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The War of Two Elites in the Church

Lyle J. Arnold, Jr.

Carl von Clausewitz, the nineteenth century Prussian war theorist, coined a principle still countenanced by military experts today. It is called "the center of gravity," which is "the hub of all power and movement on which everything depends"'(1). Another author, more inspiring than the first, stated that:
Carl von Clausewitz
"...the center, the most sensitive and truly decisive point of the fight between Revolution and Counter-revolution has moved from temporal society to the spiritual society. It has come to be the Holy Church"(2).
It would seem that the essence of these penetrating statements is understood by only a few Catholics. The great evidence of this is the pathological state of the Church today. Pope Pius IX once said that "liberal Catholics are the worst enemies of the Church," which goes a long way to explaining the protracted victories of evil in the Church. Those who launched the regrettable Second Vatican Council (and their scions), and those who understand the destruction that is going on in the Church today, make up two sides of a war. Progressivist Catholics (worse in kind than liberals) embody the great weapon being used against the counter-revolutionary remnant. It is hard to resist speculation as to just how many exist who are not in the no-man’s-land. What percent of Catholics make up the revolutionary elite in the Church, and what percent makes up those in the counter-revolutionary remnant?

An interesting theory was broached on this matter in the book 1984. It's author, Eric Blaire (aka George Orwell), in discussing the leaders of the revolutionary elite of "Oceania," fixed their number at "two percent of the population." Blair was "vehemently anti-Catholic" and, therefore, his reasoning was only on the natural level. But many truths are arrived at on the natural level. (3) Resting on the hypothesis that Blair was right, that two percent lead the revolution, and that mutatis mutandis two percent oppose it, one can form an intelligent proposition.
Pius IX

Pius IX: "Liberal Catholics are the worst enemies..."
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Truly the Church is the "hub of all power and movement on which everything depends." And truly "the decisive point" of today's war is the fight in the Church. But the warriors who fight are few. However, if we add another statement to these two, an interesting concept comes into relief. Venerable Mary of Agreda, when telling about the end of Our Lady's life, said this:
"The stone falls more swiftly the closer it approaches its center of gravity, so, in proportion as the great Queen and Mistress of all the creatures advanced toward the end of her most holy life, the more swift became also the flight of her purest spirit and the impulse of her desires to arrive at the center of her eternal rest and repose"(4).
Those who do not fight the Revolution in the Church have no "impulse" to advance towards a new Christendom as well.(5) We, however, of the counter-revolutionary remnant, small in number though we are, hunger and thirst after this desire. And we have the promise that it will be attained, given at Fatima Our Lady promised that "finally, my Immaculate Heart will triumph."
4. Ven. Mary of Agreda, The Mystical City of God, Washington, NJ: Ave Maria Institute, 1971, vol. 4, p. 510.
5. P. Correa de Oliveira, Revolution and Counter-Revolution, ibid.

Blason de Charlemagne
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