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Holocaust & Holodomor

Contradiction or Hypocrisy?

The Holodomor is the name given to the extermination, mostly by starvation, of over 7 million people in the Ukraine, an area about the size of France and controlled by Russia. Hundreds of thousands, possibly over a million of Ukraine’s intellectual leaders – writers, university professors, scientists, and journalists – were liquidated in purges ordered by Stalin. Ukrainian bishops, priests and thousands of Christian lay leaders were sent to Siberian labor camps, the so-called “Gulag” (Soviet Policy and the Ukrainian Genocide of 1923-1933). The total number of people wantonly killed by order of Stalin is far more people than were killed In the terrible Nazi holocaust in which an estimated 6 million Jews were killed, and the greatest percentage of the people killed in the Ukraine were Christian.

A brutal and callous contrast

The conciliar Church has been very public and energetic in expressing its great concern about the unwarranted killing by the Nazis of the 6 million Jews. In fact so energetic has been the conciliar Church in its concern for the unwarranted killing of the Jews that it has even changed fundamental De fide tenets of the traditional Catholic Faith to accommodate this concern. For example, conciliar Church authorities have stated Jesus Christ is not the Messiah for the Jews, thus denying the De fide teaching that Christ is indeed the messiah for all (See item 840, p. 223 of Pope John Paul II’s Catechism of the Catholic Church).

The same authorities have also stated that Judaism is salvific in and of itself in direct denial of the thrice defined ex-cathedra dogma that “Outside the Catholic Church there is no salvation.” (See “Reflections on Covenant and Mission” published on August 12, 2002 jointly by the Bishop’s Committee for Ecumenical and Interreligious Affairs, SCC and the National Council of Synagogues). Since the Jews openly deny the divinity of Christ, this declaration is also in direct defiance of Christ’s words, "No one comes to the Father but through Me." (John 14:6) And that to reject Him was to reject the One who sent Me" (Luke 10:16).

In brutal and callous contrast, the conciliar Popes and authorities have maintained a near total silence by expressing virtually no concern about the far greater horrific slaughter of the more than 7 million innocent mostly Christian people starved to death and killed in the Ukraine. In light of the fact that the conciliar Popes consider themselves advocates of Christianity and are continually expressing concern for those who have suffered death by tyrants, such a dichotomy in concern is inexplicable, if not cruelly hypocritical.

Fellay's declarations on the Jews

Overriding concern for the unwarranted killing of the Jews by the Nazi has even led Bishop Fellay, the nominal head of the SSPX, a group of Catholics dedicated to restoring the traditional Catholic Faith, to also confuse a fundamental tenet of the Catholic Faith. The Bishop has stated:

“We evidently condemn every act of murder of the innocent. It is a crime that cries to heaven! Even more so when it is related to a people. We reject every accusation of Anti-Semitism. Completely and absolutely. We reject every form of approval of what happened under Hitler. This is something abominable. Christianity places Charity at a supreme level. Saint Paul, speaking of the Jews, proclaims, 'I wished myself to be an anathema [from Christ] for my brethren!' (Rom. 9, 3). The Jews are 'our elder brothers' in the sense that we have something in common, that is, the old Covenant. It is true that the acknowledgment of the coming of the Messiah separates us.”[Check here]

The Bishop’s statements contradict the de Fide Catholic teaching that the old covenant was superseded by Christ's coming on earth and his establishment of the Catholic Church. Furthermore, the good Bishop is well aware the Talmud, which is the work that contains the doctrines, laws and commentaries on Judaism made by the most prestigious rabbis throughout history, contains such teachings as:
  • “Whoever loves a Christian would hate his own creator;
  • “Those who deny the teaching of Israel, particularly the followers of the Nazarene, should be killed;
  • “It is always a good work to execute them; if this is not possible, we should try to cause their deaths
  • “It is prohibited for the Jews to praise the learning or virtue of a Christian,” etc.
In addition, just as the conciliar Church has not publicly demonstrated a concern for the Ukrainian Holodomor, so also has the good Bishop publicly not stressed any such concern.

The disparity in the concern of Catholic Church authorities for the killing of the Jews by the Nazis compared to its near total lack of concern for the killing of many, if not more, innocent Christians by the communists is so great it is difficult to think it is not deliberate. It is surely unwarranted and, at the very least, questionable.

Zero concern for the salvation of souls

Furthermore, the preceding statements by conciliar Church authorities reveal an extremely callous disregard for the eternal welfare of the souls of Jews because the statements encourage Jews to deny the divinity of Christ and to not convert to the Catholic Church outside of which there is no salvation.

The statements are just one more example of the many conciliar Church teachings and actions which contradict the fundamental measure for evaluating all teachings and actions of Catholic Church authorities. The measure is the degree to which a teaching or action fulfills Christ’s purpose for establishing the Catholic Church, which is to give honor and glory to God and the salvation of souls.

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     Robert Banaugh, Ph.D.


Blason de Charlemagne
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Posted November 20, 2012

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