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Transhumanism & Artificial Intelligence
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Globalists’ Transhumanism
Toward a Dystopian Future

Belle Carter
Back in May 2023, public speaker Laura Aboli gave a powerful speech titled “Transhumanism: The End Game” at the Better Way Conference. It was described as the shortest but most accurate description of the current world state of affairs.

“Make no mistake, the final goal is to eradicate humanity as we know it. Once you understand the final destination, it becomes much easier to look back and identify the psychological conditioning, biological tampering, cultural grooming and educational prepping that we have been subjected to for decades in preparation to making us accept a posthuman future,” she said.

In the said meeting of scientists, doctors, law specialists and health activists in Bath, United Kingdom, she tackled how the world is being destabilized, dehumanized and demoralized by destroying the nuclear family, children being indoctrinated by the state, legalizing abortion, eradicating God and spirituality, promoting of toxic food, air and water, as well as social media replacing real human connection and interaction toward a global totalitarian reality.

Laura Aboli speaking

Laura Aboli warning against transhumanism.
Click on the picture to watch the video

Aboli further talked about this important matter during her recent appearance on the “Health Ranger Report” with Mike Adams. She highlighted what the one world government has been working on for decades and a lot of structure has already been started to be implemented. A trigger would just be needed to fully implement it. “There are three vertices, or three angles, that they’re coming at us with right now. First, they are breaking sovereign nations. Then, they’ll destroy financial independence. Finally, they’ll demolish physical sovereignty as well. And that’s where transhumanism comes into play,” she told Adams.

According to the Spanish pro-humanity advocate, destroying nations’ sovereignty has been targeted by the World Health Organization (WHO) Pandemic Treaty, which is to be decided in April or May 2024. “If all 194 member states — and that’s the entire world — sign it, it grants the WHO the power to declare a crisis or health emergency at their whim,” she alerted, pointing out how the authors made provisions very vague on things and how these could grant them the right to declare a crisis. “They become the dictators of all mandates, regulations and forced vaccinations, amongst all the members of the WHO,” she added.

Breaking nations’ financial independence is ongoing as well. She cited the World Economic Forum’s (WEF’s) mantra: “You’ll own nothing and you’ll be happy” as well as David Rogers Web’s book “The Great Taking,” which talked about details on exactly how the globalists are going to pull off the greatest heist in human history by destroying certain industries under the guise of their rhetorics including the climate crisis. “We know they’ve been attacking farmers and the whole reconversion of a lot of industries because of climate change. This man [Webb] describes the exact mechanism, a legal construct that they’ve created to steal all the collateral,” she said.

Adams, who is the Brighteon and Natural News founder, agreed and added that the construct for this has already been put in place. “If you think you own the stocks in your portfolio at your stockbroker, you do not own them. If you think you own the money in your checking, savings and corporate accounts, you don’t own them,” he warned. “If you have house or car loans, even though you paid it off, the original lenders still appear on the lien section of the titles of those assets. They can still take them from you even though you’ve paid them off.” The two also said that in one click, all people’s assets can go into thin air by the declaration of a cyberattack, artificial intelligence glitch and other narratives.

As to personal sovereignty being attacked, Aboli referred to WEF’s Yuval Noah Harari saying that “governments need to get under our skin” and that “Humans are now hackable animals.” “This ongoing narrative makes people believe that unless we start implanting technology under our skin, we’re just going to be rendered useless. And then he goes on to say, ‘Well, what are we going to do with the useless class? We’ll just give them drugs and video games,'” she pointed out.

Humanity is worth protecting

Elsewhere in the show, Aboli underscored the importance of raising awareness now and facing the difficult topic so everyone can do something to prevent the massive disrespect of life. Adams agreed, saying humanity is worth defending and protecting. “We can’t be replaced by machines. I know they’re trying with the rise of AI but those systems don’t have souls. They don’t have hearts, compassion, empathy, morality, or love for each other, their families or fellow human beings. Only human beings have those properties — we are worth fighting for,” the Health Ranger remarked.

The HRR host also cited the disturbing events in the Middle East and other parts of the globe, where one side says the other side are subhuman animals, that they are not humans, and that it would just be okay that they are exterminated.

The degeneration of man

Globalists have been conditioning
humanity to accept merging with machines

The pro-lifer then mentioned the whole psychological brainwashing that humans are being referred to as “ape-brained meat sacks.” Oxford University transhumanist Elise Bohan, while promoting her book, said that the only way to survive is by merging with technology. “If humans could go on in a state of robust health, could keep learning, you’d have this cumulative effect where our experiences and knowledge would accumulate much faster. The things that our species could do with that! The mysteries of the universe that we could unlock. The problems we could solve. And the depths of each other’s souls that we could explore,” Bohan wrote.

“I cannot think of a more horrific way or a more insulting way of referring to humanity, but this conditioning of making us think that we are so much less than we are. They believe humans have no soul, no emotion, no creation and no divinity. We’re just this material lump of flesh,” Aboli reacted to the transhumanist’s view. “This justifies the globalist extermination agenda because they say they’re not killing humans,” Adams agreed.

This article was first published on Transhumanism.News on January 23, 2024 under the title “Pro-humanity advocate Laura Aboli: Globalists are carrying out their TRANSHUMANISM agenda to achieve a DYSTOPIAN future”

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Posted February 26, 2024

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