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International Affairs

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catholic Russia & U.K. Exchange Threats
A nuclear threat issued over Ukrainian use of U.K. missiles

catholic China Is Building up Its Arsenal to Invade Taiwan by 2027
Navy officer testifies to China's intent & preparations

catholic New Documentary Warns of Beijing’s Influence in Hollywood
China is buying up Western media

catholic Chinese Agents Cross the Border to Attack the U.S.
A dangerous surge of suspicious Chinese 'migrants'

catholic Wars & Rumors of Wars
The world is a powder keg ready to explode

catholic Border Chaos Precipitates Constitutional Crisis
Biden fomenting disaster for his own ends

catholic The German-Russian Young Leaders Conference
Carefully cultivating a dependent Europe

catholic Digital Public Infrastructure for ‘One Earth, One Family, One Future’
Conclusions of the G20 meeting in India

catholic How Russia Crushes Protests: The Memorial Report
An exposé on Russia's brutal suppression of political dissent

catholic The Russians Are Coming
Vivek Ramaswamy's naïveté regarding Communism raises suspicions

catholic A Stronger Putin after the Wagner Revolt?
Weakenesses of the Russian dictator that many refuse to see

catholic Stumbling into War Unaware & Unprepared
Biden’s America failis as the China-Russia-Iran alliance flourishes

catholic The Most Dangerous International Treaty Ever Proposed
The WHO is shifting into a world supra-state

catholic Does China Have Us Right Where They Want Us?
The US weak & bumbling: the stage is set for a Taiwan takeover

catholic Brazil’s Indians Join the Massive Protests
The media ignores the largest demonstration in History. Why?

catholic Is a Pan-American War on the Brink of Exploding?
Movement of troops at the Brazilian boarders threatening an invasion

catholic Brazil in Turmoil
After two monhs of manifestations the people expect the military to act

catholic US Rehearses Dropping Nuclear Bombs in Europe
NATO prepares for a nuclear war with Russia

catholic Moving toward Gorbachev’s ‘World of Communism’
Russia's once-ridiculed 'Monster Plan' seems to be working

catholic The Climate Cult & Europe’s Energy Crisis
The cut of Russian gas brings a crisis to Europe

catholic Russia, Source of Lies & Dishonor
The bluff of the Donetsk & Luhansk referendum

catholic Communist-Narco Violence in Ecuador
Marxist-led indigenous groups block roads causing food shortages

catholic The Disappearance of the Catholic Left
Progressivists are silent in the face of a conservative tide

catholic Facing a Russian Atomic Attack
Threats of the authorities & crimes of war

catholic Big Press & Good Press
The play of influences in the Brazilian scenario

catholic Russia's Psy-War against the West
How communists are winning the West with lies & tricks

catholic A Quick Look at a Silenced Rebirth
The sleeping conservative giant in Brazil is awakening

catholic Is World War III Brewing?
Tension are rising & Russian/Chinese troops are war ready

catholic Mapuches Yesterday & Today
An indigenous group that is rejecting the revolutionary lie

catholic The War Is on with China – and We’re Losing
The US is strong neither at home nor abroad today

catholic Surrender & Shame on the 20th Anniversary of 9/11
Challeging the establishment, it rules mandatory vaccines a crime

catholic Local Indian High Court Rules against Mandatory Vaccination
Challeging the establishment, it rules mandatory vaccines a crime

Making America Socialist

blank.gif - 807 Bytescatholic   Conquering & Reconquering the Americas - Part 1
        Activists employ new strategies to make Latin America socialist

blank.gif - 807 Bytescatholic   Reconquering Venezuela… & Spain - Part 2
        Chavez reinvents Communism with 'Socialism of the 21st century'

blank.gif - 807 Bytescatholic   Same Leftist Strategy Makes Morales President of Bolivia - Part 3
        Cleaning up terrorist images to form the New Socialism

blank.gif - 807 Bytescatholic   Imposing Communism on Ecuador - Part 4
        Strategy of conquest: gagging the media, changing the Constitution

blank.gif - 807 Bytescatholic   Podemos in the Spanish Government - Part 5
        Its roots, evolution & aim to implant 21st Century Socialism

catholic Italy’s Communist Recipe for Disaster
Pandering to Chinese interests & immigrants led to coronavirus outbreak

catholic The Quarantine Is Unconstitutional & Will Make Us Another Venezuela
Argentina needs to step up and resist the virus hysteria

catholic American Guinea Pigs in a Chinese Lab
Not so far-fetched to think Coronavirus was hatched in Wuham

catholic Seeing Chile in Perspective
Church authorites supported Communism in 1973 and now

catholic A Latent Threat Hangs over Ecuador
Indigenous leaders threaten new violence wave

catholic Chile Hit by Urban Guerilla Vandalism
Another planned attack that leaves millions of dollars of damage

catholic Urban Guerilla Warfare in Ecuador
A planned insurgence supported by the Church to serve the Revolution

catholic The Cuban Empire - The Threat Few See
Moscow-Beijing-Havana support communists in the Americas

catholic The Deep State Wants Trump Impeached over Syria
Data shows good reasons for leaving the Marxist-feminist-terrorist state

catholic The Eco-Messianism of the Vatican Synod
Tribalism & Ecology presented as new models for the future

catholic Francis Helps Return Socialism to Argentina
His gestures and actions are saving Peronism from another defeat

catholic A Red Pope Frees a Red Criminal Ex-President
Francis intrudes into Brazilian judicial decision

catholic The Agony of Venezuela
The harsh toll of ‘21st Century Socialism’

catholic The Legacy of Archbishop Travez: Refusal to Fight against Corruption
Ecuador is orphan of a moral leadearship

catholic Hungary Stops Funding University Gender Studies
Orban affirms people are born either men or women - that's it!

catholic Europe’s Direction & Woes
Reactions against the tyrannical EU rule are growing

catholic China, Russia & Tucker Carlson
He is right on China, but deceived about Russia

catholic Pointing toward a More Socialist Europe
Negotiations in Germany predict a leftist acceleration in the EU

catholic It Is Ideology
A new false notion about what governs world politics

catholic German Elections & the European Crisis Point
Merkel's bitter win reveals a sick Europe and failing EU

catholic The New York Times Strikes Again
Says Russian propaganda war 'may be impossible to stop'

catholic German Dictatorship & the European Union
Controlling the EU with its political power & economic might

catholic At Last! Report Confirms Russia & China ‘Work Against’ U.S.
So, why didn't we notice this before now?

catholic The Poster Boy of an Ailing Europe
Macron victory in France boosts the European Union

catholic Putin and the Soviet 'Truth'
A false version of Russia's role in World War II

catholic Putin and the Plaque
By honoring spy Kim Philby, Putin shows his Communism

catholicA Glimpse of NAFTA’s Goals
The high costs on both sides of the Mexican border

catholicTrump Assembles a War Cabinet To Meet Foreign Threats
Will he really take on Russia, China & Islam?

catholicBear in the Living Room
Russian Chekist mindset continues & is cause for concern

catholicCubans Joyous over Castro’s Death
While Francis sadly sings in the communist choir

catholicFrancis Is Sad about Rousseff’s Impeachment
Calls the ouster of the communist president ‘a sad moment’

catholicFrancis Silent on Deporting Colombian Cubans
Part of the agreement is to send back anti-communists to Cuba

catholicSeeing Brexit in Perspective
A political scenario that can lead to World War III

catholicThe Curse of the Peace Dividend
The West trusted the 'fall of Communism' & now it is disarmed

catholicWhitewashing Works: Progress through Murder
New 'strongman' Putin builds on Stalin's growing popularity

catholicRussia’s Propaganda War against the U.S.
As Socialism dominates Europe & the U.S., Russia plays 'conservative'

catholic Russia Gloats as America Weakens
Its naval power in the Pacific increases as ours diminishes

catholicUkrainians Feel ‘Betrayed’ by the Francis-Kirill Declaration
Primate of Catholic Ukrainian Church expresses his disappointment

catholicLet’s Be Honest: Putin Is a Stalinist
With rigged elections, media control & elimination of opposition

catholicFrancis & Kirill in Havana: Worrying Political Aspects
Bergoglio never loses a chance to bolster Communism

catholicLove for Putin and the S-300s
Donald Trump joins the Putin love group

catholicPutin and His Wilderness of Mirrors
A confused picture in the Syrian conflict

catholicIslamic Total War, and the Winner is ...
A looming threat that should not be overlooked

catholic Holiday for Spies
Putin honors Russian spies at new intelligence headquarters

catholicWhat a Justin Trudeau Win Means for Canada
An Obama-style move to the left in politics & morals

catholic Putin’s Syria Move
Part of a broad strategy to rebuild Russia's power & dominance

catholicPapal Trip to Cuba: Prospects & Concerns
More propaganda to bolster the communist regime?

catholicThe Cuban Paradise & Religious Freedom
On the eve of Francis' visit to Cuba (September 2015)

catholicKerry & the Obama’s Capitulation to Iran
While still a Senator, he was negotiating the deal we have today

catholicMaking Tyranny Cool
Russia's Communist Party tries to make Lenin popular through "selfies"

catholicThe Iran Deal Strengthens Muslim Extremists
Congress should vote no on a deal that leaves us vulnerable

catholicHow Obama Misled Us on the Concessions He Made to Iran
Tricking Americans to empower terrorists

catholicPutin Threatens America with Nuclear Annihilation
A new military doctrine that anticipates use of nuclear weapons

catholicThe Secret Russian Role in Global Conflict
Funding ISIS & manipulating rightists fed up with the West's moral decline

catholicEurope Prepares for War
Joint training exercises in response to Putin's threats

catholicThe Snakes Have Returned to Ireland
Reasons why same sex 'marriage' was approved

catholicFrancis, the Nuncio & the Tyrant
Ex-prisoner in Cuba analyses Pope's betrayal

catholicCold War? How Uncool - A 'New Generation' Speaks
Foolishly relying on personal relationships, not principles

catholicProtesting against Communist President Dilma
Analyzing the massive street demonstrations in Brazil

catholicThe Vulnerability of Putin & His Bomb
What is at stake for Moscow in annexing Eastern Ukraine

catholicMurder Incorporated in the Kremlin
Russians know why Boris Nemtsov was brutally murdered

catholicAn Exhausted Left in Brazil
The communists admit their last hope is Francis and the Church

catholicMuslim Fanatics & the Canary
Terrorism distracts us from the communist alliance in the East

catholicBrazil 2015 - What Comes Next?
Ominous signs: Strong papal support for Communism

catholicJe Suis Charlie - A Good Wind Blowing from France
France strongly reacts against recent terrorist acts

catholicThe Obama-Francis Axis: Conjuring Confusion over Cuba
A deal favoring Communism brokered by the Pope

catholicThe Obama-Pope Axis of Marxism
Showing his colors, Francis aids Obama to rescue Communism

catholicUnlike Obama I've Met the Cuban People
Brutal repression and grinding poverty haunt the communist island

catholic Lifting the American Embargo against Cuba
Rescuing the Cuban people or their dictatorship?

catholicLetter from a Communist Prison in Venezuela
Torture and persecution continues under the new tyrant Maduro

catholicChina, Hacking & Murder
Cyberwar China vs U.S. now risks American lives

catholicThe New Cold War and the Partition of Ukraine
Russia arranges pretexts to continue its aggressions

catholicMilitary Losing Technological Superiority to China
A Pentagon official issues a strong warning

catholicEbola, ISIS & Putin
Rightly concerned about the virus, we are ignoring greater threats

catholicBe Prepared: The List of What Is Forbidden in Cuba
What we will have if we accept Communism

catholicRussian Influence Operations Target America
A network of façade Forums to fool conservatives about Russia’s intentions

catholic Putin Threatens to Invade Poland, Romania & the Baltic States
Another menacing growl from the Russian bear

catholic Will Brazil Vote Communist Once More?
Communists & socialists dispute the votes from the right

catholic Official Lies Mask Russian & Chinese Aggression
Obama refuses to admit the Russian invasion of Ukraine

catholic The Associated Press Supporting Communist Cuba
It continues its job of undermining U.S. counter-intelligence efforts

catholicPope Rehabilitates Marxist Priest
Another sign of the leftist direction of Francis' papacy

catholic Is the German Chancellor an Agent of Russia?
Merkel's communist past and close ties with Putin signal trouble

catholicThe End of the U.S. Hegemony
Where today's Liberalism is taking us...

catholicIs Europe Still Defensible from Invasion?
A failed EU + a dwindling US commitment = vulnerability

catholicRussian Dominance in Europe?
Communism reemerges in a stronger, oil-rich Russia allied to China

catholicThe Wrong Way to Treat President Putin
The sanctions against Russia's takeover of Crimea are useless

catholicSOS - Venezuela Is Waiting for Our Support
Venezuelans describe the brutality of that communist dictatorship

catholicThanks, Putin - America Owes You a Debt of Gratitude
America wakes up to Moscow's plan to rebuild the USSR

catholicCommunist Repression in Venezuela
Photos show the violence of the regime against its own people

catholic Kudos to Uganda’s Anti-Homosexual Law
President Museveni lectures a shameful, immoral West

catholicDeadly Myth: Russia-China Rivalry
Minor disagreements mask a growing, dangerous alliance

catholicDeadly Myth: America Is Invulnerable
China & Russia partner up in defense while the U.S. falters

catholicRussian Revolution: Urgent Lessons for the U.S. Today
Lenin organized the revolution to install a new order

catholicOn the Comeback Trail
Signs of an open communist revival in Putin's Russia

catholicThe 4,000 Cuban Physicians
A government agreement that reduces doctors to veritable slaves

catholicPutin’s Propaganda & U.S. Conservatives
Why are some conservatives joining Russia's anti-American choir?

catholicThe Absence of a Right in Brazilian Politics
The frustrated majority does not have any authentic representation

catholicMoscow-Beijing Axis - A Threat Real or Imagined?
Despite strong evidence, 'experts' pretend there is no danger for the U.S.

catholicFed up with ‘Democracy’
A conservative discontent fuels the demonstrations in Brazil

catholicDid China Buy Nicaragua?
A new canal agreement that surrenders control to Beijing

catholic Tremble, Bourgeoisie!
Russia rebbuilds its nuclear strike capacities as U.S. cuts its forces

catholic China’s ‘Soft Power’ & a Real Red Dawn
A new aim to win hearts & minds by buying influence in Hollywood

catholicThe Upcoming Putin-Obama Meeting
With elections over, dangers increase for America

catholic Of Things to Come
Post-election reflections on the U.S. in the world scene

catholic Russian Dream, American Nightmare
A revealing interview with an ex KGB leader

catholic The New World Order of Russia & China
Communists unite to weaken the United States

catholic The Catholic Holocaust
Media ignores increasing persecution of Catholics by Muslims

catholicFrom Humiliation to Conflagration
The growing might & arrogance of the Moscow-Beijing axis against the U.S.

catholicThe US Elections, Latin America & Cuba
A South American point of view on needed change

catholicMoscow Miffed at Mitt?
Russia is irritated by Romney, but the Republican stance is insufficient

catholicIn Syria, after Assad – What?
To avoid one evil regime, the U.S. is installing another still worse

catholicRussian Nuclear Submarine as Omen
Will the U.S. continue to disarm?

catholic The Dragon’s Eyes Are on Us
China espionage alliance with Cuba against the United States

catholicFrom Self-Deception to Self-Destruction
The fantasy of the 'Fall of Communism' provokes a lack of vigilance in Congress

catholicMedicare Scam Defrauds U.S., Profits Cuba
Organized fraud pays for Communist espionage in the U.S.

catholicLooming American Tragedy
America is surrending its technological leadership

catholicOur Duty to Support Taiwan
Taiwan looks for help as China increases its power

catholicDriving to Self-Destruction in a Cadillac
GM funds a Chinese Communist Party propaganda film

catholicA Protest against Defense Budget Cutters
America is at war, & not just against terrorism

catholicLibya, Syria, Russia – American Blind Eyes Look East
The West ignores Syria's close ties to Russia and its support of Hezbollah

catholicBit by Our Own Dog - The Appearance of Terrorist 'Democracy'
Revolution's aftermath: Islamic extremism and attacks on Christianity

catholicA Cold War that Continues
Communism's new strategy of world dominance

catholicThe China Nightmare
Let's not avoid facing an aggressive Communist China

catholicSpies: They Have Your Number - So Why Not Get Theirs?
The role of the shortwave radio in the ongoing spy threat

catholicDilma Rousseff, the Terrorist
Will she be the next President of Brazil?

catholicChina: A Dragon You Cannot Believe In
Its growing military might is a serious challenge to America and her allies

catholicSpies Who Look Just Like Us
Pretending the Russian spy ring was amateur is a mistake

catholicLying to the Dead
Past atrocity in Ukraine is a warning for the 21st century

catholicThe Smiling Neo-Communist & the Mediocre Man
A new ruse is being applied full-steam to take over South America

catholic Schwarzenegger Flexing Muscles for Moscow
U.S. authorities give Medvedev the best of our electronic technology

catholicThe Bells of Secession Tolling in Belgium
Could them begin a chain of secessions everywhere?

catholicLenin Lives! with His Own Spot on Larry King
An unbroken history of media support for the Communist Revolution

catholicThe Preferred Terrorist
Russia gives vital assistance to anti-American terrorism in South America

catholicWeakness at Home – Attack from Abroad?
Threat to American security is real and increasing

catholicThe Ambassador’s Lie & the Martyrs’ Blood
Ambassador to the Vatican claims there is religious liberty in Cuba

catholicWeapons of Thought Destruction
"Experts" pretend Moscow is a US ally and partner against terrorism

catholicWhat Has Been Forgotten in Haiti?
Is this the beginning of the chastisement announced at Fatima?

catholicThe ‘Twisted Mindset’
An interview about the Cuban alliance with international terror

catholicBeatification of Castro’s Internationalism?
Benedict XVI receives Cuba's ambassador and praises its Communist regime

catholicAnti-Natural Law Approved in Catholic Portugal
The Cardinal’s omission caused 'gay marriage' to be approved

catholicGifts from St. Nicholas: A New Nuclear Russian Submarine
Russia gears up its sub power and aims at the U.S.

catholicTurning Red in the U.S.
Recognizing the threat of a new brand of Communism

catholicIranian Nukes for Latin America?
A warm welcome and support for Iran president Ahmadinejad

catholicSoviet Error or Desire for Freedom?
The fall of the Berlin Wall & end of the Cold War did not stop Communism

catholicPresidential Elections in Chile: Political & Ecclesiastical Scheming
The right and the Bishops endorse same sex unions and morning-after pill

catholicRussian Rearming
While the US preach disarmament, Russia improves its weapons

catholicThe Strategy of ‘Peoples War’ Is Destroying the U.S.
The media’s psychological effort to crack America’s will to fight terrorism

catholicNew UN President Opposes Homosexual Rights
International homosexual groups call for Abdussalam's removal

catholicAn Unacknowledged War in Latin America
Obama administration endangers U.S. troops in Colombia

catholicThe Religious Tribalism of Evo Morales
The Marxist President of Bolivia adopts the Indian native religion

catholicCold War II: What Happened to the Fall of Communism?
A forbidden question demands an answer

catholicU.S. Military Secrets, Spies and the China Model
A pro-Cuba media ignores dangers coming from the Communist island-prison

catholicTargeting the U.S. Military
Smuggled arms and a narco-terror army: Real, but ignored threats

catholicAre These Rockets Yours, Hugo?
Chavez involved in Venezuelan rockets sent to Colombian guerilla

catholicWar on the Democratic Process: From Chavez to Obama?
Is Obama following Chavez to establish Socialism in the U.S.?

catholicHonduras & Chavez: What the Media Is Not Telling You
About the first major blow to the Marxist expansion led by Chavez

catholicThe Honduras Impeachment
Why is the US supporting the constitutionally deposed President Zelaya?

catholicIs Moscow Double-Dealing on North Korea?
Praise for past communist dictator and support for present tyrant

catholicHow to Recruit a Spy
How professors, students and others are recruited to undermine America

catholicMurder and Spies: A Spy Catcher's Warning
Cuba's strong espionage program focuses on the United States

catholicClinton: Ideology Belongs to the Past; Marxists Disagree
The rampant spread of Marxism across the Americas

catholicThe Bishop's Harem
Scandal in Paraguay as paternity suits are filed against the President

catholicThe Obama Doctrine and Global Tyranny
More signs of an international Marxism economic order on the rise

catholicObama, Islam & Distortion of the Past
Refutation of the president statement praising Islam

catholicRussia, Obama and a 'Constructive Meeting'
Hostile actions and attitudes behind the smiles of the Red Bear

catholicHo Chi Minh Comes to Mexico City
A statue speaks a warning to the United States

catholicMoscow Declares Change in the Global Balance of Power
At a week long visit, Raul Castro pledges to intensify ties with Russia

catholicThe Middle East: Hawks and Doves in Perspective
Understanding the past and present of the Arab-Israeli conflict

catholicIgnoring the Evil of Communism in Cuba
The Church's mission is to teach truth and also condemn error

catholicThe New Kremlin Bridgehead in Latin America
A troubling future ahead as Russia strengthens alliances in South America

catholicThe Growing Russian Military Presence in Latin America
UNASUL's favors Russia to the detriment of the United States

catholicMoscow’s New Onslaught
Communism is not dead, but strong and growing in Latin America

catholicA Socialist West? When?
American elections at the crossroads of the destiny of the world

catholicSacrality or Chaos?
Latin America faces a Communist-Tribalist onslaught of continental dimensions

catholicThe Smiling Angel Hides the Tears of a Nation
Deceit and fraud "for the supreme interest" of Communist China

catholicSarah Palin: Alaska as Foreign Policy Experience
She has direct experience with the threats of the Russian bear

catholicMoscow Declares Change in the Global Balance of Power
After Russian invasion of Georgia, U.S. is no longer undisputed world leader

catholicRussian Tanks Roll in Soviet-Style Agression
An overview of the situation up to the Russian invasion of Georgia

catholicThe Right Sprouts again in Bolivia
Bolivians send signs of their discontent with Morales' Marxist government

catholicA Pregnant, Pacifist Defense Minister for Spain
The ostentatious feminization of the Spanish government

catholicLeftist Summit in Montevideo
The Forum of São Paulo (FSP) applies new tactics to revive Communism

catholicCardinal Bertone and Castro's Fraudulent Religious Policy
Vatican official says the Church in Cuba is "no longer persecuted"

catholicLatin American Guerillas Coming to the U.S.?
Communist guerillas enter U.S. to recruit and promote anti-American program

catholicBenedict XVI and Cardinal Bertone’s Trip to Cuba
Bertone leaves Cuba with shameful concessions and empty hands

catholicThe Web of Terror
The guerilla FARC movement extends its presence and power in Latin America

catholicMoscow Warns of a “Looming War of Civilizations”
At a world Forum in Madrid, it criticizes US action against Islamic militants

catholicSelf-Deception and the Train from China
A China-Europe railway: fruit of the Russia-China communist alliance

catholic Narco-Terror Army Threatens U.S.
Marxist Venezuela offers vital support to the Colombian drug trade

catholicU.S. “Savagely Attacked”
Marxist Ecuador President acclaims the expansion of Socialism in Latin America

catholicMadmen Also Kill
Montaner analyzes the Communist plan for South America - Slide show

catholicFilming the Great Deception
A serious documentary shows how Communism never fell in Eastern Europe

catholicChavez' Socialism Is "the Closest Thing Possible to Stalinism"
Advances of Chavez in Venezuela and complicity of the Chilean bourgeoisie

catholicCELAM in Cuba: “Cordial Dialogue” between Wolves and Shepherds
Bishops dialogue with the Communists, ignoring plight of political prisoners

catholicArms for Hugo
Moscow puts muscle behind Chavez’s anti-American, pro-Marxist rhetoric

catholicComing Home to Lenin
Chavez encourages Russia to put more emphasis on Lenin's ideas

catholicThe Church's collaboration with Communism: Poland and Cuba
Cuban ex- political prisoner decries the Vatican's long record of collusion

catholicMoscow: Past Is Present
Russia's cyber assault on Estonia and increasing belligerance toward the US

catholicNancy Takes a Trip and Meets a Tyrant
Pelosi's recent trip to Syria a boon for terrorists

catholicTerror, Missiles, and Al Qaeda
Will Nicaragua sell its land-to-air missiles to terrorists?

catholicDistorted Images in a Forest of Mirrors
An alternative view of U.S. espionage

catholicThe World after a U.S. Surrender in Iraq
Triumphant jihadists and demoralized American troops

catholicIs America Losing the Will to Survive?
Lt. Col. "Buzz" Patterson on U.S. refusal to believe in a war with Islamic terrorism

catholicA New Congress – A New Vietnam?
Will the US in Iraq suffer a shame like that of the fall of Saigon?

catholicTime Magazine and Irresponsible Journalism
Playing down the threat to the US posed by the "new Castro" of Venezuela

catholicChavez and the New One-Party Terror State
The West ignores the ever stronger Iran-Venezuela alliance

catholicLeftist Bias in Vet's Sights
Effects of the leftist anti-war propaganda - Colonel Buzz Patterson

catholicThe Battle for Cuba
Perspectives about the end of Fidel Castro

catholicAren't You Missing Something about Lebanon?
An overview of the conflict between Hezbollah and Israel

catholicThe Metamorphosis of Che Guevara
Che's revolutionary ideals are still selling in the U.S.

catholicCyber Attack Aimed at U.S.?
Is an ailing Castro ready to deliver on his promise to punish the US?

catholicSomeone is Listening
A Chinese spy base in Bejucal, Cuba, is listening to American telecommunications

catholicThe Media is 'Willfully Ignoring' the Islamic War against the U.S.
Toby Westerman interviews author Robert Spencer

catholicDrug Lords, Terrorists, and Russian Bombers Cross U.S. Territory
Loose borders are weakening the internal security of the nation

catholicMedia Ignores Infiltration Questions in Rallies
Who was behind the May 1 mass demonstrations on immigration issues?

catholic Communist Mexico?
Why isn't anyone paying attention to the red threat on our border?

catholic Media Blackout on China Threat
Media ignores clashing views of experts on the China threat to the US

catholic New ‘Grand Alliance’ of Terror
Iran courts South America's Communist countries

catholicStalin – Historically Incorrect
BBC's Stalin Declassified promotes the myth of a "good Communism"

catholicCindy - More Red than Red, White and Blue?
Chavez welcomes "peace mom" to the Marxist Revolution

catholicWar and Peace in Perspective - 2006
Response to theatrical accusations against the war

catholicTarget America - Communist Propaganda
The "Venezuela Matters" tour in US cities builds support for the Marxist regime

catholicFidel's Real Successor
Chavez inherits Castro's hatred of the United States and love of Marxism

catholicMedia Bias Costs Soldiers' Lives
The leftist media is a factor in prolonging the war in Iraq

catholicBuilding the Revolution - One Weapon at a Time
Venezuela receives assault rifles from Moscow and a license to make them

catholicChavez Regime Seeks A-Bomb
The US should not ignore the Latin American Communist-Islamic terrorist threat

catholicVatican and China
Disastrous Cost of the Vatican Ostpolik with Communist China

catholicChe Guevara, Iran, and the Bomb
Chavez turns to Iran in his plan to go nuclear

catholic60 Minutes Assists Spies and Lies Through Elian Interview
The well-prepared 11-year-old calls Castro "father" and "friend"

catholicMarxist Military Assistance Pact in Latin America
The bond tightens between Communist Venezuela and Cuba

catholicNew, Sophisticated Propaganda Campaign aimed at U.S.
Offensive launched by Chavez includes the support of Jessie Jackson

catholicRussia To Nuke Its Neighbors?
Russia is making threats of preemptive strikes. Is anyone in the West listening?

catholicThe China Threat
On the arrogance and growing strength of Communist China

catholicFinancing Our Own Destruction
A mistake toward the Communist governments of China and Vietnam

catholicMoscow Would Silence U.S. Critics
No legitimate criticisms of past or present policies allowed

catholic'Peoples War' and a Dangerous Foreign Policy
Communist Vietnam stimulates guerilla warfare in Iraq against the Americans

catholicWho Is Putin's God? Still Unknown After "60 Minutes"
Putin affirms a strange notion of his "god"

catholicPutin's Lament: Don't Cry for Me Lubyanka
The rising pro-Soviet sentiments in Russia

catholicFidel's Red Club
The value of Cuba's espionage war against the U.S. for its patron, Russia

catholicRussia, China and The New York Times
Westerman to the NY Times: the Russia-China alliance is a mirage

catholicBush Goes to Moscow to Honor Red Army
Consequences of Bush's scheduled visit to Moscow in May 2005

catholicRussian Spies: Returning or Never Left?
Westerman denounces the infiltration of Russian spies in the U.S.

catholicThe "New" Russia – Same Bear
The economic and political ties that bind Ukraine to Russia and their danger

catholicJohn Paul II, Cuba, and a Question of Conscience
Cuban prisoner questions JPII's praise of Cuban communist revolution

catholicMoscow - Off the Map?
A recent CIA report downplays the role of Russia and forecasts a rising Asia power

catholicUruguay Becomes Another Communist Country
Supported by terrorism, the new Uruguayan president heads toward Communism

catholicBolivia's Socialist Party Records Enormous Growth
Analysis of the Bolivian December 2004 elections for 327 mayors

catholicChina - What's Old and New in Communism?
A recent report of the Chinese Communist Party against religious liberty

catholicTrends to Watch in 2005
A growing Russian influence in China and Latin America

catholicTrusting Moscow - Myth or Fantasy?
The dangers of a close relationship between the US and Russia

catholicRussia: Ally or Enemy?
Should the US trust a Moscow on destroying freedom in the Ukraine?

catholicMoscow's New Empire
The Russian efforts to extend its Communist power; and isolate the United States.

catholicThe Spanish Shame
The public fear to the terrorist attack, and the election of Socialist Zapatero

catholicChina - The Dragon in the Living Room
The rising military and economic powerof Communist China

catholicThe Cuban Fiasco
Cuban Bishops reveal: situation of Catholics worse today than before JPII's visit

catholicBrazil - At the Edge of the Abyss
What does a presidential victory for Lula imply for the West?

catholicGermany - Unfortunate Coincidence?
Pope and the German Bishops give a last minute victory to the leftist coalition

catholicIsrael - The Beginning of the Religious War
Analysis of Sharon's visit to the Temple Mount that triggered the new Intifada

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