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Leaving Out Sin & the Rosary

Homer Sweeney
As I observed in another commentary, the true message of Fatima has been diverted by the Church’s authorities. There are countless articles and books on Fatima promoting a false message and in many cases focusing on different topics, which have the practical effect of eliminating the importance Our Lady gave to sin, the Rosary and the consecration of Russia to the Immaculate Heart.

The Message of Fatima released in 2000 by the Congregation of the Doctrine of the Faith, an official organ of the Church, blasphemed the Blessed Mother with lies and distortions about Fatima which has been chronicled on this site many times in the past. (here, here, here, here and here)

bishop barron fatima

Bishop Barron misses the point in his Fatima article

miracle of the sun

Auxiliary Bishop of Los Angeles Robert Barron writes a regular column in the Orange County California Catholic Newspaper. Shortly after the 100th anniversary of Fatima, he wrote a summary of the “Miracle of the Sun,” getting some facts incorrect and making some astounding progressivist statements to divert the true message of Fatima.

In the article, Bishop Barron stated: "This particular visitation of Mary (October 1917) took place at the height of the First World War, which signified the end of Enlightenment confidence in the perfectibility of the human being, and in the year of the Bolshevik Revolution. Our Lady announced that the Great War would soon end, and she also called for the Consecration of Russia to her Immaculate Heart. Furthermore, she urged the children to pray for the conversion of Russia which was a mysterious exhortation given that at the time of this communication, the Communist Revolution in that country had not taken place."

He goes on to explain that the broadest understanding of the message of Fatima is its deep theological reading, which is this: "That the God of the Bible is a living God who involves himself as an actor in human history."

He ends by complimenting John Paul II on this theological reading of history, which enabled him to grasp that Our Lady of Fatima’ summons us to pray for the conversion of Russia. Here you have a summary of what Bishop Barron wrote.

Our Lady did not request prayers for the conversion of Russia

There is a fundamental mistake in Barron's article: Our Lady never asked the children or the Popes to pray for the conversion of Russia; she said in 1917 that she would come and ask for the consecration at a later time, which turned out to be 1929.

Then, we need to realize that when the progressivists mention conversion, as Bishop Barron does, they are not talking about Russia converting to the Catholic Church, but to other religions they consider just as valid such as the Greek Schismatic church, Protestantism, Judaism, Mohammedanism etc.

kirill putin

Putin with KGB plant Patriarch Kirill - Russia still needs to convert

In such case, Russia would not need to convert, since the present day situation of Russia, which is under the Russian Schismatic Church, would be fine for Progressivism. The consequence is that Russia is already “good,” and there is no need to convert.

However, when Our Lady said on July 13, 1917, that “the Holy Father will consecrate Russia to me and she will be converted and a period of peace will be granted the world,” she was talking about Russia leaving the Schismatic Church and entering the Catholic Church established by her Son.

Barron omitted the Rosary & sin

Our Lady did actually say on July 13, 1917, that the war was going to end. Following the progressivists’ policy to deemphasize the Rosary and sin, Barron’s article omits the very important fact that Our Lady asked the children at each apparition to pray the Rosary to bring peace to the world.

She also added another relevant fact about sin – again duly omitted: That if people would not cease offending God a worse war (World War II) would break out during the pontificate of Pius XI.

He did not mention chastisements

Indeed, Our Lady confirmed that war is the punishment for sin, which was also not mentioned by the Auxiliary Bishop of Los Angeles in his article.

We can, therefore, see that the Great War was punishment for our sins. The United States did not enter the Great War, which started in 1914, until April 1917, when President Wilson made the decision to break a campaign promise to keep the United States out of the European war.

Wilson was extremely liberal, a former President of the Ivy League School Princeton, a know-it-all who thought he had all the answers. His policies introduced the federal income tax with the excuse of paying for the war, and strongly supported the League of Nations whose policies and actions laid the foundation for World War II.

Spanish flu

A side consequence of WWI:
the Spanish flu killed 675,000

In a relatively short period of 19 months, a total of 116,000 American soldiers were killed and 204,000 wounded in what became known as World War I. Some 30,000 men died of the Spanish flu on crowded troops ships before they reached France. The illness among the troops was hushed up, and history reports that the flu started in Spain. The war was a major factor for the “Spanish flu,” which resulted in 50 million deaths worldwide, including approximately 675,000 Americans.

The progressivists keep talking about mercy. Our Lady offered it at Fatima and the Church authorities refused to accept it. If Pius XI together with the Bishops of the world had consecrated Russia to the Immaculate Heart of Mary as requested in the early 1930s, a period of peace was promised.

The Pope refused and people kept offending God, and – as promised on July 13, 1917 by Our Lady – a worse war would break out during the pontificate of Pius XI, which resulted in nearly 90 million deaths in World War II.

Let us not forget, as Bishop Barron does: the promise of Our Lady that many nations would be annihilated is still to come…

Pilgrim statue of Our Lady of Fatima

Posted September 17, 2018

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