Pedophilia Crisis
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Open Letter

Remove Pedophiles from the Priesthood
& Homosexuals from the Seminaries

Gary Morella - September 10, 2003

Bishops of the Roman Catholic Church:

Meetings with concerned laity are nothing but posturing until you admit to the problem, and take immediate and decisive action to correct it. And those laity in attendence at such meetings need to see this truth, or else they will do nothing but contribute to the problem, as opposed to encouraging its solution, which only you, with the support of Rome, can ultimately do.

It is the prayer of the faithful that Rome will take definitive action in regard to this much needed support, which is long overdue, to aid those of you who are genuinely concerned about the solution as opposed to the propagation of the problem. I am, of course, referring to giving the dissenters their walking papers when in comes to describing themselves as Catholic by showing the courage to publicly chastise them when they publicly cause grave scandal to the Church. This you must do for the sake of the immortal souls of all concerned, not the least of which are those of the dissenters themselves who need to be corrected for the sake of their eternal salvation to the point of their formal excommunication. That, and only that, is showing real charity, real compassion for your sheep, which means, respectively, witnessing to the Truth Who is a Someone, not a something, and alleviating an indivdual's stress, not contributing to it.

A priest holding a hand to his ear

Bishops haven't listened to the just demands of the Catholic faithful: Punish the guilty! - Our Sunday Visitor, December 29, 2002
Specifically, until you admit that the allowance of unchecked dissent in your dioceses running the entire gamut of Church teaching on faith and morals resulted in liturgical, theological, and moral abuses, much of which was directly encouraged by many of your brother Bishops, and spawned a homosexual subculture in the Church that must be rooted out for the sake of the souls of all concerned, you will do nothing but exacerbate a scandal that is already out of control by your political posturing instead of taking definitive action to correct matters. In short, you must start saying the "H" word, instead of sweeping it under the rug as you have since Dallas, and especially the "D" word, in regard to what is the root cause of the Church scandals.

That action is plain enough for laymen to see from a common sense standpoint, let alone the direct successors of the apostles from a theological perspective.

In other words, the action required is clearly understandable from the standpoints of both faith and reason:
1. Do not allow men who are inclined to acts of sodomy to be ordained; and

2. Do not allow those who are already ordained who are so inclined to remain in the priesthood, since ordained ministers are supposed to be acting as an alter Christus, "another Christ", not "another devil."
Priests are married to Holy Mother Church, who is their bride, the Church theologically having a feminine connotation. To allow men in the priesthood who prefer the unnatural desires of someone of the same sex as an alternative bastardizes the very concept of what a Catholic priest always was, is, and always will be because of the intent of Holy Orders.

The most masculine of men was none other than Jesus Christ, Son of the Living God, Whose New Testament teachings reinforced Genesis 19 in this regard. In particular, see the Epistle of Jude. Jesus had more to say about the consequences of serious sin than any other New Testament figure. And certainly sodomy via the many references in the New Testament, to include particularly Jude which refers to the Old Testament, is considered one of the most serious of sins because it is a sin against nature and nature's God.

Priests are called to set the example for the laity in making a sacrifice by giving their lives solely for the work of God, which is to get men to Heaven instead of hell. They are the ones who show us how to pick up the cross by their rejection of the world for God, their act of celibacy traditionally conveying this offering of themselves to God for His greater glory. They give up some things of this world for the sake of the Kingdom. Man cannot have two masters.

Conversely, what are men inclined to sodomy giving up by being allowed in the priesthood? If, somehow, they also remain celibate, which is a very dubious proposition, given the daily news, they are only giving up a sin which all Catholics are called to avoid. Where is the sacrifice there? Far from sacrifice, these men are being put into situations which, for them, are the greatest occasions of sin possible, as opposed to normal men who are not suffering from developmental disorders.

Temptations and avoiding the occasions of sin are difficult enough to overcome without going out of our way to make them more so by doing something that is alien to both faith and reason. And nothing is more alien in this context than to admit men who are homosexually inclined to the priesthood, and to allow men to remain in the priesthood who are so inclined.

What can be clearer than that truth rooted in the Truth, spelled with a Capital "T"?


Blason de Charlemagne
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