Consequences of Vatican II
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Dire Post-Conciliar Times - I

Why Are Bishops & Priests Soft
on Christ’s Teachings?

James L. Ward
Today, one of the more evident public characteristics of the Catholic Church in our country is that a large percentage of priests not only lacks knowledge of the basic tenets of Catholic doctrine, but it also shows an obvious reluctance to reaffirm those few traditional teachings they do know.

Priests are afraid to preach the Truth because they do not want to jeopardize their “good ole boy” status in the parish community. Are they motivated by human respect under the guise of not being offensive to those tepid Catholics who make up the crowd of the “church of nice,” or is it something more insidious? Whatever the answer to this query, the reality is that Bishops and priests are soft on the application of Christ’s teachings and lack the guts to teach authentic Catholicism.

Without a solid belief in the immutable truths of Catholic Creed, the foundation stones upon which Jesus built His Apostolic Church, a priest cannot impart to the laity what his vocation requires. The undeniable fact is that most priests do not want to do this. Many priests are poor examples of what one would expect of a caring “Shepherd” of souls. The scandalous behavior of many priests has become so notorious that the credibility of Church leadership has been profoundly damaged.

How has all of this transpired? Vatican II simply formalized what had already been taking place before for many years in the Catholic Church in America and around the world.

Seminaries without a devotional life

seminarians lead youth in modern dances

Seminarians  (in the foreground) lead youth in dance at a local WYD in the Ozarks

A first general cause, although not the deepest one, is the present day formation in the seminaries. The modern curriculum for most of the seminaries in the United States, includes no specific spiritual disciplines requiring set times for Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament, the praying of the Holy Office or the Rosary of the Blessed Virgin Mary. A sad indictment is the absence in many of these seminaries of recollected prayerfulness and a chaste deportment that one should expect in an environment that is supposed to prepare devout candidates for a celibate vocation to the Sacred Catholic Priesthood.

On the contrary, today what seminarians have are: mandated attendance for seminarians at a public beach as part of their social activities; effeminate and suggestive dance routine - music from Michael Jackson’s “Thriller” - performed by seminarians and, then, displayed publicly on the Internet. These are blatant examples of a distorted notion of “spiritual” development on the part of those that are in charge of Catholic seminaries.

The priesthood is a special vocation that calls for sacrifice and self-immolation in the service of Christ the King. It is not a way of life or profession that offers shelter, three meals and a happy environment for the effeminate, with retirement benefits.

Unfortunately, this is the present day reality. Do we really need to wonder what causes the Catholic Church to crumble from within? The question should be: Who are these strangers in the Father’s House, and how did they get there?

Progressisivism dominates the seminaries

For many years now, Catholic seminaries have put much too much emphasis on academics and social activities. The spiritual practices and disciplines that used to be considered the heart and soul of the seminarian’s curriculum have been for the most part eliminated.

A Jesuit vocation center for discernment

A Jesuit (center)  looks for a certain type of candidate at a summer vocations camp....

The selection of candidates to the seminaries has been by design largely biased to allow ingress only to those who profess Progressivism. If a candidate does not meet the benchmark established by the progressivist influence, he will not be accepted as a viable candidate to study for the priesthood.

The priesthood is no longer a unique vocation where the individual is responding to a personal call by Christ the King. Simply put, if he fits the effeminate requirements that dovetailed with the progressivist agenda, he made the cut.

So, how did the ensuing corruption process of the selection process and the abrogation of religious disciplines in our seminaries progress so quickly over the years? Who are these strangers in my Father’s House and how did they get there?

How did it happen?

To enter into the analysis of deeper general causes we may say that Vatican II’s emphasis on a false ecumenism has in fact seriously compromised the belief system for many Catholic priests and laity. The public participation in ecumenical gatherings by Catholic Prelates since the closure of the Vatican II Council has caused many faithful to doubt the reliability of what was taught to them.

Seminarians at a Beach Bash party

Seminarians at a Beach Bash party

Further, we have the extraordinary ambiguity of their teachings and their confused talk regarding doctrines that up to the time of the Council were clearly explained and simply understood by all the faithful. Whether people accepted these beliefs or not, they clearly understood the teachings of the Church.

Instead, the outcome of Vatican II caused an avalanche of dramatic doctrinal changes that has rocked the Catholic identity to its foundations. The Catholic Faith has been almost extinguished among our people. If there is any spark left, it is as though hidden under ashes. The life of priests, which is almost completely secularized, as well as their personal example, lent a hand to extinguish this spark.

Foxes guarding the henhouse

Is it possible that these pernicious and pervasive manifestations of tepidity and unbelief had no catalyst to cause it? If what we are observing in the destruction of our Faith and the denigration of our Catholic Traditions is true, how did those who designed this plan, these servants of malice, infiltrate our Church with such impunity?

Did the Catholic Church hire foxes to guard the henhouse? One is reminded of an historical fact. Bella Dodd - a legal counselor for the Communist Party in the United States - after her conversion to Catholicism confessed she had been an active participant in an insidious plot, hatched by the communist dictator Stalin, to destroy the Catholic Church.

The plan was to infiltrate the Church with communist agents in order to destroy her from within. In Dodd's role as a communist agent, she planted over 1,100 communist agents in Catholic seminaries in the United States alone.

Many of these agents by design were sexual deviants and homosexuals. There has been ample confirmation that this hellish stratagem to begin the destruction of the Catholic Church from within has been successful beyond expectations.



Blason de Charlemagne
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Posted October 25, 2013

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