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Media Silence on New Findings of WMD

The Media, More Powerful than the White House

Atila Sinke Guimarães

The WMD were not the decisive factor for going to war against Iraq, in my opinion. The direct and indirect links of Saddam Hussein’s government with terrorist Islamic groups in Iraq and other countries were more than enough to justify the military preventive actions carried out there: the taking of Iraq, the deposition of the tyrant, and the reorganization of the country in order to prevent it from again becoming a haven for terrorism.

In the book War, Just War, I presented arguments of Natural Law and Catholic doctrine proving that this war is just, and also showed that the Vatican is following a radical pacifist agenda and going against the tradition of the Catholic Church (click here). Until today, I have not received or found a serious refutation of those arguments. Later, I was asked by readers to answer some questions on controversial points of the topic: the WMD, the supposed American interest in Iraqi oil as the principal reason for war, the alleged behind-the-curtains Zionism that would be inspiring the military action, etc. (click here).

Russian jets were buried in the sands of Iraq for future use

An Iraqi jet - a Russian MIG-25 Foxbat - being recovered in Al Taqqadum desert near Baghdad. The 25-ton plane was equipped with sophisticated warfare devices, in violation of a UN ban.

It is known that also Iraqi SCUD missiles, chemical weapons and biological warheads have been buried in the desert sand

The Iraq military recovers Russian jets from the desert sands

Photos courtesy of  MSGT T. Collins, USAF
The present day administration, however, continued to stress the existence of WMD even when, in my view, it would have been opportune to drop the topic and emphasize Iraq’s support of terrorism as the main reason for the war. I am sure that it had its reasons for staying that course. Notwithstanding, doing so, it created its own Achilles’ heel. Unless the White House were to have more muscle with the liberal media, which presents a completly unfavorable picture of the war, it would be difficult to broadcast that the WMD were found. As a consequence, the adminstration would appear to be lying.

This is precisely what is happening. The WMD were found. Evidence of their existence for example, is in the deposition of David Ray, head of the Iraq Survey Group. Even though parts of his statements were published everywhere, almost no one knows that he provided such evidence. The media purposely omitted the findings favorable to the government. The analysis of the non-reported parts of Ray’s findings by journalist Kenneth R. Timmerman, published by World Net Daily (click here), is quite conclusive.

A very recent report of discovered WMD was made by CNS News on October 6. The professional news agency showed official documents of Saddam Hussein’s government ordering Anthrax and mustard gas, declaring its intention to “hunt Americans,” and showing its links with many different terrorist groups, including Al-Qaeda. That is, the position of the government is again reinforced, but the media boycotts this news.

There is no possible pretext to affirm that the CNS document is adulterated. CNS took every prudential measure to assure its authenticity. The 42-page document, written in Arabic, was scanned and copied, and two different professional translations were made to double-check the contents. Both said precisely the same. CNS stands behind the document. In my opinion, it is must reading for everyone who doesn’t want to be fooled and wants to know the reality (click here).

Over and beyond the dispute on WMD, it is impressive how the media in the United States can one-up the government and present only its version of the facts. It would seem that the media has became more powerful than the White House.


Blason de Charlemagne
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Posted October 12, 2004

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