Consequences of Vatican II
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Workers of the World, Unite!

Cosme Beccar Varela
Workers of the World, Unite! With these words the Communist Manifesto of Marx and Engels ends. Only this explicit rallying cry was missing in the speech the Pope delivered in Bolivia at the end of the Second World Meeting of Popular Movements, convoked by him. These words, however, were almost explicit when Francis said:

"The future of humanity ... is fundamentally in the hands of the people. ... This system is by now intolerable: workers find it intolerable, the people find it intolerable. The Earth itself, our sister, Mother Earth, also finds it intolerable. ... I wish to join my voice to yours in calling for the three 'L's" ... land, lodging and labor for all. I said it and I repeat it: These are sacred rights. It is well worth fighting for them. May this cry be heard in Latin America and around the world...

Pope Francis Evo Moales

Francis's vulgar attitudes degrade the Papacy and show solidarity to the Marxist government of Morales

Francis with a worker hat
"You, the humblest, the exploited, the poor and excluded, can do, and are doing, a lot. I dare to say that the future of humanity is in great measure in your hands, through your ability to organize and carry out creative alternatives in your daily efforts to ensure the three "L's" (labor, lodging and land) and through your proactive participation in the great processes of change on the national, regional and global levels. Don't lose heart! ...

"The universal destination of goods is not a figure of speech found in the Church's social teaching. It is a reality prior to private property."

Francis praised the Union of Latin American governments, an eulogy that can only be interpreted in the context of his speech as a boost to the neo-Marxist bloc which includes, to varying degrees, Cuba, Venezuela, Nicaragua, the Honduras, Ecuador, Bolivia , Argentina, El Salvador, Uruguay and Brazil.

He declared: "The governments of the region have pooled forces in order to ensure respect for the sovereignty of their own countries and the entire region, which our forebears so beautifully called the Patria Grande ... (against) the new colonialism (hiding) behind the anonymous power of mammon (money)." He called this money the "the dung of the Devil" and condemned the current economic system as "that which debases and kills."

Remarkably, this speech was not improvised. Rather, Francis read the six pages that had been prepared in advance, so that each word was intentional and deliberate. Moreover, it was preceded by another long speech delivered by the Bolivian communist tyrant Evo Morales, who attacked the "castrating imperialism," clearly referring to the US. Never has a Pope been accompanied and preceded on the podium by a partisan of Marxist ideology (La Nación, Buenos Aires, July 10, 2015, pp. 1- 2).

The exhortation to the "exploited" to "organize" indicates the need, according to the Pope, to put together a revolutionary structure to lead the class struggle towards the aim of common goods, that is, the abolition of private property to the point of making it effectively inoperative.

So, once again, his words coincide with those of the Communist Manifesto, which says: "The communist theory can be summarized in a single sentence: The abolition of private property."

That organized struggle until death to end with exploitation and the current economic system is the old class struggle proposed by the Communist Manifesto in his penultimate sentence:

"The communists disdain to conceal their views and aims. They openly declare that their ends can be attained only by the violent overthrow of all existing social conditions. Let the ruling classes tremble at a communist revolution. The proletarians have nothing to lose but their chains. They have a world to win." It ends with the aforementioned classic phrase: "Workers of the world, unite!"

pope francis indian

Bergoglio warmly greets a native leader after condemning the Spanish evangelization of Latin America

Francis also attacked the glorious conquest of America as if it had been an unjust aggression against "indigenous peoples," when any historian knows that this grand epopee in History was an evangelization more than a conquest, and the implantation of a culture a thousand times superior to the cannibalism of the large Indian tribes (the Aztecs, for example), all pagans, and as such "sitting in the shadow of death" (Lk 1:79).

The whole speech is brimming with hate, an intense and exciting hatred capable of contaminating his listeners and the entire world; a hatred against all those who have gained something – however modest – by their own labor, and that, according to natural law, as taught by true Catholic social teaching, they are entitled to keep as their own.

The entire papal discourse is far removed from the merciful love of the Divine Redeemer Who died on the cross for the poor and the rich and never incited class struggle, but rather instructed us to love one another as he loved us. It is a speech that has nothing Catholic about it.

To symbolize further the submission of Our Lord and His Church to Communism, Pope Francis received from Morales a Christ nailed to a communist symbol, the hammer & sickle. La Nación published a photo of the first moment he received it, and he seems to be observing that symbol coldly and indifferently. However, a photo taken shortly after published by Clarin shows him smiling, holding the object with both hands, wearing a collar with a medal with a replica of the same crucifix that was just placed around his neck by the tyrant of Bolivia. He shows no intention to remove it.

Hammer and sickle crucifix

The media tried to present Francis as rejecting Morales' gifts, but it did not work; he smiled and accepted the communist symbols

As always, La Nación tried to falsely imply a papal displeasure that did not exist, while Clarin shows the papal pleasure. That is the general practice of the "serious press," which sends its message with insinuations and images.

I watched the whole presentation on television and I can confirm, as an almost-eyewitness, that at no time did the Pope show a sign of rejection or say anything to denote discomfort with the situation.

In fact, as reported here, Vatican spokesman Fr. Federico Lombardi stated that Francis "had no particular negative reaction" to the crucifix (La Nación, July 7, 2015, p. 2).

My God! How long must we bear this perverse confusion? The worst is that the poor humble people who hear his words, the "exploited" as he calls them, find it difficult to conceive that the Pope is deceiving them and insufflating hatred. For them, he is the Pope and, involuntarily and unconsciously, they return to their homes with their souls tainted by the hatred that in some way has been left in them by the Supreme Pontiff.

Let us ask the Blessed Virgin, the Mother of Mercy, to have mercy on us and give us light to resist the enticements of the evil that comes to us from the Chair of Peter itself, to make us increasingly love Our Lord, the Founder of the Holy Church, and the institution of the Papacy, even though now a dark cloud is obscuring it and making it almost unrecognizable.


Blason de Charlemagne
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Posted July 20, 2015

Cosme Beccar Varela first published this article in Spanish at
La Botella al Mar on July 15, 2015.