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Archbishop Lefebvre:
‘I Accept Vatican II in the Light of Tradition’

Atila S. Guimarães

As promised last week, today I post two documents by Archbishop Marcel Lefebvre in which he affirms without doubt that he accepts Vatican II interpreted in the light of Tradition. These letters were published by 30 Days magazine, a habitually serious source, in its July-August 1988 issue, page 16.

It is worth noting that Archbishop Lefebvre changed his position several times on the Second Vatican Council. In 1965 he signed all of its 16 documents, as today it has been definitively shown. Later, in 1976, he wrote the book I Accuse the Council stating that it should be rejected. In 1980 and 1981 he signed the two letters posted below assuring John Paul II and Cardinal Franjo Seper that he would accept the Council interpreted in the light of Tradition. Later on, he would deny this last stance and reject Vatican II once again.

If the documents presented here are not proven false, they reveal a Marcel Lefebvre quite unstable in his convictions, a figure different from the unwavering hero presented by SSPX to be admired by its followers.

I believe it is my obligation to offer TIA readers these documents so they can know the constant fluctuation of spirit in this important traditionalist leader. I am not saying that we do not owe anything to him; I believe the opposite is true. I am just saying: "Let us see who the man really was, without the embellishments of his admirers."

Schism. And After?

An excerpt from 'Schism. And After?'

30 Days, July-August 1988


Blason de Charlemagne
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Posted May 4, 2011

Tradition in Action

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