of Metz, so named after the small city in France in which the treaty was made. A principal condition in the treaty was an agreement by Pope John XXIII to the demand of the Russian government that there would be absolutely no mention of Communism in any of the Council deliberations. During the Council, this prohibition was so strictly enforced that a petition to condemn Communism, signed by several hundred Council members, was “mysteriously lost,” but later “found” shortly after the time expired for it to be acted on by the Council.

Silence on the atrocities of communist governments

Since the close of Vatican II the conciliar Church has continued to express great concern over the terrible fate of the Jews. However, in keeping with the Council’s self-imposed silence on Communism, the conciliar Church has continued to maintain a near complete silence on actions by communist governments throughout the world.

John Paul II visits with Fidel Castro

John Paul II visits Cuba to extend warm wishes to Castro

These actions not only conflict with the traditional Catholic Faith but also have been the direct cause of the deaths of tens of millions of innocent people. It is documented that the atrocities committed by these governments have been responsible for the deaths of approximately 100 million innocent people - more than 16 times the alleged number of Jews killed during WWII. [The Black Book of Communism p. 4]

Moreover, as in the Holodomor, a great many of these innocent victims were Catholics. Thus, the conciliar Church’s continued self-imposed silence on Communism that has killed so many Catholics, while continuing to publicly express great concern for the Jews killed by the Nazis, is not only truly hypocritical, but also inexplicable and inexcusable.

Pius XII, who exerted great efforts to save Jews from the Nazis and Fascists, also demonstrated his and the Catholic Church’s concern and compassion for the victims of the Holodomor by having the Catholic Church send them food and material assistance. However, each of the six succeeding conciliar Popes has demonstrated a distinct lack of such concern and compassion.

Since John XXIII had promised the government of Russia that there would be no mention of Communism during the entire Council, it is not surprising that he ignored the victims of the Holodomor

Paul VI & John Paul II followed this same policy

Paul VI, while a cardinal during the papacy of Pius XII, conducted secret negotiations with representatives of the Russian government on this matter. He did not reveal the negotiations to Pius XII even though he was well aware the Pope was so opposed to Communism that he declared that any Catholic who aided the communists would be excommunicated. [The Whole Truth About Fatima, vol. 3, part 2, appendix 4, ‘The Treason of Msgr. Montini.’]

Likewise, the actions of John Paul II, while a bishop at the Council could well explain his lack of concern for the victims of communist governments. He was responsible for removing from the Council document Gaudium et spes any condemnation of Communism (despite the objections of Czech Archbishop Hilica).

In addition, shortly after being made a cardinal by Paul VI in 1967, he counseled the Pope to downplay the Ukrainian Uniate Catholic Church in favor of the Soviet KGB controlled “Orthodox church.” [See The Perplexing Pontificate of Pope John Paul II by Dr. Remi Amelunxen].

Benedict betrays Catholics in China

For many years prior to the Council and for several decades after it, the underground Catholic Church in China had remained loyal to Rome despite the fact that many of the underground faithful and clergy had suffered imprisonment and even martyrdom by the communists. Moreover, the underground Church maintained this loyalty even though it was virtually ignored by the conciliar Church, which proficiently supported the communist-run Patriotic “Catholic” Association. [An Open Letter to the Vatican by Joseph Kung March 28, 2000]


Benedict tells the Underground to cooperate with the communist Patriotic Asssociation

In 2007, Benedict XVI ordered the underground Church to become a part of the Patriotic Association. He did this knowing full well this Association had repeatedly refused to inform the Vatican when it consecrated bishops and tolerated without protest the infamous one-child policy so brutally enforced by the Chinese government. [Letter of Benedict XVI to the Catholic Church in the People’s Republic of China]

The Pope knew full well the Patriotic Association was under the complete control of the communist government. Nonetheless, in his extraordinary open letter to Chinese Catholics, he made an open and public delivering of the long suffering underground Chinese Catholic Church to Communism.

Each conciliar Pope has manifested a great concern for the Jewish victims of Nazism while simultaneously ignoring the terrible plight of the far greater number of innocent Catholic victims of Communism throughout the world.

Papal enforcement of the new attitude toward Judaism - while simultaneously ignoring communist atrocities - may well continue during the term of Pope Francis I since he is reportedly quite sympathetic to both Judaism and the communist-inspired liberation theology.



Blason de Charlemagne
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Posted August 21, 2013

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