Tradition in Action

Traditionalist Issues

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catholic The ‘Maladie Catholique -  Dialogue Mass 138
Progressivists attempt to undermine tradition via psychology

catholic Sudden Demise of ‘Manualist Tradition’ after Vatican II -  Dialogue Mass 137
Ratzinger's behind the scenes role in masterminding Vatican II

catholic Burning Manuals: Knowledge of the Faith under Attack -  Dialogue Mass 136
Progressivists destroy the books that form traditional priests

catholic The Secretary of Seminaries -  Dialogue Mass 135
Bishop of Seminaries reveals anti-traditionalist bias & progressivist formation

catholic Francis: No-No to ‘Rigidity’ in Seminaries -  Dialogue Mass 134
Admission blocked for ‘rigidity’ that leads to 'clericalism'

catholic Examples of Vatican II’s Failed Seminary Experiments -  Dialogue Mass 133
Seminaries close & falling to ruin following modernization

catholic Vatican II & Priestly Formation -  Dialogue Mass 132
Optatam totius allows seminaries to open up to the modern world

catholic Pre & Post-Vatican II Seminary Training Compared -  Dialogue Mass 131
The collapse of standards & order in seminaries

catholic Francis’s Remedy for ‘Rigidity’: Situation Ethics -  Dialogue Mass 130
Francis dreams of a Church that abandons her own morality

catholic The Fallacy of ‘Guilt by Association’-  Dialogue Mass 129
Francis despises Catholics who defend morality

catholic Pope Francis’s Hermeneutic of ‘Rigidity’-  Dialogue Mass 128
The intolerable rigid types he condemns are the traditionalists

catholic Authority Supplanted by ‘Service’-  Dialogue Mass 127
Guardini & Ratzinger sabotaged the Hierarchy's authority

catholic Remaking the Church in the Likeness of the World -  Dialogue Mass 126
Pope Francis brings Tyrrell's work to fruition

catholic Jesuits Tyrrell & Francis Debase the Papacy -  Dialogue Mass 125
Bringing down the Papacy in the name of democracy

catholic The ‘Listening Church’ -  Dialogue Mass 124
To follow the 'People of God' is a way to destroy the Hierarchy

catholic ‘People Infallibility’ versus Papal Infallibility -  Dialogue Mass 123
The Pope is subservient to the will of the people...

catholic The Assaults of Francis against ‘Clericalism’ -  Dialogue Mass 122
His bold attacks aim to destroy traditionalism & promote collegiality

catholic Smell of Heresy in Paul VI’ Mass
'Priesthood of the faithful' started the crisis in the clergy

catholic More on Anti-Clericalism in the Church -  Dialogue Mass 121
Demanding a total upheavel of the Church's constitution & structure

catholic Progressivists Promote Anti-Clericalism in the Church -  Dialogue Mass 120
The call for structural change to root out clerical 'elitism'

catholic ‘Clericalism’ - a Word Misused by Progressivists -  Dialogue Mass 119
The conciliar onslaught against the ordained priesthood

catholic The Phantom Charge of ‘Clericalism’ -  Dialogue Mass 118
Indoctrinating the masses with slogans & communist verbal strategies

catholic Turning the Old Pyramidal Power Structure on Its Head -  Dialogue Mass 117
A call for the 'liberation' of lay people from 'clerical domination'

catholic Benedict XVI Continued the Conciliar Revolution -  Dialogue Mass 116
'The papal primacy is an obstacle to the unity of Christendom'

catholic Overturning the Hierarchical Edifice -  Dialogue Mass 115
A symbolic refusal to the Papal Tiara, inauguration not coronation

catholic Giving the Laity the Illusion of Power -  Dialogue Mass 114
Karol Woytla aimed to end the notion of the clergy as a 'higher vocation'

catholic Greater Holiness Required of the Clergy -  Dialogue Mass 113
Vatican II calls for equality with the 'universal call to holiness'

catholic The Perfection of the Clergy -  Dialogue Mass 112
Paul VI releases a clerical revolution with Ministeria quaedam

catholic The Dignity of Worship -  Dialogue Mass 111
Destroying the hierarchy of Orders leveled & banalized Church ceremonies

catholic Pre & Post Liturgical Movement on the Minor Orders -  Dialogue Mass 110
They were the pillars of the priesthood & the Hierarchy

catholic The Truthfulness of the Minor Orders -  Dialogue Mass 109
A confusion of identity introduced by Paul VI

catholicMinor Orders Accused of ‘Untruthfulness’ -  Dialogue Mass 108
Preparing the way for its full demolition

catholic Turning Clerics into Lay People -  Dialogue Mass 107
Sabotaging the Minor Orders: a battering ram to break the Hierarchy

catholic Not the Whole Truth or even Half of It -  Dialogue Mass 106
A new interpretation of the 'priesthood of the faithful' ends Minor Orders

catholic Confused Papal Text Led to the End of Minor Orders -  Dialogue Mass 105
A structural revolution to empower the laity

catholic Minor Orders Placed at the Mercy of the Zeitgeist -  Dialogue Mass 104
Declared 'no longer of any relevance in the Church'

catholic Minor Orders: a Major Matter -  Dialogue Mass 103
An ultimate aim to abolish the Church's hierarchical structure

catholic Minor Clerical Orders Suppressed -  Dialogue Mass 102
Paul VI attacked the immemorial Minor Orders of the Church

catholic Contested Boundaries & ‘Bridging the Gap’ -  Dialogue Mass 101
The Liturgical Movement ended the distinction between clergy and laity

catholic ‘The Action of the Mass Is Performed by the Clergy Alone’ -  Dialogue 100
The new ‘division of labor’ is revolutionary

catholic ‘Good Success’ vs Good Event 
Scholarly research puts to rest attacks against Our Lady of Good Success

catholicSSPX Covering for Homo-Pedo Priests

blank.gif - 807 BytesPart 1 -   Bishop Favors Homosexual Seminarian
                  Galarreta’s complacency with homo seminarian Urrutigoity

blank.gif - 807 BytesPart 2 -   Homo Made Priest & Professor
                  Urrutigoity protected by Galarreta, then promoted by Williamson

blank.gif - 807 BytesPart 3 -   Arch. Lefebvre Ordered to Keep the Homosexual
                  SSPX hierarchy’s ‘justice’: The good expelled, the bad promoted

blank.gif - 807 BytesPart 4 -   Conniving Fr. Williamson & Fr. Galarreta Rewarded with Mitres
                  Promoted despite their cover-up for a predator priest

blank.gif - 807 BytesPart 5 -  One Pedophile Priest Replaced by Another
                 The scandalous Fr. Urrutigoity & Fr. Ensey SSPX team

blank.gif - 807 BytesPart 6 -  The SSPX & Its Mafia-Style Threats
                 Backed by facts, a different picture of the SSPX leaders emerges

catholic The Devil in the Rubrics -  Dialogue Mass 99
A revolution from above as Pius XII encourages ‘active participation’ 

catholic The Loreto Tradition Blighted by ‘Ecumenism’ -  Dialogue Mass 98
Archbishop of Loreto enters crusade to downplay the Miracle of Loreto

catholic China Uses COVID-19 to Close Underground Churches
New Vatican guidelines cause more confusion

catholic No Valid Objections against the Loreto Tradition-   Dialogue Mass 97
Many challenges by modernists, but no evidence and much bad will

catholic The Rise of an Incredible Anti-Loreto Legend-   Dialogue Mass 96
The Byzantine Angeli family, not Angels, moved the Holy House

catholic A Piece of Palestine in Loreto -   Dialogue Mass 95
Scientific proof that the Holy House stones are from Palestine

catholic The ‘Fathers’ of the Loreto Tradition -   Dialogue Mass 94
Secure testimonies of the truth of the Translation of the Holy House

catholic The Loreto Tradition Is Not a Legend -   Dialogue Mass 93
Supported by Tradition, Popes, Saints, miracles and testimonies

catholic ‘It’s Not Unreasonable to Think Newman Might Have Been Homosexual’ 
Other evidence backing Fr. James Martin's remark

catholic New Laws for China's Catholics 
Total submission to the Communist Party

catholic The Significance of the Pope’s Slap 
His fury was fired by the request to help China's Catholics

catholic Feast of the Translation of the Holy House Suppressed -   Dialogue Mass 92
Under a veiled implication that the miracle is a fable

catholic Fourteen Other Feast Days Abolished -   Dialogue Mass 91
False pretexts given to cut many important ancient Feasts

catholic Feast of St. John at the Latin Gate: Abolished -   Dialogue Mass 90
Another sacking of the Roman Rite by Bugnini's Liturgical Commission

catholic The Mystery of the Disappearing Pope -   Dialogue Mass 89
The underlying cause for taking Pope St. Leo II from the Calendar

catholic St. Michael: An ‘Unwanted’ Feast for the Reformers -   Dialogue Mass 88
Bugnini dismisses its miraculous origins as 'not historical'

catholic Holy Cross Feast Day Abolished to Please Protestants -   Dialogue Mass 87
Progressivists heed the invectives against relics of Luther & Calvin

catholic The Finding of the Holy Cross -   Dialogue Mass 86
The unjustified suppression of this feast in the Roman Calendar

catholic When the Saints Go Marching Out -   Dialogue Mass 85
John XXIII arbitrarily eliminates two more important feasts

catholic Expelling the Feast of St. Peter in Chains -  Dialogue Mass 84
To please Protestants, John XXIII removes it from the Roman Calendar

catholic How the 1962 Missal Acquired Its Calendar Reform-  Dialogue Mass 83
Chair of Peter feast wiped out for ecumenical purposes

catholic The 1962 Canon Precipitated a Crisis -  Dialogue Mass 82
Eliminating the Confiteor before Communion has doctrinal consequences

catholic Change in the ‘62 Canon Presaged the Novus Ordo -  Dialogue Mass 81
Personal devotion and a Petition, excuses to break tradition

catholic St. Joseph in the Canon -  Dialogue Mass 80
An Innovation of John XXIII to break tradition

catholic Ambiguous Language to Fool Conservatives -  Dialogue Mass 79
Subtle shifts of focus with intent to deceive

catholic ‘The Mass Should be Ratified by the People’ -  Dialogue Mass 78
‘Active participation’ in the new liturgy favors heresy

catholicA Defesa contra o Ultimato de Expulsar Atila Guimarães da TFP
A refutação detalhada de cada um dos argumentos

catholicThe Defense of Atila Guimarães
His response to the Ultimatum that caused his expulsion from the TFP

catholic ‘The Faithful Have Consecratory Power’ -  Dialogue Mass 77
Participation leads to a misunderstanding of & attack on the priesthood

catholic Active Participation = Liturgical Abuse -  Dialogue Mass 76
A fundamentally flawed concept at the very root of the abuses

catholic Endless Abuses of ‘Active Participation’ -  Dialogue Mass 75
Disastrous results of adulterating Pius X's document on liturgy

catholic ‘Active Participation’ Revisited  -  Dialogue Mass 74
Proof that this term was manipulated by liturgical reformers from the start

catholic Destroying the Octave of Pentecost -  Dialogue Mass 73
Paul VI accepts the 1956 proposal to 'courageously abolish the Octave'

catholic Abolishing 15 out of 18 Octaves of Feasts -  Dialogue Mass 72
In the name of 'simplification' Pius XII throws out important Octaves

catholic A Smashing Progressivist Victory -  Dialogue Mass 71
The Vigil of Pentecost is stripped of its baptismal character

catholic Vigil of Pentecost Suppressed in the 1956 Reforms -  Dialogue Mass 70
Progressivism advances by pruning the liturgy of 'lifeless' wood

catholic The Charge of ‘Clericalism' -  Dialogue Mass 69
Targeting the priest and his 'privileged' status

catholic Preparing for the Novus Ordo Missae -  Dialogue Mass 68
Pius XII allows congregational singing in 1958

catholic The 1956 Reform Triggered Many Others -  Dialogue Mass 67
With Instruction on Sacred Music, congregational responses begin 

catholic All Present Are Considered to Be Celebrants -  Dialogue Mass 66
The priest's role vanishes in the ‘liturgy of the Word’

catholic The Decline of the Penitential Spirit -  Dialogue Mass 65
Bugnini does away with the folded chasuble

catholic Vatican Betrayal of China's Underground Bishops
Replacing Underground Bishop with communist-controlled ones

catholic Discouraging Confession during Easter Vigil -  Dialogue Mass 64
Focus changed from penance to the renewal of the Baptism vows

catholic The 1956 Reform Revealed a New Ecclesiology -  Dialogue Mass 63
Spurious community-based activities introduced into the liturgy

catholic Adopting a Protestant-Inspired Rite -  Dialogue Mass 62
Pius XII introduces a novel Renewal of Baptismal Promises into the liturgy

catholic Introducing Confusion into the Symbolism of Baptism -  Dialogue Mass 61
A mismatch between the text, architecture & ritual

catholic Detaching the Lex Credendi from the Lex Orandi -  Dialogue Mass 60
Where once there was harmony, now there is discord

catholic Undermining the Procession of the Paschal Candle -  Dialogue Mass 59
Diverting attention from the centrality of Christ to the people

catholic False Pretexts to Disrupt the Lex Orandi -  Dialogue Mass 58
Unfounded attack on liturgical traditions

catholic Re-orchestrating the Easter Vigil -  Dialogue Mass 57
Bugnini's sleight-of-hand shell game

catholic The German-French Mafia behind the Liturgical Reform -  Dialogue Mass 56
Card. Bea exerts influence on Pius XII to promote the reform

catholic Procrustes, a Model for the Liturgical Reform -  Dialogue Mass 55
A 1948 'Memo' used to justify the creation of a new rite

catholic Destroyers of Pre-Sanctified Mass Blessed by Pius XII -  Dialogue Mass 54
Rome fiddles while Tradition burns

catholic A Cabal Destroyed the Mass of the Pre-Sanctified -  Dialogue Mass 53
Defamatory pretexts given to change a sound tradition

catholic Abolishing the Mass of the Pre-Sanctified -  Dialogue Mass 52
Downgrading the Altar of Repose and expunging the Vexilla Regis

catholic Finding Pretexts to Break Liturgical Tradition -  Dialogue Mass 51
A revolutionary change from nocturnal Tenebrae to morning service

catholic How the Office of Tenebrae Was Sabotaged -  Dialogue Mass 50
An ancient & moving service suppressed for no reason

catholic The Liturgical Reform’s Ecumenical Hues -  Dialogue Mass 49
Texts cut to make the Mass acceptable to non-Catholics

catholic Changing the Meaning of Our Lord’s Mandatum -  Dialogue Mass 48
Today it simply signifies service to the people

catholic Laymen Introduced in the Foot Washing -  Dialogue Mass 47
Stimulating the 'active participation'
and equality of the laity

catholic A ‘Crazy Patchwork’ of Incongruous Elements -  Dialogue Mass 46
Other harmful consequences of the Holy Week reform

catholic Revolutionary Nature of the Liturgical Reform -  Dialogue Mass 45
One innovation begets another...

catholic Devastating Consequences of the 1955 Reform -  Dialogue Mass 44
It denied the Kingship of Christ & promoted Naturalism

catholic The Holy Week Reform Prepared the Mass Reform -  Dialogue Mass 43
Implementing the slow strategy to achieve the liturgical revolution

catholic How Revolutionary Was the Munich Congress? -  Dialogue Mass 42
The first mega-Mass and ecumenical jamboree

catholic How the Goal of the Eucharistic Congresses Changed -  Dialogue Mass 41
At Munich 1960 the focus was the People of God, not the Eucharist

catholic Essence of Mass: No Longer a Sacrifice, But a Banquet - Dialogue Mass 40
The Liturgical Movement takes a Protestant position

catholicResistance in China's Underground Church
To a Rome-Beijing agreement that favors Communism

catholic Fabricated Charges against Chantries  - Dialogue Mass 39
Jungmann follows Luther & denies the benefit of multiple Masses

catholic Progressivist Opposition to the Chantry System -  Dialogue Mass 38
Too many Masses and priests, says Jungmann 

catholic Progressivist ‘Simplification’ of the Mass Inspired by Luther -  Mass 37
Jungmann adopts his criticism of the fruits of the Mass, indulgences, etc.

catholic Like the Protestants, Progressivists Mock the Elevation - Dialogue Mass 36
Jungmann labels it a superstitious spectacle that must change

catholic Sabotaging the Elevation & the Consecration - Dialogue Mass 35
Jungmann claims the whole Eucharistic Prayer is consecratory

catholic Jungmann: ‘The Eucharist Should Not Be Adored’ - Dialogue Mass 34
Eucharistic adoration was an invention of medieval theologians

catholic Architect of the Liturgical Reform Explains Vatican II - Dialogue Mass 33
An agenda to end God's glorification & faith in the Real Presence

catholic Destroying Mass Symbols in the Name of Modernity  - Dialogue Mass 32
Rich vestments, gold vessels & ritual signs are scorned & abandoned

catholic Man vs God in the Liturgy  - Dialogue Mass 31
The progressivist agenda: Down with the ‘allegorical’ traditional liturgy

catholicVirtual Council vs Real Council

blank.gif - 807 BytesPart 1 -   Roberto de Mattei’s Attempt to Save Vatican II
                   In a talk in Krakow he reveals his game

blank.gif - 807 BytesPart 2 -   Mattei ‘Forgot’ the Revolution Made by John XXIII
                   The conciliar errors came from the Popes, not the media

blank.gif - 807 BytesPart 3 -   Paul VI's Role in the Council Ignored by Mattei
                   Montini was the dynamo of the Conciliar Revolution

blank.gif - 807 BytesPart 4 -   Pope Montini's Activity after the Council Omitted by Mattei
                   Facts proving Paul VI was responsible for the abuses of the Council

blank.gif - 807 BytesPart 5 -  Mattei Forgot JP I in the Conciliar Revolution
                  John Paul I imposed new changes to weaken the papal monarchy

blank.gif - 807 BytesPart 6 -  26 Years of JPII’s Show Caused by the Media
                  Mattei: JPII was innocent in promoting the Conciliar Revolution

blank.gif - 807 BytesPart 7 -  False Right Roberto de Mattei & Benedict XVI
                  Ratzinger's role in destroying the Church conveniently covered

catholic Liturgical Inversion: People First, God Second - Dialogue Mass 30
Exalting man & diminishing reverence toward God

catholic The Liturgy Is Not a Work of the People - Dialogue Mass 29
Encouraging active participation of the laity to destroy the traditional liturgy

catholic Disinformation to Denigrate the Liturgy - Dialogue Mass 28
Jungmann: The Church had a deficient understanding of the Mass

catholic Jungmann’s Idea of the ‘Sacrifice of the Church’ - Dialogue Mass 27
The Mass as a celebration & a concelebrating laity

catholic Denying the Sacrificial Character of the Mass - Dialogue Mass 26
A Protestant-like attack on the Mass from inside the Church

catholic The Role of Josef Jungmann in the Liturgical Reform - Dialogue Mass 25
His History of the Mass was a brutal assault on tradition

catholic Tectonic Shifts in Pius XII’s Assisi Address  - Dialogue Mass 24
Early opening to Jungian psychology and the modern world

catholic How Groupthinking Influenced Pius XII - Dialogue Mass 23
He sought a false third way to appease the conservatives & reformers

catholic Pius XII: ‘The Reforms Come from the Holy Spirit’ - Dialogue Mass 22
The Pope uses all his power to support the Liturgical Movement

catholic Liturgical Anarchy Increases under Pius XII - Dialogue Mass 21
Major changes made at congresses held from 1951 to 1956

catholic A Reform Imposed Despite Opposition from the Majority - Dialogue Mass 20
92% of the Bishops were satisfied with the status quo

catholic A Reformed Liturgy against Traditional Devotions - Dialogue Mass 19
Popular devotions viewed as pestilential to be controlled or eradicated

catholic Maxima Redemptionis, a ‘Potemkin Façade’  - Dialogue Mass 18
Easter Vigil changes based on false charges of 'deserted churches'

catholic Bias, Manipulation & Suppressing Adverse Data  - Dialogue Mass 17
An aggressive implementation of liturgical reforms before the Council

catholic An Incoherent Reform  - Dialogue Mass 16
The Liturgical Reform was based upon inconsistent arguments

catholic Chinese Underground Bishop Dies in Secret Prison
The embarrassing silence of the Vatican

catholic A Self-Contradictory Liturgical Reform  - Dialogue Mass 15
Pius XII's 1955 Decree mandates exactly what he once reproved 

catholic 1951-1955: The Vatican Started the Liturgical Reform - Dialogue Mass 14
Pius XII mandates the 1955 Holy Week reforms inspired by Bugnini

catholic The Appeasement Process: Feeding the Crocodile - Dialogue Mass 13
Pius XII takes a weak, conciliatory approach in Mediator Dei

catholic The German Bishops Attack, Pius XII Capitulates - Dialogue Mass 12
Concessions on radical changes in liturgy are readily made

catholic How Bugnini Grew Up under Pius XII - Dialogue Mass 11
Bugnini's influence grows with Msgr. Montini's and Fr. Bea's help

catholic Pius XII Empowered Progressivists for the Reform - Dialogue Mass 10
Contradictory positions and bad appointments of liturgical 'specialists'

catholic How Pius XI Paved the Way to Vatican II - Dialogue Mass 9
Encouraging the reformers and criticizing traditional liturgy

catholic Pius XI Endorses the Liturgical Revolution - Dialogue Mass 8
Silent participation is stigmatized and becomes taboo

catholic Pius XI vs St. Pius X on Active Participation - Dialogue Mass 7
Influenced by modernists, Pius XI calls for congregational singing

catholic Participation, Vocalization & Vulgarization - Dialogue Mass 6
Ill effects of the 'Dialogue Mass' form

catholic Laity-Clergy Class Struggle Based on ‘Participation’ - Dialogue Mass 5
Making a liturgy that empowers the people & stifles the 'elitist' clergy

catholicThe Dialogue Mass, a Tool to Democratize Liturgy - Dialogue Mass 4
Eliminating quiet prayers & private devotions during Mass

catholicThe Start of the New Liturgical Reform - Dialogue Mass 3
How 'active participation' triggered other reforms in the liturgy

catholicPius X Did Not Call for ‘Active Participation’ in Liturgy - Dialogue Mass 2
No reference to congregational singing in his Motu Proprio

catholicA Plea for Silent Participation in the Liturgy - Dialogue Mass 1
The false roots of the dialogue Mass

catholicChurch Reasons to Condemn the Divine Mercy Devotion
A previously thrice-condemned devotion resurrected by JPII

catholicThe Frog and the Ox
Francis tries to one-up his predecessors on universal salvation

catholicPolice Bar Pilgrims from Honoring Our Lady in Dong Lu
The devotion of the Underground Church to Our Lady of China

catholicHow Do We Address Benedict XVI Now?
Facts on his title, clothing, residence, household, duties and infallibility

catholicRenouncing the Papacy, Benedict XVI Quotes Guardini
The Church must constantly transform herself - Last speech to the Cardinals

catholicMonolithic Infallibility & Differences among Anti-progressivists
Discussing the infallibility of Popes and Councils

catholicCan There Be Errors & Heresies in Papal & Conciliar Documents?
Analysis of Archbishop Muller's anathema against traditionalists

catholicThe New ‘Hermeneutics’ of Bishop Fellay - Part 1
A soft SSPX walking toward its suicide

catholicThe New ‘Hermeneutics’ of Bishop Fellay - Part 2
An omissive, authoritarian leadership, eager to compromise

catholic SSPX in England Accuses Superior of Infidelity
An open letter of lay people asking embarrassing questions

catholicPriest Rejects Fellay’s Authority & Calls for General Disobedience
Fr. Ernesto Cardozo from Brazil issues a public document

catholic‘This Road Is Drawing SSPX to Its Ruin’
Fr. Gabriel Grosso leaves the organization in Argentina

catholic An Intriguing Scenario
The relationship among Paul VI, Jacques Maritain and Saul Alinsky

catholicSSPX Webmaster Reveals the New Guidelines of the Organization
From the pews, indignation against the merge with the progressivist Rome

catholicLessons from the Institute of the Good Shepherd
It has been forced to comply with Vatican's progressivist orientation

catholicThe Priest’s Intention in Consecrating the Eucharist - Part 1
Must the priest believe to confect the Sacrament?

catholic The Priest’s Intention in Consecrating the Eucharist - Part 2
The Eucharistic Miracle of Lanciano

catholicMysterium Fidei
These words are still missing in the consecratory formula of the wine

catholic Interpellation to Bishop Fellay on Independent Priests
Why did you condemn us, when you are in a similar situation?

catholicNewman and the Pope - Part 1
His duplicitous position on Papal Infallibility

catholic Newman and Pope - Part 2
He pretended the Syllabus did not represent the mind of Pius IX

catholicNewman and Pope - Part 3
'The Syllabus has No Dogmatic Force'

catholic Msgr. Ocáriz’ Serious Theological Blunder
Refuting his assertion that the faithful must assent to Vatican II

catholic Traduttore, Traditore
On Cardinal Burke's interview about the New Missal English translation

catholicTo Pray or Not to Pray for the Pope?
An answer that harmonizes fidelity with resistance

catholicLooking at Some Basics of Sede-Vacantism
Its conclusions are shown faulty in doctrine, history and logic

catholicFellay Accused of Being a Dictator
French website: He ordered silence to impose his merger with Rome

catholicWYD Street Party & Stations of the Cross
Two fundamental flaws in the World Youth Day Via Sacra

catholicMsgr. Lefebvre: ‘I Accept Vatican II in the Light of Tradition’
Two letters addressed to the Vatican admitting a compromise

catholicCuba & the Beatification of John Paul II
A problem of conscience for Catholics

catholicThe Liberal Spirit vs. the Catholic Spirit
Defining the main characteristics of a liberal Catholic

catholicFulton Sheen, an Ardent Ecumenist
For him any religion would lead to Christ and salvation

catholicU.S. Dollars for the Patriotic Association in China
Catholic Bishops support the Communist 'church' ignoring the Underground

catholicMsgr. Lefebvre Accused of Being a Pontius Pilate
Fr. des Lauriers presents serious charges against the founder of SSPX

catholicLefebvre’s Proposal to Merge with Rome
Old letter surfaces changing the image of the traditionalist hero

catholicCard. Bertone Calls for Catholic Dialogue with Communism
Applying the teaching of Pius XI to the situation in China

catholicPope Benedict + CPA = Prison for Fr. Wang
New pressure on Underground Chinese Church to accept Communism

catholicA Monumental De Facto Approval of Altar Girls
50,000 altar servers blessed by the Pope in St. Peter's Square

catholicArchbishop Sheen, an Enthusiast of Vatican II
A "demonic spirit" inspires those who oppose the conciliar reforms

catholicFellay: ‘Rome Started an Authentic Renewal…’
Father Juan Jose Turco tells why he left the SSPX

catholicThe SSPX Pews Ask Bishop Fellay: Where Are You Leading Us?
Open letter expressing concerns about the negotiations with the Vatican

catholicA Silent Catacomb...
Bishop suspends Latin Mass over Communion in the hand

catholicApostasies in the Underground Church Caused by Papal Letter
Chinese Bishop joins Patriotic Church after reading the document

catholicA Disrespectful and Empty Refutation
Response of Fr. Paul Sretenovic to Michael Matt on the Chartres Pilgrimage

catholicTIA Posthumous Homage to Brother Francis Maluf, M.I.C.M.
Superior of the St. Benedict Center dies at age 96

catholicWhat Is Not Catholic in the Chartres Pilgrimage?
Concessions to the Cultural Revolution give bad example for youth

catholicVatican Insists: Chinese Catholics Must Merge
Delivery of the Underground Church to Communism

catholicThe Shameful and Collaborative Silence of Traditionalists
A general weak reaction to the papal actions in the Holy Land

catholicThe ‘Poor Pope Benedict’ Syndrome
Smokescreen of excuses to make Catholics swallow concessions

catholicExorcistic Role of Resistance to Progressivism
A call to resistance in face of the growing tide of compromises

catholicFr. Méramo: Bishop Fellay Accepted 95% of Vatican II
Reply to his explusion from SSPX by Bishop Fellay

catholicAwakening from a False Obedience
Growing number of SSPX priests reject accord with Vatican

catholicFrench Capuchin Publicly Challenges Agreement with Rome
Fr. Jean de Morgon claims progressivists infiltrated the SSPX

catholicFellay’s Decision to Merge Confronted by Intellectual Priest
Open letter to the Superior of SSPX by Fr. Meramo

catholicA Bold Show of Dissatisfaction in the SSPX Ranks
Fr. Basilio Meramo calls the compromise with the Vatican a betrayal

catholicChina’s Underground Church: Anguish and Dismay over Vatican Betrayal
Moving testimonies of priests and seminarians

catholicHow Do You Prove that the Fraternity of St. Peter Compromised?
The conditions of the celebret including accepting the Novus Ordo and Vatican II

catholicIs the Council Suspect of Heresy?
Exchange of opinions between Bishop Castro Mayer and Prof. Corrêa de Oliveira

catholicThe Latin Mass Is To Be 'Tolerated,' Nothing More
Benedict answers a question about the Motu Proprio on his trip to Paris

A colorful refutation of this position made with Irish verve

catholicThe Phenomenology of von Hildebrand and His Teaching on Marriage
His heavy influence on John Paul II's Theology of the Body

catholicLiturgical Peace or Liturgical Apartheid?
The unsustainable position of compromise of French traditionalists

catholicActive versus Passive Resistance
A call to heroism in the greatest fight of History - the crisis in the Church

catholicDisturbing Papal Statements at WYD 2008
Benedict warns "truth must not be divisive" and proposes a "common Eucharist"

catholicThe Luminous Mysteries: Novelty Clashes with Tradition
Adding a new set of mysteries opposes Our Lady's expressed wish

catholicBishop Fellay - The SSPX Did Not Compromise, Your Critique Is a Delirium
Guimarães responds and asks: Did you accept the legitimacy of Vatican II or not?

catholicCardinal Hoyos and the SSPX acceptance of Vatican II
Request for orientation regarding the Cardinal's interview

catholicCardinal Ratzinger's Subjectivism
The trap of Lucifer - turning to self instead of the objective truth

catholicHybrids, Androgynous Beings and Spiders
Analysis of the apparent concessions the Conciliar Church is making to traditionalists

catholicFather Alfred Kunz: For the Love of God
A tribute to Fr. Kunz on the 10th anniversary of his brutal, still unsolved, murder

catholicHeading to a Hybrid Mass
A timely analysis of conservative moves coming from the Vatican

catholicRifan, Quo Primum and New Mass
Bishop Rifan spells out his adhesion to the New Mass and forbids criticism of it

catholicBishop Rifan’s Betrayal - A Lesson Not To Be Forgotten
His full and shameless adhesion to the errors of Vatican II

catholicWhy Traditionalists Should Not Use the '62 Missal
Arguments based on St. Pius V's Quo primum

catholic The Missal Crisis of '62
Fr. Patrick Perez critiques the 1962 Missal created by Bugnini

catholicA Shameful Silence
Aftermath of the Papal Letter to Chinese Catholics – Part I

catholicChina Hardens Position against the Underground Church
Aftermath of the Papal Letter to Chinese Catholics – Part II

catholicThe Cheese in the Mousetrap
A true "reform of the reform" would entail a serious critique of Vatican II

catholicHas the Pope Forgotten What Communism Is?
The latest progressivist stragegy to reconcile the Church in China with Communism

catholicThe Motu Proprio, after the Emotions
Analysis of the Summorum Pontificum expanding the use of the 1962 Latin Mass

catholicBenedict Delivers Chinese Underground Catholics to Communism
A Letter urging the underground faithful to unite with the Patriotic Church

catholicThe Two Spirits
The reaction of the progressivist mentality to the medieval order

catholicThe War of Two Elites in the Church
The percentages of Progressivists and Traditionalists in the R-CR conflict

catholicThe Abomination of Desolation in Machabees and in the Present
Interpreting the mystery of the great apostasy

catholicThe Six Marks of the Novus Ordo Mass
How theologians and liturgists describe the new Mass

catholicThe Rosary: A Weapon against Progressivism
Praying the Rosary has a special efficacy for our times

catholicCrisis in Catechesis
A broad analysis of Catholic catechesis and the errors introduced by Vatican II

catholicBetter ICEL, Better Hope
Fr. Stephen Somerville questions the optimism over new liturgy corrections

catholicPapal Preacher: Wives Should Not Obey Husbands
Fr. Cantalamessa calls St. Paul's words to women "unacceptable" and outdated

catholicThe Perplexing Pontificate of Pope John Paul II
Wojtyla's thinking was progressivist both before and during his papacy

catholic A Sister Lucy Favorable to Judaism?
A new book with strange additions to the message of Fatima

catholicTwo Sister Lucys of Fatima
An invitation to the reader to compare two sets of photographs

catholicLiberals, Modernists and Progressivists
Confused about these titles? Know how they are similar and how they are different

catholicWYD in Cologne: No Sign that the Tide Has Turned
The doctrinal problems for traditionalist youth at WYD 2005

catholicPosthumous Tribute to the Most Rev. Father Gommar A. De Pauw
Founder of the Catholic Traditionalist Movement dies May 6, 2005

catholicForebodings about the Death of Sister Lucy
The last seer of Fatima dies, her mission incomplete. What does it mean?

catholicHow a Catholic Should Act in the face of Bad Popes
Prof. Correa de Oliveira gives examples of the Popes of the Renaissance

catholicThe Crisis in Catholic Education and St. Thomas’ Solution
Kathleen Redle calls for a return to Scholasticism

catholicTraditionalist Marriage with the Vatican?
Is there a compromise coming in the near future?

catholicThe New Mass: A Flavor of Protestantism
What's wrong with the Novus Ordo Missae?

catholicTIA Position on the Campos’ Reconciliation with the Vatican
What about the step of the Fraternity of St. Jean Marie Vianney?

catholicTIA Position Regarding the So-Called 'Indult' Given to Traditionalist Priests
Is it the way for reconciliation with the visible structure of the Church?

catholicTIA and the Society of St. Pius X
What is the relationship?

catholicConservative, Traditionalist and Counter-Revolutionary
What we mean when we use these terms.

catholicTo Fight or To Hide in the Catacombs in face of the Crisis in the Church?
What should traditionalists - clergy and lay people - do in this time of crisis?

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