Consequences of Vatican II

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The Pedophilia Crisis

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"See that you despise not one of these little ones." (Mt 18:10)

"It were better for him that a millstone were hanged around his neck, and he cast into the sea, than that he should scandalize one of these little ones." (Lk 17:2)
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catholic Kamala Harris Covered up Sex Crimes by Pedophile Priests
Placing her political interests ahead of child victims

catholic Vatican Sex Abuse Summit Kicks the Can Down the Road
Bishops dawdle as anger mounts & the scandal festers

catholic Bergoglio Entangled in Another Cover-up
A case from 2013 reemerges showing the cover-up in Buenos Aires

catholic The Pantomime of Chile's Pedophile Crisis
Analysis of the dramatic resignation of 34 Bishops

catholic Chile Shows Discontent with the Pope
Upset over pedophile scandal, immigration demands, on-flight marriage

catholic Concerning the Public Alert on Fr. Joseph A. Colletti
Analysis of the USCCB alert on the sanctions issued by the CDF

catholic Transgender Ideology Infiltrates Pediatrics & Produces Child Abuse
Doctor & researcher calls sex changes for children child abuse

catholicWhy Did the Popes Cover-up for a Known Pedophile?
Since the '50s the vices of Fr. Marcial Maciel were known by the Vatican

catholic Another Papal Indulgence toward Pedophilia
Francis makes cardinal Jozef de Kesel a protector of pedophile priests

catholicThe Clergy Has Become a Cesspool of Impurity
The abuse of deaf-mute children covered-up in the Vatican & Argentina

catholicA Hypocritical Papal Zero Tolerance
Pretending severity, Francis shows 'mercy' for convicted priest

catholic Abdicating the Papal Power of Judgment
Francis awaits a civil tribunal about accusations against Card. Pell

catholicChecking in on the Pedophilia Crisis
Bishops boycott laws protecting sex abuse victims

catholicIs the Pedophilia Crisis Re-igniting?
New scandals in Rome, Belgium & India

catholicPedophile Training in Lublin
High school director invents a game to make children lick his knees

catholicFrancis’ Intense Tenderness toward Adolescents
Pope Bergoglio's unusual displays of affection toward young men

catholicWhy Does Francis Kiss Boys on their Mouths?
In Rio he repeats the strange gesture already made in Rome

catholicIs Pope Francis a Good Model for Zero Tolerance?
A shocking gesture abusing a sick boy

catholicPedophile Fr. Kramer: Another ‘Pearl’ in Müller’s Past
Benedict promotes to the CDF a Bishop who covered for a pedophile

catholicWhen the Conciliar Church Becomes a Public Enemy
Irish Prime Minister repukes the Vatican cover-up

catholicCardinal Ratzinger’s Cover-up for Fr. Kiesle
Lame excuses to 'explain' why pedophile was not defrocked

catholicHoyos Points To a Skeleton in Benedict’s Closet
Card. Ratzinger approved the letter praising the cover-up of a pedophile priest

catholicExcuses for the Vatican Complicity
The rush to cover Benedict's involvement in clergy pedophilia

catholic‘The Hypocrites’
Jesuit Sex Abuse Scandal Shocks Germany

catholicClergy Pedophilia Blows up again in Ireland
The Dublin Report indicts highly placed Prelates and the Vatican

catholicHail to Caesar
New Bishops' report claims homosexuality did not factor into priest abuse

catholicThe Filthy Claw
Settlements are no compensation for destroyed lives and lost innocence

catholicMother Teresa’s Spiritual Director Gets 25 Years for Sex Abuse
After decades of cover-up by religious authorities, a civil court metes out justice

catholicBreaking the Glass Ceiling in Italy
Increasing number of pedophile priests in prison

catholicPriestly Pedophilia Concealed in Italy
A report in the bulletin Adista reveals a crisis similar to that in the U.S.

catholicMore Reports of Secrecy in the Oakland Diocese
Media uncovers many more pedophile priests hidden by Church authorities

catholicOn the Sex Scandal: Ratzinger Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow
Beautiful words, no disciplinary action

catholicThe Pedophile Spiritual Director of Mother Teresa
Consequences of Jesuit Fr. McGuire's conviction for molesting boys

catholicThings of the Past?
The sex scandal, called “past history,” can’t be dismissed that simply

catholicBertone's Theatrical Indignation
Analysis of the Cardinal's declarations on the pedophilia crisis in the U.S.

catholicOnly Six Per Cent of Abuses Reported
Official document states only a small fraction of the pedophile crimes surfaced

catholicA Manual for Pedophiles by a Brazilian Priest
More shocking evidence of widespread pedophilia in the clergy and the Hierarchy's cover-up

catholicBenedict XVI Named Defendant in a Texas Lawsuit
Vatican diplomacy steps in to prevent a court appearance for the Pope

catholicThe Prodigal Fathers
The American Bishops lose credibility with the pedophile scandals

catholicCardinal Mahony: Master of Cunning and Deceit
Why isn't the Los Angeles Cardinal held accountable for protecting guilty priests?

catholicCosa Nostra I and Cosa Nostra II
Frank Keating resigns as chairman investigating pedophile priests because the Bishops won't collaborate. One year later, his replacement Judge Anne Burke resigns for the same reason

catholicShould Lay People Help Govern the Church?
Sophisms about the homosexual/pedophile crisis in the Catholic Church

catholicThe Previous System Was Fine; The Corruption Came from Vatican II
Sophisms about the homosexual/pedophile crisis in the Catholic Church

catholicNo Stone Left Unturned Except One: Vatican II
The lacunae in the John Jay Report on pedophile priests

catholicDid Cardinal Law Fall from Grace?
After his shameful resignation Card. Law is honored by the Vatican

catholicOpen Letter to the Catholic Bishops
Remove pedophiles from the priesthood & homosexuals from the seminaries

catholicA Network of Horror?
Fr. Paul Shanley charged with committing child prostitution

catholicMore than 1,000 Cases
Official report on the number of abuses by priests in the Boston Archdiocese

catholicReduced to the Status of a Minor
The civil authorities assume the role of guardian of Prelates and priests

catholicThe Common Good and the Criminal
What is the Vatican's recent position on pedophile abuses?

catholicThe Papal Letter
Why was Cardinal Law's resignation accepted only last December 13, 2002?

Bishop Gregory's melodramatic accusation of conspiracy is to divert attention

Do the people think there is a cover-up of pedophile priests? Statistics

catholicDifferent Languages
How a Saint and the present day Vatican speak about pedophiles

catholicA Strange Marriage
The end of celibacy - a "remedy" that will only make the crisis worse

catholic Storni in the Storm
Archbishop of Santa Fe, Argentina, resigns due to a pedophile scandal

catholicTwo Causes
The main cause of the crisis: the abandonment of the sacrality of the priesthood

catholicSaved by a Thread
An example of how punishment for the cover-ups by Bishops could be administered

catholicGlass Confessionals
A bad measure that doesn't resolve the problem

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