Pedophilia Crisis
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Two Causes

Atila Sinke Guimarães
Bird's Eye View of the News,  April 15, 2002

3monkeys.jpg - 21288 Bytes The American Catholic Hierarchy and the Vatican are trying to avoid dealing with the real causes of the pedophile and homosexuality problem in the clergy. There are two main causes, in my opinion.

First, the clergy was always a sacred order, essentially separated from the world in order to sanctify it. “If you had been of the world, the world would love its own: but because you are not of the world, but I have chosen you out of the world, therefore the world hateth you” (Jn 15:19). The separation of priests from the world is a reality that is not subject to discussion. It exists per se, as a natural consequence of the Sacrament of Orders.

However, Council Vatican II ordered these very people to adapt themselves to the world. Then they began to leave their sacred sphere to assimilate themselves into the world. Either way the fruit is bad. Because with this adaptation the clergy in fact acquired the vices of the world – among others, the unnatural vice of homosexuality and pedophilia.

priest plays poker

A missionary priest in Nepal playing poker - Catholic Far East, May 2000
Notwithstanding, the world never really considered the clergy as integrated into it. On the contrary, it continued to consider the clergy as a separated order. All the abuses the world tolerates among "its own," it cannot admit in the Catholic clergy. Thus, the general indignation. I say this as one who is categorically opposed to these crimes and the despicable clergy who commit them. I contend, however, that a major cause that led to this degradation was adaptation to the world and the imitation of the world.

Second, Vatican II in effect abandoned the militancy of the Catholic Church. The general mood that prevails today is one where there are no more real enemies trying to conquer the Church, no more battles for the Faith, no more need for the combative spirit. This new “Tolerant Church” has fostered a hypertrophy of charity to the detriment of the Faith. Everything is love, forgiveness, and unity with heretics, Schismatics, Jews and pagans. In a word, the virtual death of the Church Militant transformed this new ecclesiastical structure into an effeminate Church. It does not surprise me that this institution does not attract real men, but effeminate ones and homosexuals.

Hence, the consequences: Manly youths have deserted the halls of the seminaries; men of value have distanced themselves from the priesthood, and the opposite kind has made their shameful entrance. If you still find some virile men, often they are progressivists who exert their energy to conquer what remains to be dominated in the Catholic Church. They are still combative but their militancy is being applied for a destructive purpose.

Neither the Pope nor the American Hierarchy will agree with my analysis because of their compromise to support Vatican II in all events and against all evidence.

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