War against Terrorism
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photograph of the plane striking the pentagon

A security camera captures the plane striking the Pentagon on September 11, 2001.

US News and World Report, June 28, 2004


On the 3rd year after the September 11 terrorist attacks,
TIA compliments the US troops which
are heroically defending the honor of the United States
and fighting against terrorism.

A picture gallery follows below.

The USS Belleau Woods and its men display the challenge of the US military

Troops on the American assault and command ship USS Belleau Woods display the challenge of the US military: "9-11 - Let's roll."
Its meaning: "Let's finish with terrorism."

30 Giorni, February 2003

American soldiers face guerilla desert warfare

Far from their homes, families and country,
they courageously face arduous guerrilla warfare
in the desert.

Time, April 7, 2003
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Many Americans paid the ultimate price for freedom

Many Americans have paid the price of freedom from Muslim terrorism with their lives.

US News and World Report, November 17, 2003

Radical Islamic clerics declare a holy war against Christians and the West

A religious war was declared against the Christian West by radical Islamic clerics who fueled the fire of the youth and simple people.
Above, radical Shiite Muqtada al-Sadr.

Smithsonian, December 2003

A Muslim mob killed and Burned American soldiers

In Fallujah a mob killed and burned American soldiers. Two of their bodies hang over the bridge.

US News and World Report, April 12, 2004
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Militia groups spread throughout Islam and the and infiltrate the west

Militia groups are spread all over Muslim countries and infiltrating the West in order to impose the imperialism of Mohammed.
Time, April 19, 2004

Nicholas Berg moments before being beheaded

The man in black , center, brings his knife to the neck of Nicholas Berg, in orange, bound and seated on the floor. A moment later, the Islamic terrorist beheaded him in front of the camera.

US News and World Report, May 24, 2004
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Muslim youths with the Koran in one hand and suicide detonators in the other

Hooded youth parade with dynamite around their waists holding the Koran in one hand and detonators to blow themselves up in the other.

Le Monde des Religions, November - December 2003

American Businessman Paul Johnson before being decapitated

American businesman Paul Johnson was also kidnapped and decapitated by terrorists in Saudi Arabia.
Internet photo, June 19, 2004
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Terrorist groups are fueled by oil money

Organized, armed, and financed by oil money, terrorist groups become increasingly bold.

The Tablet, March 27, 2004

A Spanish train that suffered an Islamic terrorist attack

In the name of Allah, Muslim terrorists in Spain detonated bombs on four commuter trains during Madrid's rush hour. Death toll: 190.

Time, March 22, 2004
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Jaish al-Mahdi members despise America

Members of Iraqi terrorist group Jaish al-Mahdi shout against Americans, whom they consider the followers of the Crusaders.

Time, March 15, 2004

Spanish dead are collected after the terrorist attack on the train

Spaniards collect the dead in the grim aftermath of the train bombings in Madrid.

Time, March 22, 2004
blank.gif - 807 BytesTerrorists claim responsibility for the attacks on television

Appearing on television, representatives of the extremist Islamic groups Fatah, Hamas, and Islamic Jihad claim responsibility for terrorist attacks.

30 Giorni, March 27, 2004

Even children are slaughtered by Muslim terrorists

Not even children are spared. A volunteer rushes to save an injured child from the school in southern Russia where terrorists held more than 1,000 hostages. More than 300 persons, including many children, were killed by Muslim terrorists.

LATimes, September 7, 2004
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Muslim suicide bombers are seen as hero-martyrs by Islam

Instigated by Muslim clerics, suicide bombers wearing explosives around their waist, are considered heroes-martyrs who enter paradise when they give their lives for the cause of Mohammed.

Actualite Religieuse, December 2001

Beslan, Russia, mourns the children murdered by Islamic extremists

People of Beslan, Russia carry a line of coffins of their children killed in the school hostage seizure of Islamic extremists.

Los Angeles Times, September 7, 2004

Shiite Ayatollah Sistani

Shiite Ayatollah Ali Sistani.

Smithsonian, December 2003

Under the influence of Ayatollahs like Shiite Ali Sistani above, a jihad (holy war) against the West was declared. It will not end soon. If the West wants to be free and maintain Christian Civilization, it should fight Islam.

Again, TIA pays homage to the heroic American troops.


Blason de Charlemagne
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Posted September 10, 2004

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